Netball News, 2021 Constellation Cup Game 1 debrief: Silver Ferns v Australian Diamonds -

Netball News, 2021 Constellation Cup Game 1 debrief: Silver Ferns v Australian Diamonds

by Sports Benches

It was a competitive first stage in Game 1 of the 2021 Constellation Cup. When the Silver Ferns & Australian Diamonds were neck in neck. With valuable points netted on offer. But it is Ferns who just edged them for the early lead by 4 points, 14-10.

The next stage saw the Ferns beginning to put their attacking foundations. Having worked their way to distance themselves from the Diamonds. They were two points ahead 14-12 in the early stages. Before the Diamonds struggled to stop the Ferns netting spree. That sees the home side lead by 7 points at the break, 28-21.

Although the Diamonds continued to climb with the added points. They still unable to crack the Ferns defense. Despite some great work from their back three. Was behind by 5 points as soon as the 3rd stage began. But got further behind by 9 before the final 15 minutes. Ferns 40-31.

In the end the Ferns looked so incredible on all areas. Especially in the final third with Gina Crampton at wing attack. She was blessed with the back three’s hard work. Having seen them advantage of the Diamonds unsuccessful conversions. And helped Gina produce the assists to her front two. Where Maia Wilson & Ameliaranne Ekanasio were threatening to defenders. They netted exactly just like that to isolate the Diamonds back three.

The final score in Christchurch is Ferns 49-44 Diamonds. With the home side take the 1-0 lead in the four-game Constellation Cup contest. There is a day turnaround. When Game 2 will be back tonight. It will be interesting to see if the Diamonds bounce back with a win. If not their only hope is winning the last two games this weekend. And tie this series having entered as the defending holders.

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