Tennis Australia News, 2021 Australian Open 4th Quarter Final Women’s Singles Game: Serena Williams v Simona Halep

by Sports Benches

It’s been a great first half of battles between Serena Williams & Simona Halep in the 4th Quarter Final game. Where they both fired off side by side 2-2. Before Serena bridged an easy 2nd half run. As it is so far so powerful from Serena who took out the 1st stage 6-3.

Halep began to make up the lost time with the early Stage 2 lead ahead of Serena 2-0. The 2nd seed from Romania has the build up base to fight back her opponent. But once again Halep struggled to connect with the middle ground on her next run. Despite a few good deuce battles to try that eventually slipped away valuable points.

It turned out to be Serena’s night at Rod Laver Arena instead with the win. As the 10th seed from Saginaw, Michigan wrapped this game up easily in straight sets. The final score is 6-3, 6-3. As this tie was completed in just one hour & 20 minutes. Not too hard there from Serena who is age 39 right now. While Halep is 10 years and one month younger than her. Age is pretty much a number here.

Well played from Serena who fired off steady and then execute it to wipe off Halep in the attack. Where her next run in the 1st set was easy to pull off this mini win. May have fallen behind a bit during the early stages by Halep in the next set. But halted her finishing touches & turned into one of her own with an easy win. Her next oppontent will be Naomi Osaka from Japan in the semi-finals.

And commiserations on Simona Halep where she did not enjoy the result she wanted. The foundations are there to make the move having done so first ahead of Serena. Not just the 1st but also the 2nd sets. The only thing that lets her down is the lack of conversions. Despite some great battles in the deuces. Just unable to hold on to keep herself close to Serena. At least in the 2nd set alone which was decent. But only the 1st half alone. We wish Simona all the best as well as her Aussie coach Darren Cahill.

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