Facundo Isa made a huge difference with 23 mins to go for Argentina.

He brings a brilliant mental approach when he came off the bench. 

And Facundo identifies the Wallabies issues with a lack of support play. 

He locked it in at the right time thanks to his physical traits.

Then Facundo is able to give Australia a warning signal with the penalty.

Los Pumas should have used him for the whole game tonight. But I understand they do not want to change a winning side.

Facundo can not only give Argentina decent momentum with the possession.

He can identity his team’s weakness with the discipline issues.

 It is something they are unable to fire off & maintain all game. 

And Facundo would have won this if he started instead of warming up.

Nicolas Sanchez 

His kicking accuracy is good as gold except one unsuccessful attempt.

He would have won the game if Nicolas got all penalty goals right.

Nicolas is a focal point and team leader for Los Pumas. He does wear the pride well & provides experience at age 31.

So he still has a couple of years left on the tank to put his country first.

He also credits the team’s defensive play with loads of physical strength.

The discipline may have stalled their progress earlier on.

But the 2nd half have improved thanks to some fresh faces. 

And they gave Nicolas an opportunity to close in to the Wallabies.

I know this game may have ended up in a draw. And it is frustrating to see both teams settle for two points each.

It is still a close and tough game as they do need Nicolas badly. They will be counting on him to deliver next Saturday.

Taniela Tupou

He is one of the decent players tonight for the Wallabies.

Versatility is key to his natural game both in defense and attack.

He can read the Los Pumas discipline and lack of build up play. 

That is where Taniela came in the rescue and hold up their attack.

It is important with the help of his captain Michael Hooper at Openside Flanker.

Michael also looked him after dealing with the referees. Taniela gets frustrated when Argentina retaliated via a lost penalty.

He is able to walk away from the situation quick. And I applaud him for his hard work by cutting off their slacky attitude.

Taniela always gets the chance to move forward via the build-up play. He is eating every meter from the Los Pumas end. 

And try to bulldoze them with the support of his attacking runners. 

The Wallabies do miss him in the final 40 after the break. I think he had to come off over an HIA & unable to play the rest.

But Taniela gave the Wallabies a head start. He can be a key player in a likely bid to take home the Tri-Nations trophy. And deliver it to the Wallabies in two weeks.

Reece Hodge

It is great to see Reece start in the fly-half role for James O’Connor. 

The Wallabies players around him benefitted his best strengths. And that is how they lead 6-3 at half-time.

Their defensive work helped identify the Los Pumas weaknesses.

And it is the poor discipline that help gift Reece the best start they need.

His kicking accuracy and eye-coordination is decent. It is perfect for his physical and pacey build.

He can not just be a great attacking presence. Reece is such a great defender.

The reading is there to mark his man when Los Pumas lack support. 

Reece capitalized it quick with the help of his forwards pack.

Safe to say that he is a team player, who gave his best at every opportunity.

Yes, he may have missed the final penalty goal attempt that would have won.

But Reece credits the Wallabies defense that blocked Argentina’s conversion play. 

That effort is unrivalled to the one his team made earlier. It is one reason Reece pointed out in the end.

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