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Look out! Crusaders wide-left Leicester Fainga’anuku is such a superstar in the making after unbelievable first 50 or so minute shift last night. It’s so easy to say that he’s got the pace and power to close it down where no one from the end couldn’t stop him through the gate, having met the TRY zone with the ball on hand twice. Not only that, he can use his mobility to give his forwards a boost too via the maul while his side were way out in front – a nice extra skillset to have ahead of the big Final next Saturday. He’s more than just a destructive finisher, so the Saders can be on the same page as him for the benefit of winning games. Now he & coach Scott Robertson are looking for the best send off towards another trophy before going separate ways next season.

Another key Crusaders mastermind player to also look out for his Braydon Ennor over in outside centre at No.13. He too has the kept the attacking rhythm going with brilliant vision there that saw the Saders find their way past the Blues blocks where gaps were left wide open before tries went his way. Thanks to his input, he was able to get off the mark by building a huge lead throughout for the majority. That way, he can not only back them up in case someone needs help but also assist and score as well. It all goes to show how much his contribution means to them as these finishers credits Ennor for keeping their attacking flow in check, so they can express themselves with pace in the end.

And if there’s one Blues player who got them to where they are today is Beauden Barrett at No.10. He can unpack some quick passes as usual before the vision is there past the gate, with 1 TRY for himself + playing a big part of their late TRY. Plus, he’s a handy kicker between the sticks as well. All of his work was based on their winning penalties/advantages. But ill-discipline sadly left the Blues struggling mightily where the Saders attack was just too strong. Now he might be moving on next year, but he hopes the Blues winning mantra will continue that made them win games more often again under his watch.

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