Also today, Foxtel/Kayo has officially renewed the Formula One broadcast rights for another few years here in Australia.

They will continue to air every practice, qualifying, and race exclusively live alongside the additional live in-camera views.

Although, they will also continue to share the annual Australian Grand Prix coverage with a free-to-air broadcaster as protected by the anti-siphoning law.

So nothing much apart from the F1TV app being installed into Foxtel’s interactive TV devices free of charge from next season.

And there is still no word on who will get the Australian GP coverage and the other round highlights for the Free TV component since Foxtel retained the bulk of the rights.

So rule out Nine when they wanted the whole lot by putting most of the races via their paid Stan Sport streaming service, with the Australian GP and a few selected events live on their free-to-air channel.

Then we go to the current Free TV rights holder at Network 10 where we don’t know for sure if they’re willing to continue this current agreement with Foxtel.

But they just lost MotoGP as well as the change of sports content strategy, with the example of the exclusive Australian Soccer rights they’ve just acquired alongside their paid in-house streaming service in Paramount +.

I don’t think there isn’t a good reason why Ten would want to continue airing Formula 1, when they only get to air one live race a year at home and everything else as one-hour highlights on a late Monday night.

That means, it’s only Seven and SBS now in a two-horse race for the Free TV package up for grabs just like the MotoGP.

We’ll keep an eye with interest on who will air the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix later this year at Phillip Island, as Foxtel/Kayo also holds the exclusive rights of MotoGP where their renewal agreement just began this year without Network 10.

But whoever airs that annual MotoGP race on home soil, we will hopefully step one closer & find out the Free-to-air rights holder here towards 2023.

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