An overview of NBCSN possibly shutting down in 12 months time after the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

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There has been talk on the radar about the possible demise of NBCSN. Not right immediately. But around 12 months time.

Nothing specific is given on when this 24-hour sports channel shuts down. The owners via Comcast wants to move all NBCSN programming over to Peacock.

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This streaming service began its launch nearly half a year ago. They house not just movies & entertainment. But Peacock began to stream the Premier League games. The ones that unable to fit on cable/linear TV. Just 175 matches live plus all on-demand replays/highlights. And you can only watch these via paid form. The rate comes as low-cost at $5 a month.

It is interesting to see Peacock replace NBC Sports Gold. Not just the Premier League section. They also began to move the Rugby content in October. Followed by a set of winter sports last month. What a way to move in time of the cold season.

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There are some other sports like Cycling and Motorsports still via NSG. But I am sure they will move to Peacock in the months ahead. Then this may indicate their decision to shut down NBCSN. And render this sports channel as needless.

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It is better to live stream the sport you want rather than wait for hours. And finally get in on air via tape delay. That would ease frustration. And entice sports fans to subscribe Peacock Premium. Both without a cable and an expensive charge.

I was wondering if the Olympic Channel will stay via cable. I know it would be weird to have non-Olympic content. But NBC would need think about balancing live sport on linear TV. The best answer would be to put on the USA Network.

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Some programming on USA are new & repeats. They can fit the all important live sport here. Such as the English Soccer, Ice Hockey & NASCAR. It might not be all-sports oriented. But it would at least make it easier for subscribers. Better to watch it on a basic package. Rather than must buy the standard. And buy the sports one as an add-on. It is a bit similar with Stan steaming over in Australia. You pay the $10 standard package a month. Plus the $5 a month sports add-on (rugby/tennis).

It is still decent value to look at the Stan services. You look at Foxtel & have to pay twice or triple a month of this rate. Sports fans will have to get used to watching via Peacock & USA. The changes NBC made also affected its on-air personnel. And not use a host. We saw Krista Voda presented her final NASCAR race last month. Then pan its main focus on the race track/pitch.

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I also hope that Peacock will look to air more Sky Sports content. It is a better time to air The Hundred here. So does the England home games. We do not need to watch Test Cricket on cable all day. Most Americans do not know cricket. But it would be nice to have this game on air.

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