Rugby news report with 2020 Tri Nations Round 6, Wallabies v Argentina

by Sports Benches

Los Pumas off to a great start in the defensive half. They are good at reading the Wallabies pitfalls going forward.

It is the lack of communication that hindered the Wallabies breakthrough. Just only one player v the rest does not work.

But Argentina must not be over the top aggressive. That is where the ill-discipline comes in. And that is not a good excuse.

Most notably the foul play from Marcos Kremer to James O’Connor. He had to suffer a yellow card via the 10 min sin bin.

They are lucky to make up some lost time with the lopsided Wallabies play. Los Pumas leveled the 3 points thanks to the Nicolas Sanchez 50 meter penalty goal.

The other issue that the Los Pumas unable to rectify is the finishing. There is a no support players talking up. And Matias Orlando forced to lose the ball/turnover.

Then the Wallabies began to follow the Los Pumas discipline woes. We saw a similar foul play from Michael Hooper.

The Hooper-less 14 team did not stay in their crease with the offside. This time Domingo Miotti kicked the penalty goal.

It put the Pumas in front ahead of the Wallabies 3-6 with 10 mins to go. They later extended their lead to 3-13.

The maul stayed square this time from 80 meters out. Julian Montoya holds on before he held ground at the 10 meter line.

It launched a great pathway for Felipe Ezcurra to run through the gate. Almost got held short by Reece Hodge. But he got the communication/support play right.

Felipe found his man in Batista Delguy with the clean finish on the far right. Los Pumas still need to watch their discipline.

They just lost three points via the offside in the initial injury time. Pumas need to correct their weaknesses in the 2nd 40.

Half-Time: Wallabies 6-13 Argentina

Los Pumas did not get the start they need where they left off earlier. The collapsed scrum is one of these poor examples.

Reece Hodge successfully kicked between sticks to eat the Pumas lead to five. Wallabies 9-13 with 29 mins left tonight.

The defensive is still not lost at all having won the penalties/scrum. But have yet to execute well. Pumas have lost these chances that went the Wallabies hand.

Wallabies have to follow the same thing with their weaknesses. The conversions have yet to be utilised correctly. So does the discipline despite the good defense.

The home team unfortunately suffer a big blow. Lukhan Salakia-Loto’s high tackle on Santiago Grodona saw him red carded.

That foul play handed Los Pumas a chance to extend their lead. It is now 9-16 thanks to Domingo Milotti’s penalty goal.

They need a converted try to at least bounce back. Wallabies have less than 20 mins to rectify their discipline issues. And make the best use of the conversion play.

It is something the Pumas have yet to succeed in the last 40. And their poor discipline/conversions cost them points.

Wallabies remained so patient for the whole time to get the job done. The home team witnessed Lucas Paulos sin binned.

This time their throw in and maul remained straight. The support play and talk up is clearly communication as well.

You see Matt Phillip driving the ball forward. Then you see Taniela Tupou pushing Michael Hooper. And they worked together to get that touchdown executed.

Hooper scored the Wallabies first touchdown of the night. Reece Hodge converted successfully into the goal. They now tied the lead with Argentina 16-16.

Neither team have found solutions to come up with a winner in the end. Reece Hodge’s winning kick missed once again.

Full-Time: Wallabies 16-16 Argentina

Wallabies get to retain the Puma Trophy despite two recent draws in 2020. They both won games last year. So nothing changed.

The All Blacks will sweep the double with the Tri Nations Series and Bledisloe Cup trophy.

That is all the rugby games we have seen for the entirety of 2020 both Club and International.

We thank Fox Sports for their 25-year contribution of the game and so does Network 10 for eight years (2013-2020). Nine Network & Stan will take over on a three year contract starting in 2021-2023.

I will also look forward to returning to cover the rugby content here on Sports Benches. Happy Holidays & New Year to all!

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