Following Nottingham Forest’s last seven games, it was only a matter of time before the foresters relieved Chris Hughton of his duties. Hughton joined the club in 2020 during a time where the club dealt with turmoil and uncertainty. Even with his commendable efforts, a six game losing streak was not a good look. Given the availability of Nottingham’s managerial role, fans and media have begun speculating what the future of the club would look like.

The first point in the Forester’s order of business is the change in ownership with Dane Murphy joining from a rival club, Barnsley. Immediately after joining, Murphy’s philosophy has begun to reflect with a strong intent to reduce the average age of the squad. However, this might not be enough with the potential relegation looming over the club. For now, a Premier League promotion is worth keeping in the backlog. Instead, creating a competitive powerhouse is should be the top priority.

To achieve this, Nottingham Forest needs to replace Chris Hughton. In this regard, fans have begun voicing out their speculative suggestions for the club. On the flipside, there are also certain names being discouraged by avid supporters of the Foresters. Among the coaches that could potentially head the team, Chris Wilder is one that makes a lot of sense. A success-magnet like this former right back could be the spark that ignites a newfound purpose for Nottingham’s first team. After helping Sheffield United against a giant like Chelsea with a 3-0 victory, Wilder’s name has become a resounding Midas touch for the EFL Championship teams. However, Nottingham Forest seems to be gravitating in the direction of Steve Cooper, former manager of Swansea City. Cooper is seen as the man to build the young squad after he led the Swans to a Championship play-off final on a relatively modest budget in their previous season.

In terms of team morale, a few players hold the potential to keep the Foresters encouraged and psyched up to save their dismal season. Players like Lewis Grabban have been showing sufficient effort and dedication, even with the team’s recent uncertainties. Last weekend, the striker was on target, leading to Huddersfield’s goalkeeper scoring an own-goal. Other players making waves for Nottingham Forest include Lyle Taylor, Joe Worrall, Joao Carvalho and a few more. In terms of team strength, the club does not lack talent. Instead, that potential needs to be focused and sharpened under a manager with clearly defined strategies. As for their youth team, the Foresters are set to see an improvement. Thanks to Cooper’s track record of improving younger players at Liberty Stadium, he’s a particularly attractive choice for the Forester’s potential success.

Players in the academy can expect to find themselves training with the first team more often. However, that might not be the case for this season as Nottingham must recover from their potential finish at the bottom of the table this season. Things are still looking up for the club, and it’s no doubt that they will recover from this stint. It’s only a matter of time and hard work before the results begin to show.

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