Olympics News: Quick thoughts on The Gabba being renovated for the 2032 Olympics if successful

by Sports Benches

Another piece of sporting news popped up today. When the Queensland Government chose The Gabba as the main stadium. If they are able to win the 2032 Summer Olympics bid. And bring it to Brisbane.

I saw the first pictures surfaced online and it looks pretty good. It may only seat 50,000 fans. Rather than the expensive heyday of 70,000 or more. But at least it is awesome to continue the legacy of an existing venue. Unlike from the ground up that can only last a two week showdown.

Because once the games is done it can be used for Cricket & Aussie Rules. It has always been that way for 100 years. And I hope they will bring another Olympic experience in Australia. The best since 2000 Sydney Games. I do go to ANZ Stadium as part of the Rugby Union fandom a few times. Having still feel the vibe created from that very first moment.

Even better to say that the International Olympic Committee likes this bid. They preferred it one or two months ago. As The Gabba is just two kilometres away from the CBD. In which is awesome. But it will depend if the postponed games in Tokyo is on time this July. If not then the IOC will move it 2032. So fingers crossed on the ongoing COVID situation in Japan.

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