Week 3, 2020/21 Club Cricket Season Pitch Report & discussion

I am sorry that I did not have the opportunity to talk about it last Sunday.

Lots of things happened even though it was raining.

Halloween came in combined with Game 3 of the 2020 Bledisloe Cup Rugby.

Australia, unfortunately, has to wait year 19 in 2021. They have to suffer a massive loss in Sydney v the All Blacks.

But they did take the consolation win last night to close out the four-match series.

The Wallabies felt short 2-1 still sees some progress in catching up.

I am sure Australia will be able to unleash the best XV available next year.

That standalone Super Rugby competition is helping them.

And a Trans-Tasman competition will improve them further. Plus, the possible exclusive Channel 9 deal should solve their long-running problem puzzle.

I get to oversee the three-match Test Netball Series also from the ditch.

New Zealand, aka Silver Ferns, played outstanding to claim the clean sweep.

England may have lost the series with every unfortunate moment.

But the opposition came here very far away from home. They have played not much Netball since COVID.

And England made this series happen with some stunning playability. It does put the pressure back on the Silver Ferns.

They are sure to come back & have another stab against them next year, hoping for a win at last.

Let’s go back to the cricket now.

Last Sunday, the pitch looked still wet and muddy with the grass & pitch. I came back here today in Kings Langley & seen some improvements.

The grass does seem to slip away thanks to the recent sunny weather. Some portions of the field still need to dry up.

So does the pitch, which still contained some stains from the recent rain spree.

But I do expect the whole field to stay from the rain in the next few days. Safe to say that the new club cricket season here has finally started.

I hope to come back to my local cricket ground on Saturday. Then I check it up with the pitch progress & go from there.

There is some cricket stuff happening beyond the ongoing park cricket season.

Kayo Sports is doing a great job with the Sheffield Season so far.

It is interesting to have all games broadcasted via the streaming platform.

You can pay $25 a month and even can view four games simultaneously. But you will need a laptop/computer to view them.

Otherwise, you can only view two split screens if you are on the phone.

The Women’s Big Bash League is also on at the same time.

You can split both Sheffield Shield and WBBL games all on the one Kayo stream.

And regarding the commentary, Seven & Fox/Kayo is sharing on-air talent.

Megan Barnard and Mel Jones did some work for Seven. They generally belong to Fox/Kayo.

But both of them acted as a supplement to Kayo/Fox WBBL telecast. It is because Seven is the host broadcaster of this competition.

It will be interesting if some Fox talent will appear next on Seven’s Big Bash. The men’s version will begin next month.

Seven is happy to commit the cricket for at least this summer as they came off an unhappy recent time with Cricket Australia.

The Red-Ball game is, of course, the No.1 value product to any TV network. CEO James Warburton never complained about this.

But Seven is only still worried about just the Men’s Big Bash League in some ways.

I do not expect Seven to leave cricket right now, as they would still revisit this matter going into 2021.

That is it for Week 3 of the 2020/21 club cricket pitch report & discussion.

I am looking forward to watching tomorrow’s NASCAR Cup finale from Phoenix. Then I would hope to come back for Week 4 & talk about everything cricket next weekend.

And keep Mother Nature out of this so the action can take place at parks across the country.

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Matthew Nicholas, the founder/blogger/vlogger on Sports Benches, is an aspiring cricket player & passionate sports fanatic who lives in Sydney, Australia.

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