Rugby News Results, 2021 Super Rugby AU Week 7: Waratahs v Brumbies

by Sports Benches

Brumbies fired off well at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Courtesy to a brilliant passage of play through the width of the far left. Where Noah Lolesio popped the quick pass for Tom Wright to cap it off.

And Wright ran through the gate 60 meters out to the touch line. Brumbies 5-0 after five minutes. Waratahs meanwhile made a couple of square pegs going forward. Especially with Alex Newsome & Dave Porecki gutted not to touch down.

It gave the Brumbies another chance with the ball. Lolesio again assisted that 2nd touchdown. It might not be a perfect offload to Tom Wright. But Wright finished it well as long as it keeps away the boundary. Great comeback straightway after a few months out due to a knee injury. Brumbies 10-0 after 15 minutes.

Waratahs bounced back a little though with the three points. After the Brumbies began slipped away their discipline. As the home team 3-10 going into the next 20 towards half-time. Then followed up by their first big score. Due to the chances given with the ball. It really tested the Brumbies defense. Which saw them level in contention. With Jake Gordon swift to play on after the winning penalty. Before Harry Johnson-Holmes touched down.

But the Brumbies bounced back not long later. They have a great attacking setup that helps them score points. Especially with the communication and passage of play remained alert. This time with Andy Muirhead blasted a clean run to the touch line on the left. Waratahs 10-17 Brumbies with ten minutes to go towards the break.

And the Brumbies are out in front by the first 40. They managed to extend their lead. Courtesy of a couple of winning penalties. In which converted into extended points. When Folau Faingaa looked after the throw-in/maul to process this home. Waratahs 10-24 Brumbies.

Nothing much happened in the 2nd half between the two teams. Especially with the Tahs given plenty of chances via the ball. After Tom Cusack was at one point punished for a yellow card. It allowed Waratahs to finally break through. In contrary to the Brumbies who gave away penalties. Thanks to the 2nd five-point touch. When Jeremy Williams deflected the clean out. Before Izaia Perese ran though to assist Will Harrison for the finish. Waratahs 17-24 with 14 mins left.

The home team continued to be given chances with the ball. While Brumbies desperately held on in the defense. But with the ill-discipline still not careful to turn around. They saw both Rory Scott and Tom Cusack (again) receive yellow cards. Although the Waratahs have scored another try with the kick to come.

Unfortunately Will Harrison unable to convert into the goal. In which would have seen the Waratahs given another reprieve to extra time. It went towards the wide left away from the sticks instead. As the Brumbies lucky to escape the SCG with the win. The final score is a two-point margin here. Waratahs 22-24 Brumbies.

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