How will the Rugby Union exclusive content on the Channel 9 app & TV with Stan Sport look like? -

How will the Rugby Union exclusive content on the Channel 9 app & TV with Stan Sport look like?

by Sports Benches

Yesterday’s TV rights announcement marks a new era of Rugby in Australia.

Channel 9 will get every Wallabies games LIVE both home and away.

They will also get to air one Super Rugby LIVE game every Saturday Nights. And every finals game.

Club Rugby may have put us on a blow this time.

This year all Shute Shield/Hosptial Cup games broadcasted for FREE.

2021 sees a big change with most of these games behind the paywall. That would be their own Stan Sports.

This subscription package will only come as an add-on. I originally hope rugby would be on Stan as basic content.

Unfortunately, it is the only way for Nine to get their money back. That is why they chose to price/structure this direction.

Let’s hope it will be a basic $10 a month subscription fee to watch movies. And have a extra $5 a month to watch rugby.

Nine might follow the footsteps of BT Sport in the United Kingdom.

But do not fret because Nine is doing their best to make these options flexible.

It does not mean that we have to pay the subscription to watch everything Rugby.

You can stay out of this service and rely on Nine’s games of the round.

Nine will air just four state club games & all Finals.

It is hard to see that taken away if anyone wants to watch it every weekend.

Nine did this because they want to showcase the marquee side of club rugby.

So instead of the repetitive games they play every week.

Nine would pick which games that gathers the most interest regarding local derbies.

And they take either of the four regular portion games on the main channel.

The State of Union Series will commence in 2022.

But I have yet to hear anything about the National Rugby Championship.

I do not think franchise based teams will help this provincial competition at all.

How about combine all existing club rugby teams & play each other nationwide?

Now that is a proposal everyone would like to see. I think that route will take time to develop before it commences.

Regarding the commentary team, Nine would want it themselves.

So it looks like they will not copy straight off any other previous rights holder.

Greg Clark and Gordon Bray are legendary figures of this sport in Australia.

But the new era begins in 2021, and it is time for a fresh face.

They will usually need at least two to three-ball by ball callers.

Sean Maloney is one of them.

I would not rule out Mark Braybrook in the mix.

He has commented for this Network before with the QLD Cup in rugby league.

And how about Matt De Groot?

Matt called for Nine too for the NSW Cup.

That is something Nine would need to bring these guys over for 2021.

There is a lot of ex-player experts to pick. A young voice would be enough to provide compelling insight.

Stephen Hoiles and Drew Mitchell are on this list. I would not rule out the return of George Gregan & Benn Robinson.

Image Reference: Wikipedia

May Matt Burke be on this list? He can be flexible beyond his expertise as a past Wallaby. And a decent sports reader.

Nathan Sharpe & Morgan Turinui should join Nine/Stan as additional contributors.

Image Reference: Wikipedia

So would Peter Fitzsimons, who always appear on Nine’s Sports Sunday Show.

Then we cap off with the hosting side of things.

Image Reference: Wikipedia

James Bracey is a natural in multiple sports and should get the nod.

Image Reference: Wikipedia

Erin Molan knows her rugby Union well thanks to her Canberra roots. She can share the workload with Brace.

Image Reference: Wikipedia

Cameron Williams has hosted rugby before. So why not put him on the list?

And Nick McArdle would not be a bad shout either.

That is all the hints Nine must do to make everyone less annoying.

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