Rugby News Australia, 2021 Super Rugby AU WK2: Brumbies v Waratahs Post Game Talk

The Waratahs fired off early plus the one touchdown tonight. Credit to the forward pack who shown the hard work. Having stuffed the Brumbies ball chances at times. In which shows great defense.

But the forwards only done their half alone with just one successful TRY attempt. In contary to the Brumbies who dominated plenty. With Mack Hansen taking the majority via a hat-trick spell. Thanks to the help of his backline supplying some space out wide. Before Mack used that offload to cut into the Tahs danger zone.

Plus a few others as well through the successful driving maul. When the Tahs not only saw their backline production misfiring. That other half of weakness saw the Tahs pick up plenty of unnecessary penalties. The only decent two on the backs unit are Will Harrison who can kick from any angle. And Jack Maddocks at full-back. He can run big into the attack with speed. And has the physical traits to nail down/tackle any opposition player.

Jack was unfortunately isolated alone up front. With no support players around him to make up lost time. And at least to stay in the fight. Other than Will and Jack you have Carlo Tizzano at 7. So far on this new player alone. It is safe to say that Carlo is an all-rounder both attack & defense. But mostly defense tonight. As it will take time to see the attacking side of Carlo. If the Tahs can bounce back v Western Force next week. After back to back losses here.

Meanwhile the Brumbies is bright in all areas. You see the forwards reading the Tahs weakness. As said a while ago with toothless opposition attack. When they took advantage of the Tahs mistakes.

Before they profit into big rewards. And this game tonight was about unpacking the attacking masterclass. You have these bunch of players talking up. And how they got past the Tahs danger zone? The Brumbies use the width of the pitch with these short passes. Plus the set pieces.

And get these backs to unleash their running to help collect points. The same goes in return to push these forwards stay square. After the line out/throw-in was successful. Then pull the trigger once it goes past the TRY line. It is like a perfectly cooked dinner ready to be served. As this is how a winning team looks like. Just like the Crusaders & All Blacks do all the time.

Your winner is the ACT Brumbies who are too good v Tahs in the end. The final score card is 61-10 at GIO Stadium in Canberra.

Reds and Brumbies each got back to back wins so far this year. Reds will take the next week off. Before they come to Canberra in Round 4. This will be an interesting game to look at by then.

But for now we will hit Week 3 first with the next two games. Friday night sees the Waratahs host Western Force. It will be at BankWest Stadium in Parramatta. So all eyes on the Tahs if they can bounce back with a win. If they lose again to an underdog Force side. Then there will be more pressure from coach Rob Penney.

While the Brumbies at home again next Saturday night. When they take on the Melbourne Rebels. That side was close with a great defense on display. With Matt Toomua collecting the vast penalty goals along the way. But the Reds found a way to catch up via the late touchdowns. In which saw the Rebels lose in the end by two points 21-23. It will be another tough game for sure. As Week 2 of Super Rugby AU comes to a close. Make sure you come back here for more content. When I will look at the NASCAR Cup action. It is Race 3 of 2021 season from Homestead-Miami.

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