Tennis Australia News, 2021 ATP Cup semi-final 2nd singles game: Matteo Berrettini v Roberto Bautista Agut

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It has been such a close and entertaining semi final so far. Between Italy & Spain in the ATP Cup. When Fabio Fognini fired off well with the first set lead 6-2. Before Pablo Carreno Busta bounced back in the 2nd stage 6-1. But Fognini came out of nowhere during the tiebreaker 6-4. And gave Italy a headstart in this series 1-0.

Now the tables have turned to the 2nd singles game. Italy will swap Fognini for Matteo Berrettini. While Roberto Bautista Agut comes on for Spain. As Italy will just need one more win before the final. Or Spain need a lifeline here. Before taking it into a decider via the doubles after this.

Berrettini & Bautista Agut went side by side with 1-1 apiece. But Berrettini led the way when he began to break away from Bautista Agut, 4-2. Before he was able to win the opening stage 6-3 for Italy. While Bautista Agut unable to find the middle ground this time. Unlike the group stage portion to catch up towards his opponent.

There was a little extended break after the 1st set. When Bautista Agut called for a physio. Before play came back to begin the second stage. The Spaniard did benefit from the treatment with the early start. And desperately scrambled to fend off Berrettini for the whole time. Having gone into the halfway mark lead. So he can give himself a reprieve for Spain.

Bautista Agut unfortunately begin to lose some ground. After he was tied 5-5 by Berrettini. Before he was crashed out of the semi-finals. Even with one more series game left in the doubles for Spain. As Matteo Berrettini comes out on top with 6-3, 7-6. That helped Berrettini send Italy to the main final v Russia. Where they also wrapped the series early 2-0 v Germany.

Daniil Medvedev def. Alex Zverev 3-6, 6-3, 7-6. Having overcome a first stage loss for Russia. Before putting themselves in the driving seat towards a main final meet up. Roberto Bautista Agut played well with some courage in the 2nd. As he played very well so far for Spain. Even when Rafa Nadal was not there. But not enough at the semis to compensate a poor start in the first stage. The doubles will go ahead as normal. Before looking at the main event tomorrow, Italy v Russia.

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