Australian Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby AU Week 9: Top 3 players from the Rebels v Brumbies Game

by Sports Benches

Andy Muirhead was outstanding on the right wing for the Brumbies. He offers so much pace and physicality. Especially as one of the experienced guys in this side.

He can get involved a lot more in both areas. Such as the defense via the tackling/deflections. Thanks to his read with the Rebels isolated play. There were no decoy runners around them. And Andy was there to notice their mistakes. Before he helped his side get the job done. Such great teamwork that makes them winning.

Having seen his side win Super Rugby AU last year. As well as being one of the best Super Rugby teams here in recent years. If you pit the Brumbies against the five New Zealand teams. He will get his chance to take them on sometime next month. But for now his run here helped win a Wallabies sample. In which is one of the reasons why Andy played very well today.

Rob Valetini

Another Brumbies star who did well is Rob Valetini. Normally he plays on the blindside. But today he is at the Number 8 role v Melbourne Rebels. Regardless of that he showed versatility. With his natural game remained intact for the whole time.

He can make up tackle busts going forward. Having eat every inch of the Rebels own territory. The communication is always needed. In order for the passage of play to remain patient. Before finding the sweet spot. Where they scored towards a few touchdowns. Which is how the Brumbies got ahead for the majority.

Not only he gave a helping hand to his backline. They helped him in the forward department too. When the Rebels struggled to execute. Read their lack of support runners. And helped arrested them with the turnover/penalty. Leaving the home side isolated. As Rob put up a great show in the Brumbies back row.

Joe Powell

He may have been disappointed with the result for the Rebels. Having came off from the Brumbies after last year. Only for him to come in Melbourne ahead of the new season. And have the chance to play in front of their home crowd. Where they were so furious with the refs decisions.

It really hurt him the most. Having seen his side got hit so harsh via the lost penalties. They were up ahead in the first 20-30. When Joe was able to dictate the Rebels attacking strategy. And saw James Hanson touch down the first TRY. Then two players were punished in the naughty chair. Both sat out on separate occasions.

The short run momentum did not leave his side out of contention. Credit to Cameron Magnay who ran past the Brumbies territory. He was called up by the inside midfielder who helped pay back with the big score. It is just not consistent unfortunately. Especially when the Rebels were behind. And rushed through it without his support to get the job done. As Joe better needs their back v Waratahs in Week 10. If his side were to win. And the Queensland Reds beat Force in Perth.

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