Rugby Union News report with the Top 4 players from Wallabies v Argentina Game, 2020 Tri Nations Series

by Sports Benches

Matias Orlando would be an all round pick for the Pumas tonight. He plays in the No.13 shirt at the outside center position.

His height of 1.83 cm reflects his physical and pacey build. Matias is a great defender to support his forwards pack.

The reading is there to form a group and limit the Wallabies conversions. Their lone support play did not help their cause. It is both the mental/tactical & physical play.

And Orlando ticked all the boxes to help the Pumas win the ball off them. He gave them a chance to capitalize in return.

He may not have scored or assisted a touchdown. But at least his defensive play aided the whole team with the plus side.

The only problem he will need next time is the support play attacking wise. Close communication is crucial to execution.

And he hesitated that pass from Nicolas Sanchez to fumble the ball. That should have been extra points stolen there. It would happen if they talked up closely.

It is important that Matias plays with pride for the Pumas. His heart belongs with them. And his brain reflects both the physical and mental traits on the pitch.

Matias Alemmano

We will go for Matias Alemmano in the No.4 shirt. His role is second role on the left.

His near two meter height makes up the best use defensively. His mental mind reflects his decent reading there.

Matias marked up the Wallabies limited support play. It is because he noticed their lack of teamwork going forward. No talk up in the channels without their man.

That helped Matias execute his physical traits in return. His tall height & tough blocks saw the Wallabies lost the ball.

He was able to give the Pumas a chance to reset their build up play. Matias contributed well going forward. It ranges from scrummaging to the driving maul.

The Pumas needed his skills to get the best out of their teamwork. They are able to remain patient. And that is how they scored one touchdown in the first 40.

But the only problem Matias needs help is support from his team-mates. They did not get the best in the attack. It made him suffer some ill-discipline along the way.

They need to stop conceding lost balls as Matias gave them opportunities. It will lessen the pressure & not lose in the end.

Taniela Tupou

It may not be a starting Wallabies player tonight. But he made an impact immediately from the bench.

And he almost pushed the Wallabies towards a late hijack for a win. Meet Taniela Tupou at No.3 tighthead prop.

Taniela is such a decent defender out there. He has a great eye mentally/tactically alongside the physical traits.

It happened due to the Pumas lack of support going forward. There is ill-discipline and lack of teamwork.

That helped Taniela to block the Pumas attacking opportunities. And force the opposition to lose the ball his way.

He gave the Wallabies a chance to redeem themselves in return. Despite the mess with Lukhan Salakia-Loto’s red card.

Taniela is a team player in all areas in not just the defense. He can make the best physical use to support their attack.

That notable example is the patience via the throw in. Matt Phillip drove the ball forward. Michael Hooper needed Taniela’s help. And it helped Hooper finish the TRY.

Michael Hooper

He played very well both in a individual and teamwork way tonight. Despite him picking up a yellow card in the first 40.

And Argentina scored a TRY without him due to the foul play. But Australia forgive him in the end with his late touchdown.

Michael looked after the defense very well under his watch. His physical traits and skipper role noticed the opposition’s work.

That opposition work looked disjointed with a lack of talk via the channels. It cost his opponent team the chance to execute.

It helped Hooper back up his natural game. And he gave the Wallabies a chance to reset their build up play.

It may be initially be just winning penalties and penalty goals. But the highlight was his own touchdown with 13 mins to go.

The Wallabies remained so patient going forward. They already know the Pumas lost opportunities in attack beforehand.

Their maul remained straight when Matt Phillip drove the ball forward. Michael needed help from Taniela to get the job done. And he did it exactly just that to cancel the Pumas’s victory lap.

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