Don Shaved Turkey 160g review with 1/2 price right now at Woolworths 

by Sports Benches

Here’s something you can buy off the shelves right now in your local Woolworths store with the ready-to-eat Don sliced ham at just 1/2 price of $3.20. It’s perfect for nearly all occasions such as pasta, salads or a sandwich/wrap for your lunch time meal including some occasional dinners & appetizers too. The best part is you can get these in any flavour you like such as English leg ham, a variety of Salamis including Mild Hungarian & Italian Style, Honey Leg Ham, English Leg Ham, Champagne Leg Ham, Double Smoked Ham and Turkey & it has up to 20 slices on it so you can eat them out for the whole week – how good!!

Don’t wait, make sure you buy one while you can right now through the end of tomorrow like I’ve got from the other day with the Turkey flavour when the Don is good who treats you good by trying out with his delicious line-up of his packaged ham!!

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