Top 3 players in Day 1 from the 1st match of 2020-21 Test Cricket Season, Australia v India at Adelaide Oval -

Top 3 players in Day 1 from the 1st match of 2020-21 Test Cricket Season, Australia v India at Adelaide Oval

by Sports Benches

We will start with the Indian skipper named Virat Kohli. He has a great read of the bowler. And reacts it well with his shot selection. Virat exactly knows where the ball is heading when it comes to him.

He prepared it well with all of the above to compensate India’s opening mess. Virat stepped in and had a good look at the field. He uses it to target these gaps. And make these fielders hard to stop the ball.

It helped India put themselves in the middle ground. So they do not fall behind in this test match. That is important when they need King Kohli very badly. And he answered that exactly what they wanted.

Virat later secured his half-ton thanks to his visual sense. That would make Australia eat those missed chances. And physically flipped over to the run tally.

But sadly a miscommunication is what hurts Kohli. Ajinkya Rahane wanted the quick single. Then he says no fast and Kohli unable to get back to his crease.

Got to feel sorry when you hurt your captain. He always wants his team to put the hard work together. But that mistake will be lunch detention there for Ajinkya.

Cheteshwar Pujara

You got to credit India’s No.3 aka his Yorkshire nickname “Steve”. He is the one who cleaned the opening pair mess. You saw Mitch & Pat bowled them out twice.

Pujara fired off what is usually called as “The Wall”. So gentle blocks off the decent balls. It adds pressure back to the bowler. And picks off the right shots.

That adds runs based on his placement down the ground. It adds the safe pair of hands route under his watch. This connects from the reading as said earlier.

He is able to let the ball come to him & worked his way to 43. It is very nice when India got to 100 runs. And also won the 2nd session after tea. It comes with hard work from “The Wall” himself in Pujara.

Not only he gets his turn with the gentle and simple long-form approach. It suits his style of play in red ball formats. He also shared the partnership with Kohli.

But unfortunately he made a mistake off the spin from Nathan Lyon. He only edged the splice up high without moving. And Marnus Labuschagne caught him out on 43. It may not be an exact half-ton. But at least he is pushing India to stay ahead.

Josh Hazlewood

I would also give a shout out for this fella from the Australian Test team. Not only he is decent with the ball. But I am sure Josh is also a team player at the same time.

Now Josh may not secured the early scalps as he would like. It does frustrate him as he is the 2IC behind Mitch Starc. It is a big ask when you open the bowling.

The team paired them up to make up the left & right arm combo. And earn these wickets quick. At least it worked for Josh despite no early progress. But it helped Mitch make up the advantage for AUS.

Nothing much going on as this stretched through the dinner break. But he noticed the opposition mistakes. Just lighted the bulb at the right time. Josh threw the ball quick back to Nathan Lyon. And tagged the stumps to deny Kohli his possible 100.

That breakthrough helped Josh get over the line with the ball. Thanks to the post-Kohli stand. He sorted out his pace & area to LBW Hanuma Vihari on 16. This helps him clear the India Top 6 batting army.

And now he will come back to start bulldozing the lower order. Both of them still have the batting ooze proven from first-class level. But not so much in Test cricket. Australia needs Josh as a team player to get the job done ASAP tomorrow.

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