Rugby News, Top 3 players from the Wallabies v Los Pumas Game

Samu Kerevi as always has been immense in the Wallabies midfield at No.12 having gone strength to strength as an all-action player since he returned from Olympics duty in Rugby 7s.

He has the physicality & vision to rip apart the opposition territory whenever with the ball in hand that gave time to complete these executions, thanks to the support runners around him the communication & close passing was key to the Wallabies’ big score contributions tonight.

Next up is another Wallaby in Andrew Kellaway who was excellent in the wide right position & he too hasn’t put a foot wrong after accruing a few caps at International level.

He made so much running into the Los Pumas territory especially when his side were patient going forward which afforded the possession given to him so they know what’s best for Kellaway to help smash this game which is reflected in the 2nd half.

And Lucio Cinti Luna performed not bad for Los Pumas at outside centre (No.13) where not only he can hold back the Wallabies with his defending but can be a real threat going forward thanks to the tall & physical build which is huge to read that vision at 6 ft 3 in (1.9 m).

Unfortunately, it’s not his night when his Pumas side lacked support numbers to build pressure back to the Wallabies, even though they were good at times with the reset penalties like the Julian Montoya TRY just after half-time with very little change to turn around later on.

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