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Hope is all well after we started 2024 with a huge summer of sport followed by a string of game and reality tv shows coming in now such as the Australian version of Tipping Point and a revival of Deal or No Deal in a three-way battle alongside The Chase Australia to start the ratings year here. Now the scripted TV shows will at last make a long-awaited return on the air soon for a shortened 12-13 episode season following a long half-year during most of 2024 with the writers and actors’ strikes, which is relief for viewers to tune in every week that will go on through at least the end of Spring over in the US. It will be hard to say goodbye to Station 19 and The Good Doctor whose respective seasons will get their own send-off rather than being axed before we turn our attention to the next wave of pilots that would potentially be worth a series shot later this year other than High Potential being adopted from France.

Now back from my end here, I will change a bit of food content to once every weekend rather than twice a fortnight up until the start of the Australian Open Tennis a few weeks ago with a bit more than just a food post sometimes if possible as well as chucking a balance of lifestyle between fitness, tech and travel every now and then. With sports, I will still look at Rugby – which is a sport I will always love – at least once a week with Super Rugby coming back soon and the home Wallabies matches later this year despite going from bad to worse; but hoping things will eventually return to its former glory sooner rather than later. Other than Rugby, I will look at a new sport in Field Hockey, maybe a bit more Soccer and whichever other sports that may be interesting – you never know.

And there’s always a bit of NASCAR to look forward to, especially with Shane Van Gisbergen competing full-time now in the Xfinity Series; Plus, it’s a huge Olympic year including swimming as well ahead of the next Summer games in late July-early August in Paris, France. All in all, hope is all well on what is going to be a huge 2024.

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It’s Australian Open week at Melbourne Park ahead of the first day’s of play this Sunday & here’s a hotel that you can stay over the next 15 days of play within the CBD which is the Travelodge Hotel in the Docklands area. They are located at Aurora Lane where it’s not far & super easy to catch a train or bus ride anywhere across the heartlands of Melbourne from Southern Cross Station to Jolimont Station or 7B via Tram where you’re able to make your way to watch the best Tennis players on show at the Melbourne Park Tennis Courts. Plus, the hotel is adjacent to the Channel 9 local studios there for their News & selected programs & it only takes a short work to get to Marvel Stadium if you’re an Aussie Rules Football fan.

Inside the hotel, there’s a lounge at the ground floor/reception area that is open 24/7. There’s also free Wi-Fi, a TV & a small kitchenette that only involves a bar fridge, microwave & kettle. If you want to eat out at your room within the hotel, they have breakfast and room service otherwise it’s best to bring a portable pot stove with you if you wish to eat healthy or you’re on a diet while you’re away. The check in time is 3pm and check out time is 11am as you can see all the best prices that suit you and/or your family here via Google or on the Travelodge website here.

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Our feet, the unsung heroes of daily mobility, deserve more than just appreciation—they deserve intentional care and strengthening. In this guide, we won’t just explore the intricacies of foot anatomy and function; we’ll also equip you with practical insights on incorporating foot-specific exercises into your routine and choosing the right equipment for a resilient foundation.

Getting Friendly with Your Feet’s Blueprint

Picture this: your feet are a powerhouse of bones, joints, muscles, and tendons, all working together like a well-choreographed dance. From your toes doing a jig to your heel playing the strong, silent type, each part has a role. So, let’s dive into the real deal—how to make them even more awesome.

  • Forefoot Fun: Do a little toe-tapping. Seriously, just sit down and tap those toes for a couple of minutes. It’s like a mini party for your feet and boosts flexibility.
  • Midfoot Mojo: Roll a tennis ball under your foot. Press down a bit and roll from heel to toe. It’s like giving your midfoot a well-deserved massage and helps with stability.
  • Heel Heroics: Try some heel raises. Stand up, lift those heels, hold for a beat, and then gently lower them. It’s a killer move for the calves and Achilles.

Let’s Get Moving: Super Practical Exercises

Enough with the theory, let’s do this:

  • Toe-Tapping Drill: Sit comfy, tap those toes for 1-2 minutes. It boosts circulation and keeps things flexible.
  • Towel Scrunches: Toss a towel on the floor, scrunch it towards you with your toes. It’s like a mini workout for your arch.
  • Calf Raises: Stand up, go tiptoe, hold, and then back down. Repeat for 3 sets of 15. Your calves will thank you.

Gear Up with the Right Stuff

Time to bring in the reinforcements—gear that’ll make your feet unstoppable:

  • Resistance Bands: Wrap them around your toes and flex against the resistance. It’s like a mini gym for your feet.
  • Exercise Ball: Great for balance and stability. Try standing on one foot while rolling the ball. It’s a challenge, but your feet are up for it.
  • Balance Board: This guy’s a game-changer for stability. Stand on it while doing basic moves to work your entire foot.

The Real Deal on Your Feet’s VIP Squad

Picture your feet as the ultimate VIP squad—bones, joints, muscles, and tendons throwing the best party. We’re not here to bore you with science lectures, but let’s break it down like we’re chatting over a cup of coffee.

  • Toe Bash: Kick back, relax, and tap those toes like they’re on a dance floor. A mini toe party to amp up flexibility.
  • Midfoot Magic: Roll a tennis ball under your foot – it’s like giving your midfoot a spa day. Press, roll, and let the good vibes flow.
  • Heel Hustle: Time for some heel raises – stand up, go tiptoe, hold, and back down. Your calves and Achilles are about to become rockstars.

By doing these exercises and throwing in the right gear, you’re not just pampering your feet—you’re giving them a power-up. Say hello to better balance, stability, and an all-around upgrade for your daily adventures. This guide is your no-nonsense buddy on the journey to feet that can take on anything. So, let’s get those feet flexing and tapping, and make every step count!

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Photo by form PxHere

Do you ever feel like your body isn’t quite balanced, right? Whether you’re constantly tripping over your own two feet or just can’t seem to get the form down for certain exercises, poor body balance can throw you off.

The good news is that it’s fixable with a few simple workouts. In just 10 or 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week, you can strengthen your core, improve your posture, and get your body back to equilibrium. These balance-correcting moves use body weight alone, so no fancy gym equipment is required. Ready to stop feeling off-kilter and start moving with confidence again? Here are three simple workouts that will get your body balanced in no time.

Understanding Body Imbalances and How They Develop

Our bodies are designed to move with balance and coordination, but over time imbalances develop from repetitive movements, injury, or a lack of strength in certain areas. These imbalances then become our default positioning, causing pain, impaired mobility, and difficulty performing certain activities.

The good news is that it only takes a few basic exercises to start correcting these imbalances and restore proper balance and alignment. For example, if you find yourself constantly leaning to one side or collapsing in one hip when throwing a ball or lifting heavy objects, it likely means the muscles on one side of your core are weaker or tighter than the other.

Image Reference: A and A Photography via Flickr

To fix this:

• Do planks: Holding yourself in a plank position works your entire core. Start by holding for 30–60 seconds and building up.

• Do side planks: support yourself on one elbow and the side of one foot, lift your hips off the floor, and hold. Repeat on the other side. This works the muscles on one side of your core at a time.

• Do bridges: Lying on your back with knees bent and arms at your sides, lift your hips while squeezing your glutes and core. Hold briefly, then lower back down. Repeat for 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

By focusing on these few simple exercises a couple of times a week, you can build strength and flexibility where you need them most. Be patient and consistent, as it can take 4-6 weeks of regular practice to correct long-held imbalances. But sticking with it will get your body back to balanced, pain-free movement in no time.

Photo by Mejaguar via PickPik

Correcting Imbalances with Targeted Stability Exercises

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem naturally balanced and coordinated, while others (maybe you) struggle with balance and posture? The good news is that you can correct imbalances and improve your stability with targeted exercises.

Core Stabilization

Your core muscles support your spine and midsection, so strengthening them is key. Planks, bridges, and boat poses are great for this. Start by holding each for 30–60 seconds and building up. These exercises will strengthen your deep core muscles.

Single-Leg Balances

Standing on one leg challenges your body’s stability in a major way. Try standing on one leg with the other foot slightly off the floor, holding a wall or chair for support if needed. Aim for 30–60 seconds on each side. These help strengthen stabilizing muscles in your hips, glutes, and ankles.

Resistance band exercises

Resistance bands add an extra challenge for balance and stability. Try seated band walks (slide feet out to sides and back in), band kickbacks (extend one leg behind you using the band), or band walks (step sideways with the band around your ankles). Start with 2 sets of 10–15 reps each. These exercises strengthen your glutes and hip muscles, which are key for balance and stability.

With practice of these targeted exercises a few times a week, you’ll be well on your way to improved balance, stability, and posture. Staying active and maintaining a healthy weight will also help keep your body balanced and supported. Now get to work; your core and stabilizing muscles will thank you!

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 In any workout plan, resistance band door anchors are a useful tool. They are small, easy to carry, and good for building strength. They also let you do more workouts at home with your bands. The following are the best door anchor strap resistance band products;


Whatafit resistance bands is a 100% natural latex with different color adjustable resistance bands. . You can use it to work out in different ways. It doesn’t wear down easily, is very stretchy, has a non-slip handle, is soft, and soaks up water.

It comes with 5 exercise bands, 1 door anchor, 2 cushioned handles, a travelling case, and an instruction manual so you can do as many resistance training exercises as possible at home. It has more than 40,000 reviews on Amazon around the world.

What a customer had to say about the product: “I purchased these resistance bands to use in a physical therapy program. They are versatile with a wide range of weight resistance. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and completeness of the bands. The handles are covered with a soft foam which allows me to use them with my feet, which are painful due to neuropathy, and hands. The bands are easily attachable to my bench which allows me to broaden the range of therapeutic exercises, particularly for the legs and feet. I expect to use these for a very long.”


The black mountain product resistance band is a set of bands that can be stacked and can provide up to 75bls of resistance. It has a metal carbiner clipping system that lets you connect it to soft-grp handles or ankle straps. It comes with an ankle strap, an exercise plan, a carrying bag, and a door anchor.

It has over 10,000 reviews on Amazon, and most of the people who have bought it have spoken positively about it.

What a customer had to say about the product: “I travel a lot for my job and stay in shape is very hard. I bought these band because they were a cheaper alternative than any kind of weight and way lighter. When I received them I was surprised by the quality. All the bands I’ve tried before looks now cheap to me. The clip to paired them with the accessories to use it is very strong and the band itself is durable. The only thing bad I could say about these is that you have to stay in a apartment where you have enough space close to a door to use it because like all resistance band you have to stretch enough to use it. If I knew how much I would love those, I would have bought the more complete kit with the purple and orange bands and the two ankle strap, but I guess I’m going to buy them separately later. The official website for Black Mountain Products also offer a wide variety of exercises to do with them so you’ll know how to use them at home, you can also do also every machine workout with them at home without difficulty. I highly recommend them.”


The boss fitness resistance band is a heavy-duty professional-grade anchor door. It has a big 3″ soft foam stopper that’s meant to keep your door from getting scratches or dents. The stopper is big enough to be used at any point on the door, even the bottom, which makes it useful for attaching exercise equipment.

It comes with an extra-large stopper that can be used on all parts of the door, even the bottom. It works great with resistance bands. It has more than 5,000 ratings and reviews on Amazon around the world, and most of them are good.

What a customer had to say about the product: “This door anchor is definitely heavy duty in a good way. It is easy to use and significantly more substantial compared to the door anchor that came with my package of bands I purchased from a different company a year ago. I only wish I found this product earlier. I have only used the Boss door anchor a few times since I recently purchased it, however I feel confident recommending it.”


The Brebebe door anchor strap is a simple and useful exercise tool that you can use to do a wide range of exercises at home, such as pull-and-stretch, flying, resistance band training, back, wrist, and foot kicking, and more.

It has specially designed 5 stainless steel D-rings on the door anchors, making it easier to connect the carabiners. It has more than 1,500 scores and reviews from people all over the world on Amazon.

What a customer had to say about the product:

“This is a really interesting system. It was simple to install and fit on my door perfectly. And it is very bit as versatile as it looks on the product page. There are a couple of different ways to secure the bands to the connection points along the height of the door strap. But you can hit pretty much everything. Need more weight? Add a strap. It’s really simple. Now, I am a big dude with a pretty good strength base, and I am looking to do reps to slim down, which this system is perfect for. So, no matter your size, if that describes what you are looking for, high reps and lots of ways to move, this is a really great answer.”

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Image Credit: Jacob Lund via Shutterstock

Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular and muscular physical exercises that we can perform without fear of injuring our joints or other parts of the body.

If you are thinking of starting a swimming routine in a pool or you already do it, you must take into account its pros and cons.

Among its advantages is the benefit of health:

  • It is a sport that exercises the whole body and increases your metabolism, which many calories per hour therefore helps to lose weight.
  • Excellent for joints when floating, muscles do not have to support our weight. For that reason, it is recommended for people with arthritis, overweight or muscle aches.
  • Strengthens the immune system and reduces cases of flu and colds in winter.
  • Greatly reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Strengthens the heart, reduces the risk of heart attacks as it is one of the best cardiovascular sports.

However, besides being an excellent sport with numerous health benefits it has its disadvantage as well and one of them is because of chlorine. You must take care of your skin, since you are more prone to the appearance of fungi. The pools are disinfected with chlorine and other chemicals so it can cause skin allergies such as dermatitis, and also irritate the mucous membranes mainly the eyes.

In addition to mycosis or fungi on your skin, many times after swimming, you will notice that your eyes become red and irritated, and your skin is left feeling dry. This happens more often when chlorine levels are not respected and that is why we must protect our eyes and skin. You should also know that a lot of chlorine damages our hair by drying it out.

Image Credit: OneShutterOneMemory via Shutterstock

But what is chlorine? Chlorine is a chemical agent used to treat pool water, that in certain concentrations usually irritates the mucous membranes and the respiratory system.

According to the standard, the amount of chlorine that the water in a pool must have must be between 0.20 and 0.60 milligrams per liter  (chlorine is perceived by smell when it contains 0.30 mg / l). If our pool has more chlorine than necessary, the first effect on our body is seen in the eyes, which red, then dry the nose, throat …

Tips to protect your skin from chlorine

  1. The first is extremely important. Shower before entering  in the pool. With this we get rid of certain bacteria that we can carry in sweat  or even on bare feet. For example: When leaving the pool, back to the shower so that the tap water drags as much chlorine as possible from our hair and skin.
  2. When you get home as soon as possible bathe with soap to eliminate all the chlorine that may remain on the skin.
  3. It’s time to recover the elasticity of the skin: use a moisturizer and apply it to your body and face.
  4. The hair also suffers similar consequences, it dries out. That’s why it’s important to wear a bathing cap. In the shower, already at home, use conditioners I would recommend using argan or coconut oil that are very moisturizing after a day of swimming.

Equipment to protect you during swimming

Image Credit: Lilkin via Shutterstock

I recommend a swimmer’s cap and goggles. Wear sandals when getting out of the pool and walk around it.

To avoid skin rashes after a pool session I recommend using calendula, aloe and green tea creams, then you should moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer. I recommend the Farmasi brand’s high quality skincare products that I use after swimming.  They work very well in maintaining healthy hair and  beautiful, clear, skin. 

Below is a link where the skincare products can be found:

Finally, I recommend swimming in a pool three times per week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, allowing your mucous membranes, joints, skin and hair to recover on the non swimming days.

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Credit: New Africa via Shutterstock

Acnе is a common skin condition that affеcts millions of individuals worldwidе. Whilе most pеoplе еxpеriеncе mild to modеratе forms of acnе during thеir tееnagе yеars, somе individuals arе plaguеd by a morе sеvеrе and stubborn variant known as nodular acnе. Nodular acnе is charactеrizеd by thе prеsеncе of largе, painful, and dееply rootеd nodulеs or cysts bеnеath thе skin’s surfacе.

Undеrstanding thе causеs and trеatmеnt options of nodular acnе is еssеntial to еffеctivеly managе and trеat this challеnging condition.

Causеs Of Nodular Acnе

Thе following arе somе of thе highlightеd causеs of nodular acnе:

Excеssivе Sеbum Production

Onе of thе primary contributors to nodular acnе is еxcеssivе sеbum production. Sеbum is a natural oil producеd by thе sеbacеous glands in thе skin. In individuals with nodular acnе, thе sеbacеous glands may ovеrproducе sеbum, lеading to a surplus of oil on thе skin’s surfacе. This еxcеss oil can clog hair folliclеs, crеating a favorablе еnvironmеnt for acnе dеvеlopmеnt.

Bactеrial Infеction

Propionibactеrium acnеs is a usual part of thе microbiomе of thе skin. P. acnеs, howеvеr, can quickly prolifеratе whеn hair folliclеs arе blockеd with too much oil and dеad cеlls from thе skin. This bactеrial ovеrgrowth has bееn linkеd to thе dеvеlopmеnt of nodulеs and cysts that arе distinctivе of nodular acnе by causing infеction as wеll as inflammation within thе hair folliclеs.

Hormonal Fluctuations

Hormonеs play a significant rolе in thе dеvеlopmеnt of acnе, including nodular acnе. Hormonal fluctuations, such as thosе that occur during adolеscеncе, mеnstruation, prеgnancy, or conditions likе polycystic ovary syndromе (PCOS), can triggеr or еxacеrbatе acnе. Hormonеs likе androgеns stimulatе thе sеbacеous glands to producе morе oil, making thе skin morе suscеptiblе to clogging and acnе formation.

Gеnеtic Prеdisposition

Family history can also play a rolе in thе dеvеlopmеnt of nodular acnе. If your parеnts or siblings havе a history of sеvеrе acnе, you may bе gеnеtically prеdisposеd to dеvеlop nodular acnе as wеll. Whilе gеnеtics alonе may not dеtеrminе thе coursе of your acnе, thеy can influеncе your suscеptibility to thе condition.

Diеt and Lifеstylе Factors

Cеrtain diеtary and lifеstylе factors may contributе to thе dеvеlopmеnt of nodular acnе. Rеsеarch suggеsts that a diеt high in procеssеd, high-glycеmic indеx foods and dairy products may еxacеrbatе acnе in somе individuals. Additionally, strеss, lack of slееp, and poor skincarе habits can worsеn acnе by incrеasing inflammation and sеbum production.

Image by pch.vector on Freepik

Trеatmеnt Options For Nodular Acnе

Nodular acnе, a sеvеrе and painful form of acnе, can bе a pеrsistеnt and frustrating skin condition to dеal with. Thе following arе various stratеgiеs and trеatmеnts to hеlp you ovеrcomе nodular acnе and rеgain clеar, hеalthy skin:

Topical Trеatmеnts

Rеtinoids: Topical rеtinoids likе trеtinoin and adapalеnе arе еffеctivе in prеvеnting cloggеd porеs and promoting skin cеll turnovеr. Thеy can hеlp rеducе thе dеvеlopmеnt of nеw nodulеs.

Topical Antibiotics: Antibiotics likе clindamycin and еrythromycin can bе appliеd to thе skin to combat thе bactеrial infеction associatеd with nodular acnе and rеducе inflammation.

Bеnzoyl Pеroxidе: Ovеr-thе-countеr bеnzoyl pеroxidе products can kill acnе-causing bactеria and rеducе inflammation. Howеvеr, thеy may bе lеss еffеctivе for sеvеrе nodular acnе.

Oral Mеdications

Oral Antibiotics: Doctors oftеn prеscribе oral antibiotics likе doxycyclinе or minocyclinе to control inflammation and bactеrial growth. Thеsе antibiotics can bе еspеcially bеnеficial whеn topical trеatmеnts alonе arе insufficiеnt.

Hormonal Thеrapy: For fеmalеs with hormonally drivеn acnе, oral contracеptivеs that rеgulatе hormonеs can bе еffеctivе. Anti-androgеn mеdications may also bе rеcommеndеd for cеrtain casеs.

Isotrеtinoin (Accutanе): Rеsеrvеd for sеvеrе nodular acnе, isotrеtinoin is a potеnt mеdication known for its ability to providе long-tеrm rеmission. It rеducеs oil production, prеvеnts cloggеd porеs, and has thе potеntial for significant sidе еffеcts, rеquiring closе mеdical supеrvision.

Lifеstylе Adjustmеnts

Gеntlе Clеansing: Usе a mild, non-comеdogеnic clеansеr to wash your facе twicе daily. Avoid aggrеssivе scrubbing or harsh products that can irritatе thе skin and worsеn inflammation.

Diеtary Changеs: Somе individuals find that limiting high-glycеmic foods, dairy, and sugar in thеir diеts can improvе thеir acnе. Staying hydratеd and maintaining a balancеd diеt rich in fruits and vеgеtablеs can also support ovеrall skin hеalth.

Strеss Managеmеnt: Chronic strеss can еxacеrbatе acnе. Incorporating strеss-rеduction tеchniquеs such as mеditation, yoga, or еxеrcisе into your daily routinе may hеlp.

Mеdical Procеdurеs

Lasеr and Light Thеrapy: Dеrmatologists may rеcommеnd lasеr and light-basеd trеatmеnts to targеt thе bactеria causing acnе and rеducе inflammation. Thеsе trеatmеnts can improvе skin tеxturе and rеducе rеdnеss.

Chеmical Pееls: Chеmical pееls, whеn pеrformеd by a qualifiеd profеssional, can еxfoliatе thе skin and improvе acnе lеsions’ appеarancе and tеxturе.

Corticostеroid Injеctions: For particularly painful nodulеs, dеrmatologists may injеct corticostеroids dirеctly into thе nodulе to rеducе inflammation and pain.


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Image by storyset on Freepik

Have you ever had one of those days when your gut just decides to go rogue, causing all sorts of chaos in your bowel department?

Photo sourced from

Picture this: You’re going about your normal day, be it indoors or the great outdoors, and suddenly, an internal disturbance arises from the depths within you. At first, you might dismiss it as mere indigestion or a passing discomfort. But then reality sets in—it’s not going away. And before you know it, you’re making frequent trips to the toilet to pass loose stools.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? So, what can you do when your gut starts acting up? In this article, we’ll discuss several proven methods for restoring gut health and stopping loose stool.

Let’s get started!

What’s the meaning of loose stools?

Loose stools are bowel movements that seem less solid than usual. They smell particularly vile, and their appearance is fluid-like; usually without any shape.

Why do I have loose stools?

Most cases of loose stools occur after eating, although they can also be caused by:

  • underlying medical conditions like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and some types of cancer
  • lactose intolerance
  • bacterial or viral infection
  • drinking too much alcohol
  • certain medications like anti-cancer drugs, some antibiotics, and antacids

How can I stop loose stools?

Image by Freepik

The following are simple but effective fixes for loose stools:

Dietary Adjustments for Gut Health

Maintaining a healthy gut depends in large part on what you eat. Here are some dietary adjustments to consider:

  • Fiber-rich foods: Increase your consumption of fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Foods like these are quite helpful since they may absorb excess water and make your stool more solid.
  • Probiotic foods: Yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut are just a few examples of probiotic-rich foods you should incorporate into your diet. They help promote beneficial flora and maintain a healthy internal balance.
  • Avoid trigger foods: Steer clear of alcohol, caffeine, fried and greasy foods, gas-producing foods like beans, berries, broccoli, chickpeas, and prunes, as well as  full-fat dairy products. These foods trigger loose stools or worsen leaky gut symptoms.

Stay Hydrated

Adequate water intake is essential for maintaining tip-top gut, bowel, intestine, and colon health. So, sip water regularly to support your digestion and overall well-being. For older folks and little ones, oral rehydration solutions (ORS) are a smart choice. They’re designed to replenish fluids and those all-important electrolytes in the right proportions.


Most sudden bouts of loose stools are usually due to infections. In such cases, certain medications like antibiotics, Imodium, Pepto Bismol, and even anti-vomiting drugs can come to the rescue.

Other Natural Remedies

Consider incorporating these gut-healing foods and herbs into your diet:

  • Aloe vera: This plant is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and can help relieve stomach discomfort.
  • Bone Broth: It is loaded with healing minerals and collagen, which help restore damaged gut lining.
  • Slippery Elm: The digestive tract’s inflamed tissues benefit from Slippery Elm’s soothing and healing properties.


Whatever you choose to call it, be it the squirts, toilet whirlwinds, fecal explosions, or a volcano eruption from down there; loose stools are a real pain in the…well, you know where! Simply follow the science-backed methods discussed above, and you will be fine in no time!

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So today here I am testing out the Pinetarsol Bar Soap which is a great alternative to a body wash for those who have eczema and/or dry skin. The results is not only not bad but also great on price as well which costs a little over $11-12 at your local pharmacy or even online via Amazon. As always take some time to rub that kind of lotion all over the affected areas of your body/skin, then wait for a few mins (do it while the tap is off) and wash it all off with water after that before finishing your shift in the bathroom – it’s that simple!! You can also use them to relive your dandruff on your scalp too as long as you keep your eyes closed! And make sure you use these hydrocortisone/steroid creams for overnight recovery, so you can feel better the next day once you pat your skin dry using a towel. Go try this out as a great alternative to a body wash, especially when you’re travelling anywhere unless you want to fill it in with multiple 100ml toiletries & make sure you take great care of yourself!!

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Hello there,

Yes, things may have been unexpected over the last 24 hours as I do apologise for that but here to promise and look to experiment a bit that is more than just sports content going forward. Rugby gets to stay as always where we got the World Cup happening right now before we return for another year next year with Super Rugby followed by a mix of Wallabies and maybe Shute Shield games. Plus, I’m getting back into NASCAR posts whenever I can for the most part even though some of the recent posts may be wiped away by accident but it’s something I know this sport well for a long time when it comes to auto wheel racing/motorsport. Also, I will look forward to update a bunch of other sports at the same time as you never know in the weeks & months to come. And I’ll also throw in food, lifestyle, fitness as well as a mix of entertainment including game shows and if the strike can be done when the time comes – it’s prime time shows and yearly pilots as well. With that being said, hope things will start fresh from here.

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