Could Daniel Kretinsky be West Ham’s new owner after David Gold & David Sullivan?

The third richest Czech should become the minority owner of West Ham United in the first week of November. This is good news for the London’s club because the fans are not happy with the current owners. Also, the club announced that they got permission to increase the stadium for additional 2.500 seats. It seems that the money from the Czech billionaire will come at the right time in West Ham.

West Ham has been building a small Czech colony in East London for the past two years. In January last year, Tomas Soucek arrived, who after quality games in the summer of 2020 was bought from Slavia Prague, in the same time when Vladimir Coufal also arrived from the same team. A year later, Alex Kral also came to West Ham on loan from Spartak Moscow, after which jokes immediately appeared that they were no longer Hammers, but Czechs. And what can we say after the information that the Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky is on the verge of buying a package of shares, which means 27% of the club.

The third richest Czech, the owner of Prague’s Sparta, is determined to make a step forward and expand his influence in the top five leagues. That idea did not occur to him yesterday, three years ago he was connected with the potential purchase of AC Milan or Roma. The media in England claim that the purchase of a little more than a quarter of shares is just the beginning and that in the future, Kretinsky has a vision to become the majority owner.

The purchase should be realized in the first week of November, most likely for the weekend, when West Ham welcomes Liverpool in London. The financiers claim that the contract will contain a clause on full control, which will be activated after a period that has not been specified yet. At the same time, the estimated total value of the club at this moment is somewhere between 700,000,000 and 825,000,000 euros.

Image Reference: Egghead06 via Wikipedia, 23/5/21, CC BY 4.0 SA

When the deal will be official it will be known how much money the club will have for transfers in January but according to experts West Ham and Newcastle will both have more than enough budget to bring quality football stars in January. Since Kretinsky is owner of Sparta Prague it is possible that these two clubs will have cooperation in developing young players and transfer players in both ways in junior and senior categories.

Kretinsky’s fortune is estimated at around 4,000,000,000 euros, and in addition to jobs in the homeland related to the energy, media, industrial and retail sectors, he has a serious stake in the postal service company Royal Mail, as well as in the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, the second most powerful markets in Great Britain.

If at one point he completely takes over West Ham, the long-term rule of David Gold and his best friend David Sullivan, who bought the club in 2010, will come to an end. West Ham has been owned by two former big fans of the club since 2010, David Gold and David Sullivan, after they sold Birmingham City. These two made money in the porn industry, and under their leadership West Ham were relegated once in 2010/11 but returned to the Premier League in 2012/13 via the EFL Championship Play-Offs and became a team for respect.

It started with the change of the minority package of shares in Wolverhampton, followed by the purchase of Newcastle by the Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman, and the point for some future period could be put by Daniel Kretinsky. And then it is very possible that we will see the Czech colony rising at the Olympic Stadium in London.

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