NASCAR News Today, Thoughts on the possibility of Live Fast Motorsports selling their charter with Spire as the buyer & then Trackhouse in-waiting as the leaser

by Sports Benches

Image Reference: Zach Catanzareti via Wikipedia, CC BY 2.0

Well, there you have it – Live Fast Motorsports is considering selling their charter after all earlier this week. Spire Motorsports is one team to consider who wouldn’t mind buying charters and then leasing and/or selling them before re-buying one again despite the No.77 team’s performances being run at the back.

It looks like they will do the same by leasing the charter they plan to buy off Live Fast towards Trackhouse to accomodate their proposed third full-time car for Zane Smith (not announced yet but expected to join there) while continuing running two cars, having done so once before back in 2021 during Trackhouse’s infancy as a one-car team into NASCAR.

After that, it remains to be seen if Spire will eventually run three cars depending if Andretti is gonna be involved or see Trackhouse buy that third charter off them, as you can only loan one once every 4-5 years. Since the No.77 team’s performance landed in the bottom three of the 36 team charter standings for the second year, if they’re caught once again after the third year in 2024; Trackhouse can always take advantage of it while Spire can continue to run two full-time cars & go from there with the extra charter money off Trackhouse to do better. Either way, they both have a great relationship when they run the same Chevy cars as this is not the first time Trackhouse has got around the expensive charter market – you gotta look back at Trackhouse buying entire Ganassi NASCAR operation at the end of 2021 which led to a two-car team from there.

And from Live Fast’s end, we have nothing against BJ, Jessica and Matt has done in running such a single car & small run Cup team. But then it looks like they have no intention of looking to improve themselves from the back & be like Rick Ware, Spire & Front Row Motorsports. So it looks like he will be ready for a big sale anytime from now before he will look to invest it towards strengthening his Xfinity Series operation. Watch this space as we’re towards the next step of having all competitive organizations racing at NASCAR’s top level every race weekend of the season.

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