Rugby All Blacks v Argentina Game Debrief, 2020 Tri Nations Series

What a wild first 40 between the All Blacks v Argentina.

Pumas looked so strong in both attack & defense. Credit to Nicolas Sanchez with the all-round play, such as the first try and a few kicks into the goal.

All Blacks need some work to get forward. I know it is not over yet. But It is something they missed with the conversion opportunities. And they need to watch their discipline at the same time. Otherwise, It will be the same old thing in the first 40.

HALF-TIME: All Blacks 3-16 Argentina

What a match today that turned to be so so special!

Congratulations to Argentina on their outstanding performance!! Their defense is so reliable as a rock! Able to work together to make the All Blacks attackers hard to find their man!

It is something the All Blacks could not capitalize on the final third despite the two tries from Sam Cane and Caleb Clarke in the final 40. It is just the discipline and lack of support play has hurt his own defenders for the All Blacks.

Final Score: New Zealand 15-25 Argentina

The All Blacks still have the lead in the 2020 Tri Nations Table at six points. They may have two losses right now.

But they need to bounce back v this team today in two weeks at Newcastle.

Argentina will need to overcome Australia next Saturday also on the same ground.

It would boost their chances of winning this tournament if Los Pumas can keep that streak alive.

So that is it for today in Week 3 of the 2020 Tri Nations Series with three more left.

I will keep you updated with the off-season NASCAR stuff when we return to the weekday vibes.

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