Lalakai Foketi looked so aggressive on the inside midfield tonight at No.12 for the Waratahs. He brings so much power and pace to the squad that blew away the opposition half like the Rebels, where Foketi opened up the Tahs’ scoring account. As soon as Foketi knew what the Rebels are capable and not so capable of, the Tahs were able to help him out in the process thanks to the Rebels’ slow start, through more opportunities with the ball on hand. And the Tahs managed to rack up more big scoring points under his watch before Foketi returned the favour for his Tahs side defensively, when the Rebels may have bounced back late in the 2nd half alone, but the home team successfully held them off five points.

The next Tahs player alongside Foketi when it comes to shoutouts is gonna to be a hard pick here. But I will have to go with Charlie Gamble on the openside back row at No.7, where he provided excellent team-work & all-round contribution so the Rebels couldn’t get past his Tahs team. He was running around the field all game long when Gamble noticed the Rebels weaknesses, before he held them accountable alongside a few of his numbers with the physical application. It gave Gamble ample time to have an extended go against the Rebels defense at the other end with the same traits, and that gave a clear path for his Tahs side to punish them through the gate.

And Matt Phillip rounds out as the standout player through a losing Rebels side on the second row. He has a brilliant defensive mindset as always, where his side were able to win some penalties & converted two three-point goals in the 1st half.
Now there is nothing wrong with his attacking contribution by smashing the Tahs with the ball going forward, that help the Rebels catch up late in the 2nd half. However, a poor throw-in and missed chances have left their executions a lot to be desired, as the Rebels were out of steam by full-time.

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