Channel Nine hires Murray Shaw as their Head of Rugby Union

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Channel 9 did not waste any time hiring their first ever Head of Rugby role.

Meet Murray Shaw.

He brings lots of experience for more than quarter of a century.

Murray may have began his media career as a presenter. He spent the first ten years in this role at 2UE Radio in 1994-2001.

Then he transitioned at Sky News Australia in the same year.

It is interesting that they just expanded their sports news offering at the time. And the first person to cover it full-time.

It is Murray himself.

He lasted for three years until 2004 before Murray moved to a off-air role within Sky.

Fox Sports hired him a year later as their head of soccer. It is one of his passionate sporting codes. There is no secret that he is a Tottenham Hotspur fan!

It is better to say that Murray produced their tip top coverage for 14 years. But Fox Sports let him go as part of their budget cuts just over a year ago.

Murray since went freelance for the rest of 2019. He managed the international coverage of the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

And he travelled to the Phillipines & produced highlights content. That was the 2019 South East Asian Games.

His most recently managed the media arm at Australia Institute of Sport. It goes to show that Murray knows what a genuine sports coverage looks like.

He has overseen every Australian sporting moment under his watch professionally.

So Channel 9 is glad to give him an opportunity to make their rugby coverage.

And turn it top quality to mirror their other sports offerings in NRL, Netball & Tennis.

I do hope Murray does not migrate every rugby on-air crew from Fox Sports. It has to end up unique.

A mix of diverse crew would be a great way to start. That would be crucial to attract young and new fans on Free TV.

It is his first free to air role after spending most of time exclusively for Foxtel.

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