Irae Simone was one of the outstanding players for the Brumbies tonight in the No.12 shirt at Inside Centre. He created so many headaches to the other opposition end off the back of the Canes’ lost penalties and poor defense. That way, his work can be easy done where not only he collected a TRY in the 1st half but he also backed up as a support/cover player every time Simone checks in going forward to make sure the Brumbies are in the right track, as well unpack his finishing touches. And he too also limit the Canes’ opportunities with the ball in his tracks defensively. All in all, he’s the complete package in the midfield where Simone never stops running back and forth all night long.

Next up is fellow Brumby Lachlan Lonergan who replaced Folau Faingaa in the 56th minute, where he played a really big role of his team’s 2nd-half comeback in front of their home supporters at GIO Stadium. His throw-ins looked excellent as always, as well as a brilliant read on defense that derailed the Canes’ 2nd-half performance. It gave his side a chance to take advantage of the opposition team’s errors when Longergan was tested in attack, before he handed over the keys to over his support men & they made his life easier as the Brumbies were well and truly safe within the winner’s’ circle.

And Joshua Moorby rounds off the Top 3 when he was excellent at full-back in the first-half for the Hurricanes. He credits the team’s excellent start with the talk-up there, especially when the ball came to him before he unleashed himself past the TRY line twice that gave the Canes’ a small lead at the half-time break. But they just couldn’t keep the momentum when a few mistakes and lost penalties via ill-discipline let him down with limited attacking opportunities that preclude them from staying ahead; the pressure then spread to his forwards where it was too hard to stop a threatening Brumbies attack while the clock ticked against them before it’s too late later in the 2nd-half.

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