Kamil Majchrzak proved too good in the 1st set for Poland before he wrapped it all up through straight sets v Michail Pervolarakis (1-6, 4-6) as his country went 1-0 in the best of three games v Greece with the 2nd singles tie to come shortly at Qudos Bank Arena from Aristotelis Thanos (Greece) & Hubert Hurkacz (Poland).

Unlucky for Pervolarakis when he was blown away by Majchrzak at the beginning with just one consolation point during the 1st set, although he fought back at times especially with that headstart this time after the break but couldn’t stop the momentum the Majchrzak set up from start to finish.

It’s Majchrzak’s first win in this tournament for Poland, what a way to open the first night of 2022 ATP Cup.

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