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Here’s an air-fryer pizza recipe that you can make at home by starting off with 1/4 teaspoon of nutritional yeast as well as close to 1/4 cup of warm water & 1/4 teaspoons of sugar onto a bowl.

Mix them well and cover the yeast for a while between 30 mins-1 hour, then add 1/2 cup of flour (and continue to add a few teaspoons to it as long as it’s no longer sticky), 1/2 teaspoons of oil and some salt on top of the activated yeast by kneading it for a few minutes before you coat the pizza dough with another few drops of oil and cover it again up to one hour in order for this to rise. After that, you can shape the dough up using your hands to fit around the pizza tray size of your choice at home including the circle edges with some sprinkles of flour.

Now it’s time for the cooking process to begin and in order for the pizza crust to taste really good on both sides is you first cook it without any sauce and toppings alongside some oil at 185 degrees celsius for the first five minutes and then flip it over by coating the other side with oil to cook the bottom part for the other five minutes. Once you can see some crispiness on both sides of the crust, you can then add your pizza sauce alongside a variety of toppings (make sure you don’t overload it though) and put it back for another 10-12 minutes depending on how thick the crust is (eg. Thin or deep pan).

And that is it after letting the pizza cool for a while before cutting a few slices where you can see some nice good edges & a middle that makes a homemade pizza so good!! You can have it for lunch and if you want to have another pizza the next day, all you have to do is cut the dough in half before you save it into the fridge by covering it up with a plastic wrap and when you’re ready, repeat the above same process & your pizza will still be delicious to eat without having to order one elsewhere!!

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Here’s a delicious homemade recipe that you can make at home in none other than air-fryer doughnuts that can serve up to four people, dairy & egg free and also without the need of a cutter too.

First of all, put 3/4 teaspoon of active dry yeast along with 1 tablespoon of warm water onto a bowl before you mix it up and cover it up for a while like 30 mins-1 hour. Then add 1 cup of flour as well as a 1/4 cup of warm rice milk, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 egg replacer, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or any type of oil you like & 3-4 teaspoons of sugar in order to form a dough that is coated by a few drops of oil. Repeat the same resting period of an hour to let the dough rise as you cut up into four pieces using a knife & roll it out after the 2nd resting process. From there, you can poke out a hole in the middle using your finger before you press it back onto the cutted dough while shaping out the perfect round circle shape of a doughnut. Once that is done, rest & cover these raw shaped doughnuts up one more time for 30 mins-1 hour before it’s cooking time.

You can fry it on a pan or put it in the oven but it’s best to place two doughnuts a time onto the air fryer and repeat the process same again for the last two at 180 degrees Celsius for 8-9 minutes. And once you cool these off for a while as long as you don’t eat it that hot, these homemade dairy-free doughnuts are ready to eat!! It’s so easy to make if these ready-made doughnuts off the supermarkets or the food courts aren’t for you and to make it extra yummy, you can top these up with chocolate spread or other coloured icing with sprinkles on it. Perfect snack to eat on an occasional day during the week!!

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It’s almost the end of the month now and almost the end of winter as well going into Spring, which starts tomorrow in the new month of September. Although there may still be a bit of cold nights for a while, but glad that will be gone as soon as we hit daylight savings going into October. I have been better lately from my cinnamon allergy infection that I eaten via my apple pie fillings a 2-3 months ago where it has taken time with day after day, week & week to get these off my system. I have vowed not to have cinnamon anymore after that rare daunting experience when I will get to make my own apple pies next time. 

The other thing I did make though after a while is making my own chips again where I grabbed one piece of a whole potato off the bag & cut that into thin slices as well as trying out a mix of chicken kebab sticks & a nice healthy chicken sandwich with a few veggies + a sizzle of tomato sauce in it. Yes, I have to wait like 10 mins or so to cool these chips and chicken down off the air fryer. But it’s still a good meal to eat after all during lunch earlier this arvo.

Next up, I’m looking forward to experiment some vanilla or strawberry icing over the next few days to weeks when it comes to creating my dairy-free vanilla cake. You can have a look at my recipe that I’ve made months ago off Woolworths here. For now, hope is all well as I’m looking forward to come back here every now and there’s to show a mix about a bit of myself, food, fitness and many more.

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Hello again,

It’s been a while since I haven’t had another chance to post some new food/cooking content over the past few weeks lately, but just popping here to drop an update as we’re almost set to close down July ahead of just one more winter month left going into August 2023. So times flies fast when the first half year was done before transitioning into the 2nd half of the year that began earlier on July 1 this month.

Another thing I wasn’t able to update often here was looking after my skin allergies/eczema as I normally avoid these foods that contain dairy, eggs & seafood. But then I didn’t realise that I consumed some cinnamon as part of the apple pie filling that goes with my pastry making practice, which made me feel red & itchy on my face & upper body where I had to take some time to get it out of my system (I can feel the smell that goes out every time my body heals) through some cream and herbal drinking treatments.

I thought cinnamon wasn’t bad to eat when it comes to the smell and flavour, but it does have some sugary chilli spice to it. Although it’s not bad for the elderlys to help relive some blood pressure but it’s not for everyone including myself as I’ve learned this important lesson so I can avoid suffering these health issues by not having cinnamon again next time.

It’s been a tough two months through most of winter for me to experience this but I’m feeling fine now as it won’t be long for another week before I’m completely free from these cinnamon effects from my body and also hope I can update some new food content here going into next month. If not, I’ll try to make another monthly update here on the blog towards the end of August only from myself.



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Taking a break from baking/making recipes today to enjoy a wonderful delicious snack from Vege Deli Crisps. It’s free from dairy, nuts & egg; Plus, it’s also healthy to eat as well whenever you need a little break throughout the day! Go try it as they’re available at your local supermarket such as Woolworths for a brilliant half price right now of $3.25!! Perfect timing to take advantage of this over the next week while these prices will last only for a limited time.

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Hello there,

Sorry to say that I haven’t had the chance to update some new content throughout this month, having experienced some dry skin problems as of late, especially when it’s the start of winter through the dry indoor heat & winds from my end here in Sydney – make sure you don’t have too much hot showers as it can take away the moistures from your skin. One month down, two months to go to get past the freezing cold winter before spring comes around between September, October & November.

I have updated some past recipe content though just now with the apple pie and avocado oil pastry posts as hope I will look to bring you some new food content going into July.

Happy Half New Year!

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Following up from my McChicken recipe a few weeks ago – mainly with the patty of course, I’ve spent some time making the same type of chicken breading variety but this time it’s something to do with the egg-free chicken nuggets.

Here are the following ingredients:

  • Ground chicken mince
  • Some Salt
  • Some Oil
  • Some Garlic Powder
  • Some mustard sauce instead of the egg to make the chicken stick
  • And of course, panko bread crumbs

All you have to do is mix these following ingredients first apart from the panko bread crumbs in which will come in shortly. 

Once the chicken, mustard and the seasoning has been mixed, divide the minced chicken to a few decent sized pieces (small rectangle size would be good) & stick the chicken on the breadcrumbs by adding a few at a time until each of the nuggets are fully coated. 

After that, you can put these coated nuggets onto the air fryer for about 15 minutes at 185-190 degrees by flipping it through the halfway cooking stage.

 And once the cooking process is done, cool it off for another minutes before it’s all ready to eat – too easy!! See it for yourself when you can go try make your own egg-free or McDonald’s style egg free chicken nuggets or even egg and dairy free popcorn chicken at home. You can also pair it up with these homemade air fryer chips as a side too!!

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I had the chance to make a different kind of pie recipe today – this time we’re going with the salt kind of filling where I’ll mix up the chicken & the dairy-free gravy in there instead of apples.

To get started, you can use the ready-made frozen pastry from the supermarket shelves right away as your preferred choice of crust. Otherwise, the quick rundown to make your own home made crust is to have two cups of flour onto a bowl followed by 1/3 cups of avocado oil, some sprinkles of salt & sugar & a few tablespoons to pour in at a time with water or rice milk.

You can view the full avocado oil pastry recipe (dairy-free) via the link here. Yes, the pastry thickness I’ve made the other day was somewhat too thick but I’ve managed to improve to a thin thickness level (not too thin though) with this recipe, as I will look to try & update my last post from here over the next couple of weeks.

Mix it up for a while until it’s no longer dry, crumbly & a bit sticky before you air-tight the pastry dough into the refrigerator for at least an hour. While you’re waiting, you can get started with the chicken gravy filling. Add 1-2 tablespoons of the Massel dairy-free gravy mix first into a small bowl before adding some water in & stir it together until the granules are dissolved.

Plus, cut & slice up some chicken up into a bunch of small pieces. Then combine the gravy sauce & chicken together onto the saucepan by heating it up on a pan for a few minutes. Once the chicken gravy filling is ready, get the pastry out of the fridge after the one-hour resting process & roll it out into a thin sized thickness of your avocado oil crust by using a rolling pin.

After that, place the pastry onto the sausage roll maker first followed by the chicken gravy filling in there & seal the rolled out crust altogether before the cooking process begins for about 25 minutes by flipping one side at halfway.

And that is it once the cooking process is done while cooling down these chicken & dairy-free gravy pies for another few minutes – too easy & also delicious too that tastes like the usual meat pies out there!! See it for yourself when you can go make your own chicken & gravy pie that is dairy-free & healthy to eat at home!!

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I had the chance to try & get the best out of my pastry making skills over the weekend when it comes to these home made apple pies or any other savoury pie filling you like (e.g. chicken or potato pie).


  • 2-4 cups of flour
  • A few tablespoons of rice milk/water
  • 1/3 cup of avocado oil
  • Some sprinkles of salt and sugar
  • And any filling you like to fill it inside & cover up the pastry dough before baking

All you have to do is pour 1/3 cup of avocado into a bowl followed by some pinches of salt & sugar before adding 2 cups of plain flour, as well as few tablespoons of rice milk or water for a start. Then mix it up using your hands or through a food processing machine for a few minutes while adding a few more tablespoons of rice/milk at a time, so they can end up sticking together (not too sticky!) & finish it off onto a rectangle or disk shape layout on your pastry dough.

After that, cover the dough with a medium to large freezer bag nice & tight with a bowl into the refrigerator for at least an hour. Once the dough has been rested, get your rolling pin out & roll it out to the desired thickness & shape you want, then leave it out onto the sausage roll maker machine nice & flat by adding your favourite filling before closing the pastry nice & tight ahead of the cooking process.

It will take 30 minutes to get the job done where you will have to flip one side at the halfway mark (15 min). Once it’s been cooked & also cooled down for a few minutes, the natural avocado oil pastry got there will be crispy & golden on the outside while you can see the awesome saucy filling on the inside – How good!!

Final Thoughts

For the best results of making such homemade pastry, I would make two pastry doughs to cover both sides well with the filling in between since there’s no puff pastry sheets that is margarine-free from the supermarket freezer shelves.

It can be tricky to find a dairy & egg free equivalent of these ready-made frozen pastry sheets that doesn’t require a lot of work, especially when some may contain milk as they’re all processed within the one equipment from the factory. 

However, making them at home is a better, cheaper & safer option – so you can eat it naturally & also healthier too! See it for yourself with the avocado oil pastry recipe that is egg & dairy free to make at home.

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Here’s a delicious and healthy way to start your day with the Orgran Vegan Easy Egg, which is an egg & dairy-free. 

All you have to do is put a few teaspoons of the vegan egg powder into a small bowl as per packaging, then mix it up with a few drops of oil, as well as some salt & water, and you can put it straight onto a small non-stick pan with a spatula once you turn on the stove. Then you can simply flip it over a few times & turn off the heat once it’s ready with any wooden utensil you like.

Too easy!!

You can put on any vegan egg you also like the vegan egg sandwich I’ve made over the weekend alongside some lettuce, avocado & cherry tomatoes that is drizzled by tomato sauce. You can also use them as scrambled vegan eggs for lunch or dinner as well as salads, quiches, omelettes, frittatas & a whole lot more. 

See it for yourself when you can have the egg-free variety at any time of the day thanks to Orgran!!

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