The Resurrection of Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy was once widely known as the best golfer in the world, but recently he has fallen off this podium. Dustin Johnson now holds that title, but maybe not for long. If you don’t already know, McIlroy won the Wells Fargo Tournament this past weekend at the Quail Hollow course in North Carolina. 

If you are wondering how long it had been since McIlroy’s last time as a champion, you are certainly not alone. In fact it had been over 550 days from his last win until this past weekend. It was also his first win as a father, and ironically this win came on Mother’s Day. This made it an even more special win for him and his family. It reminded the golf world altogether about his skill and had everyone forgetting about his recent struggles as of late.

Even though he won the Wells Fargo Tournament, he has really only left fans with more questions than answers. Seeing this version of himself that hasn’t been seen in years, fans are wondering what’s next for him and his career. Can this moment reignite his chances of winning more tournaments and possibly a major championship? Well only time will tell for those answers, but we can certainly hope so.

Speaking of majors, next weekend McIlroy will be taking his talents to the PGA Championship. For years he had been compared to Tiger Woods, and winning back to back events would certainly make that comparison a little more true. Although the PGA Tour is arguably more difficult to win on nowthan ever before, but that is a topic for another day.

For now we are left awaiting the future, and hoping that this last win can reignite the Rory McIlroy of old. For his sake and our sake as fans, I really hope that, that is the case.

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