Tennis Australia News Report with the Group A Serbia v Canada doubles match in 2021 ATP Cup

What a beauty doubles match to decide the winner of Canada v Serbia. Both teams came in here 1-1. After Milos Raonic def. Dusan Lajovic for Canada. Before Serbia struck back when Novak Djokovic just nudged Denis Shapovalov, 7-5, 7-5.

Canada fired off initially with the groundwork ahead of Serbia. But Raonic & Shapovalov lost some ground. Having tried to build on the momentum. Where Djokovic & Filip Krajnovic took the lead after tied 5-5. Before they claimed the 1st set together 7-5 here at Rod Laver Arena.

Raonic & Shapovalov were given a reprieve in the 2nd set. With another strong start there from Canada. Some of these performances were well done. But the weaknesses still bite back to haunt them as it was in the 1st set. When Serbia catches up from behind. And denied Canada the set they need going 6-6.

That tied set in the 2nd goes into a tiebreak. Serbia this time has the head start unlike in the first two sets. While Canada boosted their hopes a bit 1-3 thanks to Raonic. But it was too little, too late when Djokovic & Krajinovic finished the game. With 2 match points to spare.

Serbia beat Canada in the doubles section 7-5, 7-6 (4 in tiebreaker from Canada). And overall 2-1 to put themselves in Top 2 alongside Germany in Group A. Serbia would not mind benefit a day long rest tomorrow. But will need to fire up against them on Thursday. While Canada will need to go big v Germany tomorrow. In a best of three matches.

Serbia remains all class thanks to Novak Djokovic. And his doubles partner Filip Krajinovic. They may have started off slow v Canada of Raonic/Shapovalov. But found the middle ground to deny them both set stage wins. Before this mini series belonged to them in the end.

Canada just unlucky not to outclass the Serbians. Raonic as always gave them the early advantage. Thanks to his usual class in the singles comp. While Shapovalov unable to upsurge “The Djoker” in Djokovic. It is smart of them to pair both together to try & push them in the Top 2. With the foundations ready to go. But just unable to find the conversions.

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