Netball News, Top 3 players from the 2021 Constellation Cup Game 4: Ferns v Diamonds

Maia Wilson is such an outstanding goal shooter all series long for the Ferns. Such a tall stature in the front two. Alongside the other duo Ameliaranne Ekanasio (GA).

She brings a very tall stature to assist her throw in. Where Maia has so much physicality to burn down the defenders in the net. Especially after dueling with Sarah Klau on her opposite dial at GK.

Klau is not an easy opponent to face who also has the same height. But thanks to the poor Diamonds defense/ill-discipline areas. And lack of finishing. The Ferns players took their chances from the mid court. Maia got her hand up. Noticed Klau’s weaknesses by draining it for goal.

That momentum goes on and on with the Ferns defense so destructive. They were able to keep a close eye on the scoreboard. Before Australia beginning to lose the momentum with a isolated front three. And their loss is the Ferns gain in the end. With 41/43 shots today at 95%.

Jane Watson

How about Ferns another hard worker this time at the back is Jane Watson. She plays at Goal Defender. Alongside Sulu Fitzpatrick (GK) & Sam Winders (WD).

She tightened up the defense when never stop running all game. The reading was there. As the Diamonds tried to offer their attacking ability in the final third. But the poor choices from their mid court. One of them is Kate Moloney at centre who rushed through it. And Jane was able to cancel the opposition conversion play.

Not just the tireless defensive plays to make turnovers. She can also give her mid court the chance to reset. These reprieves going forward have stayed patient. Before finding some space to open the Diamonds back three. And found Wilson & Ekenasio destructive at every chance in the net.

Goes to show Jane has lots of experience at International level. Just never slips away to help the Ferns keep an eye on the scoreboard. Then overtake the Diamonds after their momentum dropped. Especially in the last two stages. With not much improvement. Despite subbing a few players. And the performance remains tip top for Jane Watson. Even at goal keeper to stop Cara Koenen & Kiera Austin.

Kiera Austin

The only opposition player who shot plenty of goals is Kiera Austin. She assists the goals alongside Cara Koenen. The fire off is there when the Diamonds pushed it early. Thanks to the support supplied from the mid court. Safe to say there is communication to leave the Ferns behind.

She is so young with plenty of physical strength. And a good eye on what the Ferns is trying to block. Before escaping them in the net. Thanks to Kiera noticed their weaknesses inside the circle. Having done it lots of times at Super Netball level.

You got to credit the experienced goal shooters that lifted her game. Such as Caitlin Bassett & Jo Harten. And now working with another young goal shooter like Cara Koenen. This duo will get better in the long run. Especially working alongside someone who has the height to burn defenders. Safe to say that Austin did not take much time to adjust here.

Unfortunately it was not her day with the result she wanted. Her mid court crew was not patient enough. In a way to trick the Ferns back three. Even with some chances later on to try and mitigate this issue. But nothing have turned a corner and it isolated her. In which extended into an open gap Diamonds defense. That is something from the mid courters to improve next time. So the clear crossing is not abrupt for Kiera to score many goals.

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