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Here’s a delicious chicken & tomato pizza that you can enjoy healthily for lunch or as an afternoon snack.

The following ingredients you need are:

  • Some sliced chicken by cutting it into squares
  • A few drops of Pizza Sauce & then spread them through over the base (although not all of it as leave 1-2 inch around the edges of the crust).
  • Two small frozen Pizza bases
  • Some small/cherry tomatoes
  • Some chopped spring onion

All you have to is prepare these ingredients before you warm up your air fryer or oven at 180 degrees celsius for about five minutes. 

Then place your pizza there for 9-10 minutes at the same temperature (although you may have to cook it again for the second small pizza onto an air fryer since they only fit in one base) & it’s good to eat once they’re ready.

It’s up to you how you like your delicious & healthy pizza, even some avocado and/or green veggies on top of these usual ingredients above isn’t a bad option alongside some air fried chips as a side meal.

See it for yourself as I hope you enjoyed this quick minute lunch recipe at home without having to spend some money & eat out a lot elsewhere.

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Here’s an amazing diary-free & vegan chocolate spread that I’ve tasted earlier today thanks to the Sweet William brand.

They are perfect for sandwiches, fruits, pancakes, desserts & snacks – especially when preparing a healthy kids diet for breakfast, recess and/or lunch. However, my preferred topping belongs on cakes & even donuts which works really well alongside these colourful 100s & 1000s sprinkles from Dollar Sweets (190g pack).

I just wished they can make a different dairy free chocolate spread but in white vanilla flavour & not only that, I can play around some food colouring as well to reflect a different icing of cake/donuts other than chocolate. But still, it’s a nice chocolate spread to have that you can put on almost everything while they’re safe to eat away from dairy, eggs & nuts.

Although they’re out of stock on Amazon right now with no restocking date being finalised at this stage, but there’s still some units available to try here on eBay.

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Here’s another delicious dairy-free treat to round off your week – it’s a strawberry coconut yoghurt thanks to Cocobella.

Not only it’s thick and creamy but it’s also safe to eat since they’re free from dairy and lactose while maintaining the natural & healthy value of this product. 

It’s a perfect pairing for your morning or afternoon tea break alongside some cookies, biscuits or cakes. See it for yourself as you can buy it in multiple sizes including the 150g variant I’ve just tasted for just $2.50 over at your local grocery store, such as Coles & Woolworths.

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Here’s some tomato pasta that I’ve made for lunch over the last few days with the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 Small to medium tomatoes
  • Some tomato paste
  • Some water to mix the tomato paste
  • A few slices of chicken
  • Some garlic
  • Pasta of any kind to boil
  • Some pinch of salt to taste

All you have to do is boil the pasta first for about 10 minutes, as long as they’re soft, before you dry them out & place them into a bowl using a strainer skimmer.

Then throw some garlic & chicken onto the pan with a couple of drops of oil, followed by some tomatoes & tomato paste, although it’s best to add some water (not too much) to mix up the tomato paste if you don’t have pasta sauce.

After that, put the lid on to cover the pan for 1-2 mins & once you can see some stream & bubbles, it means that it’s ready to eat – so quick and easy! 

Make sure you mix up the tomato saucing & pasta beforehand alongside some pinches of salt & you have such a delicious healthy lunch right there.

It doesn’t take a lot of time & money in order to cook your own pasta recipe – see it for yourself when you can shop at your local grocery store before cooking them for your next lunch meal.

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If you want to taste mayo that is vegan, dairy free & even onion free, then you’re going to love this creamy sauce thanks to Celebrate Health.

They are a great match for burgers/sandwiches/wraps as well as chips and salads, especially when this kind of vegan mayo is mixed up with lemon which makes it an ideal healthy topping for your perfect side dish. And Here’s a picture below of my homemade air-fryer chips during lunch today on top of some dairy-free mayo. 

Make sure you shake it well before use so you don’t spill out some beautiful mayo sauce. Plus, always store in the refrigerator once it’s opened & eventually finish consuming this product before the expiry date as labeled on the packaging.

I hope you loved it as much as I do & although they’re a bit more expensive, but it’s well worth your health during your morning, lunch or afternoon snack. You can go buy them for $6.30 at Woolworths, $5 at Coles & also various health shops online (be mindful that these shops cover some extra delivery costs as well).

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Here’s some chocolate chip cookies you can enjoy that is dairy-free, egg-free & gluten-free thanks to Leda Bakery. 

Although these cookies are a bit hard, but they still taste good with a mix of crisp and crunch since they come in packaged as ready made to eat. 

Also, make sure you store them in an air-tight container when it comes to leftovers & they’ve been committed to making delicious healthy alternative snacks since 1996 in Luscombe, QLD.

See it for yourself as you can buy them on Amazon in 155g ($4.95) & 250g ($5.50) packs here.

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I had a chance to taste these small pizza bases the other day thanks to Nevana and they taste really good once it’s out of the oven/air fryer.

To get the best out of these pizza breads (as long as you got your pizza sauce & toppings on beforehand), make sure you pre-heat your oven or air fryer first at 180-185 degrees Celsius for 5-6 minutes before you place your pizza base for 8-10 minutes. Then cool your pizza down for another few minutes before it’s ready to eat which is going to taste amazing. Here’s a Hawaiian pizza I made earlier today ahead of lunch with some shredded ham, some pineapple and tomato pizza sauce.

Although they do have a best before date on the price tag clip, but according to the packaging, they will last for one year as long as you keep them frozen in the refrigerator. Plus, they’re locally made from South Australia since 1982.

You can go & buy these small Nevana pizza bases which comes in 12 pack at a supermarket near you for $4.80 at Coles & Woolworths.

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You’ve got to try two amazing plant-based chicken ranges from Birds Eye, such as the plant-based chicken style tenders & chicken strips.

Not only they have a decent health star rating of 3.5 (tenders) – 4.5 (strips) out of five, but it has no artificial colours or flavours. Plus, they’re high in protein which is perfect for meat free Mondays during any day or night of the week, as well as those who rely on a vegan diet.

The plant-based chicken strips ain’t bad when I had the chance other day during dinner, which is great for pairing salads, noodles, pasta & rice alongside various vegetables & sauces. But for me, the plant-based chicken style tenders taste better when it comes to the delicious crumbs & the meat-free variety in it.

These meat-free tenders are even a better combination when making healthy sandwiches/burgers (here’s a picture alongside a few Mini Potato Cakes that I’ve covered last week here).

Make sure you cook them beforehand as per instructions regardless of your choice of cooking appliance, since these packages come in frozen. And you can select whichever Birds Eye plant-based chicken range you like that is available in stock right now for $6.50 at your local Coles supermarket here.

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You have to check out these healthy and vegan-friendly potato cakes by The Why Meat Company. The company is from Australia and made with real home-grown potatoes. It’s great to support local businesses. 

The Why Meat Company strives to get the best out of those who are on a dairy-free or meat-free diet when producing their products in Mount Waverley in Victoria.

You can prepare the snack in the air-fryer, oven or in the pan. Once these mini potato cakes ready to eat, they taste really good as you can have them for parties, as well as a late morning or afternoon snack alongside some tomato or BBQ sauce as your toppings.

You can find them in both original and salt & vinegar packs at your local Coles supermarket store for $6.

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Here’s some fresh, soft, sweet & dairy-free chocolate chunk cookies that I’ve made earlier this week at home. 

The following ingredients you need are:


* 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil & other 2 tablespoons of apple sauce

* 1 whole egg replacer (by mixing 1 teaspoon of Orgran no egg product + 2 tablespoons of water)

* 1/4 cup of raw brown sugar

*  2 tablespoons of powdered sugar

* 3 x 1/4 teaspoons of vanilla extract


* 1/2 cup of wholemeal flour

* 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda

* Sprinkle 3-4 times with a bit of salt

* 1/3 cup of chopped Sweet William Vegan Mylk dairy-free chocolate block 

Start with mixing the wet and dry ingredients separately before you integrate them into the one bowl by mixing it again gently this time (using a spatula) until just combined. Then you can chuck in some chopped dairy-free chocolate blocks & mix it (gently again) for another 3-4 times, as you air-tight the cookie dough into the freezer with a plastic wrap for at least an hour or two.

Take the cookie dough out of the freezer after the resting stage by scooping one tablespoon each of cookie dough (serves a total of four cookies) into the baking tray (make sure you line it up with baking paper), while pre-heating the air fryer at 180 degrees Celsius for 4-5 minutes. 

Once that is done, place the baking tray onto the air fryer by lowering the temperature to 150 degrees Celsius for 12-14 mins before cooling it down for another 5-10 minutes & now it’s ready to eat. 

All in all, If you’re unable to find these dairy-free cookies that are ready-made at your local grocery store unless you’re willing to pay online elsewhere with some extra shipping costs, then this is the recipe for you.

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