Pablo Matera played with passion and pride for Argentina.

He grouped his defensive players with ways to stop the All Blacks.

Their lack of discipline and conversion play is what made Pablo analyzed first.

The reading is there when the All Blacks looked hesitant.

They did not have any support players to call before the All Blacks lost the ball.

So Pablo & his team-mates then managed to capitalize their errors. And it allows Argentina to keep the ball possession in play.

They hand the keys to Nicolas Sanchez, who scored most of the successful kicks.

Pablo can also be an excellent contributor in lifting the attack. His physical power helped shield the opposition defenders.

It allowed Pablo to successfully communicate with Nicolas for that little kick.

And he made wonders to get his support man collect & execute that touchdown.

When Argentina stayed ahead, they put the pressure back to the All Blacks.

What happens next?

Pablo did not have a go at the All Blacks lightly.

He frustrated them at every turn. And it did not make enough lost time for the All Blacks to fight back in the last 40.

So job well done to Pablo in the No.6 shirt tonight for Los Pumas.

Nicolas Sanchez

All praises go to this legendary fly-half for the Los Pumas today.

His kicking skills is so explosive with plenty of successful penalty goals.

Nicolas credits the support of his Los Pumas team-mates.

They managed to identify the All Blacks handling and discipline errors.

It allowed the Los Pumas guys to start the build-up play. And the way they move forward puts the pressure back to the opposition.

They gave Nicolas the licence to thrill which helped Argentina stayed ahead.

He is not just your usual goal kicking machine if you go for the Los Pumas.

Nicolas is a recognised team player just like Pablo Matera.

The support of his team-mates is so important. Take a look of the example they helped Nicolas in the first 40.

His little kick into some space helped himself get the ball.

Then Pablo Matera shielded the All Blacks defenders to allow Nicolas collect it.

And that is how they worked together so Nicolas can get the job done with the TRY.

That is team work at its finest so three cheers for Nicolas Sanchez.

Aaron Smith

His passing and call ups became the root of the All Blacks build-up play.

It allowed Aaron to indentify the pathways to crack the Los Pumas defense.

Unfortunately, none of that worked in the first 40.

That is because of the lack of conversion support play. So no hands up from them to find their man to get the job done.

The All Blacks may have scored two touchdowns in the final 40.

But it became too little, too late to bounce back.

And all of their missed opportunities comes with a lack of support.

They might have rectified it at their pace later on.

But there are parts that is still missing such as the discipline. That is where they forced to concede penalties.

The backline need to call out for each other every time Aaron passes the ball.

It either turned into a knock on or a turnover. Either way, it becomes a problem for the men in black.

Based on the fans vote, we will go for Aaron today.

He deserves better with the support needed to crack the defense through the channels. And make more conversions ASAP from the start to finish.

It’s not just one 40 minute half and that is it, which is not good enough.

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