Argentina v Wallabies Game Debrief, 2020 Tri Nations rugby news

The Wallabies got off the mark with the patient build up play.

They are able to work together & make Argentina pick up the mistakes. It is great observation to know how good they are defensively.

And the official away side won the penalty for Reece Hodge to boot into the posts.

But the Wallabies need to react defensively. That is where they are unable to progress on occasions.

They have lost the three points to Argentina via the penalty goal. Nicolas Sanchez in the No.10 shirt still carry his in-form performance from last week.

The Wallabies just needs to find the opposition marker. Then group together in the attack so they do not lose the ball.

It is the correct strategy to develop their structure & try to stay ahead.But they lost a few missed conversion opportunities.

It gave the Los Pumas time to identify their weaknesses. And the defense is nailed on to keep the scoreboard 3-3 after 20 mins.

Argentina may have have lost it via the throw-ins on occasions. But they are still decent to stuff the Wallabies attack.

And the official home team played it well to eat every inch of the Wallabies half. It puts them in heaps of pressure that ultimately made mistakes.

So credit to the Los Pumas defenders with an extra 3 points from Nicolas.

The Wallabies immediately fired back from the foul play of Guido Petti. Argentina may still be good defensively to put pressure on the Wallabies.

But they lack support with poor discipline that caused to concede penalties. Reece Hodge cashed in two successful penalty goals to put the Australia in front.

Half-Time: Argentina 6-9 Wallabies

Argentina repeatedly failed to correct these missed opportunities. They had to lose a man over failed clear tackle.

So Los Pumas has to deal with Julian Montoya for ten minutes on the bench. And he watched Reece Hodge grab a further three points via the penalty goal.

The offical home side did have chances to compensate their earlier mistakes. But they are unable to get over the line. One notably with the poor scrum.

They saw the Wallabies win the turnover by the referee. And Los Pumas, unfortunately lost it with the same disciplinary mistakes.

Reece Hodge continued to improve his conversion kicking spotless in the goal. Wallabies lead 15-6 after 57 minutes so far tonight.

But Los Pumas did remain patient going forward. Matias Orlando made some good runs to begin denting the Wallabies.

They forced the Wallabies some mistakes with the fumble & poor scrummaging. And their smart play puts Argentina back on track. Nicolas continued to echo what Reece does with the penalty kicks.

Both sides have yet to scored a try with 15 minutes left. But Wallabies still lead 15-9.

Argentina benefitted from the late change with the subs. Facundo Isa read well with the Wallabies lack of support play.

Facundo began to help Argentina shave off the discipline woes. And they are able to get Nicolas close in via the 3 points.

Argentina still 3 points behind the Wallabies with 10 to go. Their momentum continued to improve defensively.

Los Pumas confused the Wallabies when the away side went offside. There is no support men to keep these phases going.

And it disappointed the Wallabies when they are tied 15-15 all. Nicolas got another successful kick going.

So both teams better watch their discipline any minute from now until the end.

Reece Hodge unable have the opportunity to get the job done. And they will have to settle for a draw.

Full-Time: Argentina 15-15 Wallabies

All three teams now tied at six points. Argentina will come back here in Newcastle next Saturday.

They will face the All Blacks once more. Let’s wait and see if Argentina can produce another win this time around.

The Wallabies need the All Blacks to lose next Saturday. It is their only hope to reclaim the Tri-Nations trophy.

That first scenario may be unlikely. But Wallabies should get over the line as long as they win big.

And it would be the perfect sendoff to close out the 2020 campaign.

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