Top 3 players in Game 3 of the 2020 Bledisloe Cup, Wallabies v All Blacks

Sam Whitelock has to be one of the standout players in the All Blacks tonight.

Especially in the forwards unit that kept the Wallabies frustrated.

He has that vision when spotting the Wallabies lack of build-up play.

Then applies the physical trait when locking up their set phase progress.

That is how Whitelock does the talk before he makes the swift action.

And, in return, contribute with the help needed to get them done.

It ranges from the build-up play to maul and winning/overturning the scrum.

These conversion rates with the touchdown and everything looks big.

Sam is perfect in the second-row role for both club and country.

He is 32 years of age with loads of experience & silverware before.

This silverware still comes his way with the Bledisloe Cup Series win tonight.

You cannot afford these mistakes when facing Sam.

It is because of a lack of planning and support play through the channels.

And once he turns the ball around, it is difficult to make up lost time.

Credit to Sam tonight for tightening the defense and made his attackers’ life easy.

Richie Mo’unga

How about attacking masterclass praise from this playmaker?

He has the support he needs to utilize these weapons.

The All Blacks defenders did well to take advantage of the Wallabies’ mistakes.

Mainly it comes with their fumbles to a lack of help to maintain possession.

And it benefited these attackers like Mo’ unga to get the job done.

The initial touchdown comes from a patient set phase play.

That is where Dane Coles set up the line out and maul.

Aaron Smith used it correctly & found Mo’ unga with the back pass.

He has 100% control of the ball using the width that became the opening TRY.

Then that cross kick from Jordie Barrett gave Richie a hint.

Richie used the vision and pace to execute all the way home for the TRY.

Not only is Richie versatile with the physical tools.

He is spotless with the kicking between the sticks too.

That is why Richie possesses these attacking traits that can turn in a winning tide.

You cannot stop Richie when the Wallabies failed to learn from their errors.

Jordan Petaia

He tried his absolute best, putting his body on the line tonight.

Jordan can set up the attack by eating every meter from the All Blacks end.

The support is there, where he called for help at the right time.

It is the players around him who possess the same traits.

Irae Simone is one of these players in the No.12 role. He spotted that gap for Jordan to get past the All Blacks blocks.

Jordan ran over halfway to try and get the job done.

He may not have scored the TRY where the All Blacks ground him short.

But the Wallabies were quick enough to close that TRY through the gate.

And credit to the debutant at fly-half from Noah Lolesio.

Jordan has that attacking awareness with his extraordinary pace.

Communication is essential to spot the opposition mistake. Then Jordan can use his best strengths under his belly.

However, the Wallabies lack plenty of handling mistakes.

It is something Jordan did not have the chance more often; it had the right help.

It also hurts him when he looks at the scoreboard with the loss.

Jordan needs help next time if he wants the Wallabies to win games.

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