Channel 7 adds more Motorsports with the Australian Rally & Off Road Championships

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Channel 7 made its return to Motorsport earlier this year. One was the Shannons Australian Championships during Australia Day. Which was in late January. Followed by the Supercars Championship in Bathurst last month. Right at Mount Panarama for the standard race rather than the 1000. After a six year absence from this sport since the end of 2014.

They re-took over the Supercars Free TV package off Network 10. In which will run for another five or six years. But it does not mean a network who is truly home to this sport will air all races. Just like the previous deal with 10 Seven will air six events live. And the rest as highlights.

While the need of income from Fox Sports is important these days. Seven at least stepped up a bit. Such as the streaming rights. Plus support packages during the six live races they are allowed to show.

The highlights run may have bumped to overnight for the majority. But at least Seven has every full race replay that airs on Monday afternoon. And on demand catch up too for each highlights & full length events. Like it or not Seven has made plenty of effort as their Free Motorsport channel. As both Formula 1 & Moto GP still belongs to Network 10.

Now Seven gained two more rights picked up. Such as the Australian Rally Championship. And Australian Off-Road Championship. Both of them will come in highlights packages at least a week after the event. But Seven gets to stream the power stage live for every event. Since this additional deal does not cost a lot.

What is next for Seven in the Motorsports menu? Well the World Rally Championship will only be on Kayo/Fox Sports at least for this year. Because there is no Australian Rally until at least late next year. That is when the WRC would seek a Free TV partner there. Seven has covered this before. So no doubt they will return.

The MotoGP contract is up for grabs after this season. Having seen Ten last signed a three-year extension in late 2018. So that current deal began from 2019 & 2020 which was ticked off. Now 10 & MotoGP are on their final year on this contract.

The same goes with Formula One until the end of 2022. Alongside Pay TV Partner Fox Sports. Since 10/Fox last signed a new deal in late 2017. With 10 airing each race highlights & the Australian Grand Prix Live. While Fox has the whole lot live of each event. It remains to be seen if they will seek another extension for F1 & MotoGP. Since 10 are run by Viacom CBS who took the majority control before last year. Three/Four years after CBS brought 10 who were in administration at the time.

If not then it is up to Seven if they want both Formula 1 & MotoGP. With 10 slowly moving away from Sports which is now limited. And Nine does not cover racing nowadays. The last time Nine covered Motorsport was in 2002 with Formula 1.

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