Tennis Australia News, 2021 Australian Open Section 3 of R2 Singles Game: Grigor Dimitrov v Alex Bolt

Another Aussie focus here at Margaret Court Arena in the Australian Open. With a decent fire off from Alex Bolt who opened his account. The momentum is there when Bolt reached the halfway mark 3-2. Just ahead of Grigor Dimitrov from Bulgaria.

It has gone side by side for most of the time though. When Bolt tried his way to shut down the Bulgarian. Having scrambled to touch down the stage 1 win 6-5. But Dimitrov tied Bolt ahead of the tiebreaker. Before he passed Bolt late during an easy tiebreaker 6-1 to go 7-6.

This time Dimitrov has improved the set foundations to kickoff stage 2. Not just an easy first half run to go 3-0. The Bulgarian able to bridge that 2nd half gap with a comfortable conversion. When he won the second stage 6-1. With one more set needed to win this game. While Bolt unable to keep up that momentum from Stage 1. Where Bolt was hassling Dimitrov back then. But unable to find the feel that was punished easily with another set loss.

Dimitrov came from a steady start on the same page with Bolt. Before he executed these conversions too strong against the Aussie in the end. Despite the two consolation points from his opponent in Alex Bolt. As the Bulgarian wrapped up fair and square here at Margaret Court Arena. This game was done in just under two hours. Just before the clock crossed just into midnight earlier today. The final score is 7-6 (6-1 tiebreaker), 6-1, 6-2.

While Dimitrov was super on all cylinders after stage 1. And his next opponent will be Pablo Carreno Busta. It was not the night Alex Bolt wanted to see out. Especially having to face the 18th seed from Bulgaria. He was able to see his weaknesses that almost held him down. After a decent fire off that Dimitrov struggled to launch. At least until the initial halfway mark. Before the pressure went back to Bolt. And unable to find to catch up ever since. As we wish him all the best after the Australian Open.

Night 3 was so thrilling. Especially when Nick Kyrgios was on the cusp of elimination by Ugo Humbert. After he lost the first two sets before Stage 4. But Nick saved two match points. It took within one hour to turn his game around going into Stage 3. And Kyrgios saved the game in style by the three hour mark. Nick will face Dominic Thiem from Austria in Round 3 on Friday. We now roll on to Day 4 here of Grand Slam Tennis! Stay safe out there with the scorching weather feel ahead.

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