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Written by Saba Sozashvili.

On Friday evening (US time), we witnessed a very interesting event, the main battle which was a rematch between Patricio “Pitbull” Freire and Emanuel Sanchez.

Like the first fight, this time the victory went to the Brazilian, but this time he did not leave the decision to the judges score card and in the very first round he was able to earn an early victory with a guillotine choke.

From the first minute, it seemed that Emanuel was trying to use his long limbs to keep his distance from his short stature opponent and score points at the expense of Leg kicks and High kicks, but Pitbull was soon able to read the opponent’s plan.

He started to throw the most relevant counterattack for leg kicks, which are “Hooks”, He knockdown Sanchez and finished already very damaged opponent with a guillotine choke.

There were also a lot of focus on Usman Nurmagomedov’s fight, which lasted 3 rounds and was won quite convincingly by Usman.

This fight was distinguished by the fact that Usman improved his record to 12-0, and Khabib Nurmagomedov improved his record as a coach to 4-0.

EVERYTHING we need to know about A.J McKee.

With this win, Pitbull was able to win a trip to the finals where he will face undefeated fighter A. J. McKee. The 25-year-old American holds the record for 17 wins and 0 losses, of which he has 6-6 wins with submissions and TKO / KOs and 5 with decisions.

An American fighter, has started his fighting amateur career in 2012 and his record includes 7 wins and 1 loss. In 2015 he started a professional career after which he won 17 out of 17 fights.

A.J McKee feels very comfortable at striking, his agility/speed and technique in addition to his abnormally long arms are very dangerous. his reach is 187 centimeters when he is only 178 centimeters in height.

His striking is awesome as he can quickly change levels when hitting opponents, also his arsenal includes high kicks, low kicks, knees etc. He describes his fighting style as “unorthodox and all over the place”.

It is also noteworthy that he uses his long limbs very well on the ground, obviously with the help of long limbs it is much easier to submit someone.

It is also interesting that he managed to win fights with 5 different submissions: Neck Crank, Armbar, Anaconda Choke, Rear-Naked Choke (2 times) and Guillotine Choke, Which means he has a pretty big arsenal of tricks on the ground.

His fights were 3 times the main fight of the event (5 rounds), although he won 2 of them in the first round and 1 in the third round, therefore it is difficult to say anything about how good of a cardio he has for the championship rounds( 4th and 5th rounds).

EVERYTHING we need to know about Pitbull:

The 33-year-old Brazilian is a very experienced fighter with 32 wins and only 4 defeats. He has won fights with knockouts (11 TKO / KO) as well as submissions (12 times).

He started his career back in 2004 and gained a lot of experience during that time.

He managed to beat Michael Chandler, the UFC #4 lightweight contender, in the very first round, who will fight against Charles Oliveira at UFC262 on May 15 for the UFC vacant lightweight title.

It is also noteworthy that Calvin Gastelum, the UFC #8 middleweight contender, predicted a very big future for Pitbull, noting that while wrestling with him, Pitbull showed himself to have high fighting intelligence and skills.

In fact, even in the last fight it turned out well that Pitbull has a really high fighting IQ, it took only 3 minutes to solve the puzzle and gain the victory for the Brazilian.

Pitbull suffered 3 out of 4 defeats by the decision of the judges and 1 TKO, However, all of this should not confuse us.

His last loss came in 2016, against Benson Henderson, where he dominated and had some pretty good shots, but former UFC champion Benson managed to cheque leg kick, resulting in Pitbull injuring his leg. Soon after, Pitbull gave up and stopped the fighting in the middle of the second round.

Since then, Pitbull has fought 7 times and earned 7 victories for his professional resume.

Both fighters have the resources to fight confidently both in the stand and on the ground.

Although Pitbull have victories over taller warriors, such a difference in rich is foreign to him as well.

The height of the Pitbull is 168 cm and the reach is 166 cm and it has 21 cm less rich than the opponent, which is a huge advantage for the striker like A.J.

That’s why A.J. has to try to work from the outside, from a distance, and of course he has to use different shots/kicks and combinations, also he has to be careful because using only leg kicks from the outside didn’t work for Sanchez.

It is because of this reach, that Pitbull’s plan is likely to cause damage to the body with short and quick combinations, and then takedown A.J on the ground, although on the ground he will not be safe, and care must be taken not to be finished by submission.

In a word, the final of the Bellator 66kg weight category is really going to be a super fight where naming a favorite will be very difficult as both fighters can finish the fight anytime and anywhere.

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Even though COVID-19 delayed the playing of the 2020 Masters, it only made the event more special and makes the upcoming 2021 Masters even more exciting. Rather than waiting a full year between events we only had to wait six months, but there has been a lot that has happened in the golf world within those six months. One of the biggest shake ups in the sport has been the rise of Jordan Spieth and the fall of Rory McIlroy.

In today’s article we will take a look at these two stars and give you our predictions for the next four days.

Jordan Spieth was looking to become a star with his major victories from 2014-2017 and at one point in his career was standing in second place on the Official World Golf Rankings. However it seemed like his stardom would be short lived as he fell from grace with poor performance after poor performance making many fans wonder, where in the world is Jordan Spieth. In fact, at the 2020 Masters he came in forty sixth place with a score of one over par, well behind Dustin Johnson’s twenty under par.

However within the last six months Jordan Spieth has really gone on a tear, including this weekend. Back in his home state of Texas, Jordan Spieth is currently tied for the lead at the Valero Texas Open. Besides this tournament, he has had three top five performances within the past three months alone, really turning it around since the 2020 Masters. Being a Masters champion himself gives fans another reason to watch out for him during the tournament this weekend.

With a mixture of his prior play in Augusta and his hot streak coming into the tournament, he may be able to win the 2021 Masters!

On the other hand we have Rory McIlroy who is finding himself in a rut similar to the one that Jordan Spieth was in last year. However he has been much more present in the media, informing fans that his swing seems to be falling apart due to changes he is making for added distance. It is safe to say that Bryson DeChambeau’s long ball skills are what is putting the pressure on McIlroy to hit the ball even farther.

Speaking of Bryson DeChambeau he seemed to be the favorite in the 2020 Masters, but he performed well below everyone’s expectations. However it is safe to say that he has since learned from his mistakes, even picking up a win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational back in March. With some added experience from the 2020 Masters, he may be able to meet expectations this time.

When it comes to the 2021 Masters this upcoming weekend, keep an eye out for Jordan Spieth and Bryson DeChambeau as either one could win the tournament. Have low expectations for Rory McIlroy based on recent swing troubles, but he could certainly pull off a large upset. Keep in mind that it is difficult to maintain the lead throughout all four rounds, so the first round winner may not be the final winner, but Jordan Spieth has done it before. We hope you enjoyed this article and we all look forward to the 2021 Masters!

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Patricio “Pitbull” Freire will face AJ McKee in the final. After he was able to get over Emmanuel Sanchez. That was the semi-final battle of the Featherweight category.

Emmanuel Sanchez did tag a couple of blows. Especially used those kicks to strike. But unable to stay patient when using the defensive shield was not enough. And that is where Sanchez was unable to attack as much as he likes.

Pitbull read his weaknesses well to knock him down. Before the Brazilian converted into a lock in submission. There was no response from Sanchez to escape in return. So Patricio Pitbull won this key battle that sent him to the big final. It was completed in 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

His next opponent will be AJ McKee who is unbeaten so far. This next storyline battle will be huge in June. As we will see who will come out on top for the ultimate belt.

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Humans aren’t meant to look down at a phone all day or slouch at a desk, but many of us still do it. These everyday activities can lead to painful neck cramps that can lead to headaches and fatigue. 

There are many products on the market that claim to help prevent or relieve this type of neck strain. One of them is the Posture Pump, a small and portable device that helps shape and restore the healthy, natural curvature in your neck. 

Don’t let chronic stiff neck pain sideline you from doing what you love. Here are five ways the Posture Pump helps you get back in the game: 

1. Gradually decompresses painful neck and upper back pressure

The Posture Pump holds your head and neck in an optimal position to relieve pent-up pressure in your by supporting the back of your neck as your head rests on a level surface. You control the exact position using an inflatable pillow connected to a small hand pump. 

2. The Posture Pump gently restores your healthy neck shape

With daily use, the Posture Pump is designed to encourage your neck to slowly move back into a healthy position and restore its essential cervical curve. According to an article published in Bustle, doctors recommend the Posture Pump to people who have a slipped disc or pinched nerve because it can gently alleviate pressure while correcting your neck and upper back posture. 

3. Restore lubricating fluid to soft discs in your neck

The reason why we experience neck pain from poor posture is usually because natural lubricating fluids can no longer penetrate and hydrate the soft discs in our necks. The Posture Pump relieves neck pressure, encouraging the lubricating fluids to flow back around the neck vertebrae, thus relieving pain caused by dry joints. 

4. Prevent premature aging

Many people develop rounded shoulders and a bit of a hunch in their back as they age. However, this is happening sooner for people who suffer from poor posture brought on by smartphone use and sitting at a desk, according to a 2019 article by Harvard Medical School. Poor posture can lead to decreased mobility and a host of other problems like fatigue and headaches. 

5. Using the Posture Pump is deeply relaxing 

Aside from helping your neck, the Posture Pump gives you a chance to heal and relax for a few minutes every day. You can take 15 to 20 minutes to lay pack and allow the Posture Pump to help correct your posture and neck stiffness. 

As with any medical device, you should talk to your doctor before trying it. Anyone who has a severe neck or back injury should not use the Posture Pump. 

The Posture Pump is available to purchase on Amazon for $169. There you can also read hundreds of reviews and view user ratings. Out of 726 ratings, the Posture Pump has 4.3 out of 5 stars. 


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Image Reference: Wikipedia

The Formula 1 World Championship will still be theirs going into 2021.

So nothing new since late 2017 when you have every International Highlights race.

And the only live race is the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park in Victoria.

It will only happen for one weekend every year during the middle of March.

But not from earlier this year due to COVID.

Even the season resumed in July; Ten cannot change the contract.

Image Reference: Wikipedia

Every highlights race, including last night from Algarve in Portugal, is on 10 Bold.

It is at 10.30 pm tonight if you have yet to watch one.

Ten will always have the support races in the lead up before the main event.

I thought that particular Supercars round would not be on their menu.

But Ten is still obliged to cover Supercars as part of the Australian GP weekend.

Just not every other race outside Albert Park as it is dealt with by Supercars.

And not Formula 1/Australian Grand Prix management.

For example, Seven broadcasts Test & Big Bash Matches covered by Cricket Australia.

But they cannot air the 50 Over & T20 World Cup held by Channel 9.

That is because Nine tied up under a different organizing body.

Image Reference: Box Repsol via Flickr

Beyond the Australian Grand Prix, Ten still has the MotoGP.

I did recall once after 2018 that they have renewed this contract until 2021.

It is their last year having seen the recent management change with Viacom.

We might see MotoGP go to Seven or Kayo’s free service in 2022.

Formula 1 should follow suit not long after Ten’s contract expires before 2023.

That is over 20 years since Ten first televised the No.1 open-wheel sport.

A bit longer than what Channel 9 aired Formula 1 between 1985-2002.

Image Reference: Wikipedia

And they will not quit on the Melbourne Cup Carnival until after 2023.

The big horse racing carnival in Victoria begins this Saturday.

Then we look forward to next Tuesday for the race that stops the nation.

On that note, I did phone Channel 10 last Monday about having RPM back for 2021.

A representative said that they are currently talking about it.

But I do not think this show will come back ever.

It is because they lost Supercars & sports may no longer suit their business model.

So sorry not to get their hopes up if I am wrong about having the Big Bash back.

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Image Reference: Wikipedia

Network 10 may not be the only guys leaving Supercars after their last race last weekend with the Bathurst 1000.

Ten will hand over the Free TV baton back to Channel 7 from early February over the next five years.

But Team Penske chose to join Ten on the leave bandwagon from 2021.

They will take Scott McLaughlin with them full-time to America.

That means they have sold their portion of control to Ryan Story.

Hence, the name reverted to Dick Johnson Racing.

We look at how the upcoming change will affect both Penske, its drivers, and DJR.


Image Reference: Wikipedia

Penske made their way into this scene when Marcos Ambrose returned from NASCAR in late 2014-early 2015.

But Marcos only made the two first races without the desire to drive more.

And it reduced his workload to only endurance events.

Then Marcos largely disappeared from public life ever since.

Image Reference: Wikipedia

Scott Pye spent the next two seasons with one P3 during Race 2 at Phillip Island.

The consistency may not be outstanding during their foundations in drivers points:

  • P19, 2015
  • P15, 2016

But he built a great base to put DJR back on the front row like the old glory days.

Scott P also scored their first pole during Race 1 of the 2016 Clipsal 500.

Plus two podiums along the way:

  • P3 during Race 7 of the 2016 Phillip Island SuperSprint.
  • P2 during Race 26 at the 2016 ITM Auckland SuperSprint.

Scott McLaughlin

Image Reference: Wikipedia

Then they replaced Pye with Scott McLaughlin over the next four seasons.

And that move became much successful this time around:

  • 3 x Drivers Championship with Scott McLaughlin between 2018-2020
  • 1 x 2019 Bathurst 1000 with Scott McLaughlin & Alex Premat
Image Reference: Wikipedia

Roger made countless claims about his admiration for Scott at the same time.

He considered IndyCar or NASCAR as his best fit to continue this relationship.

The decision eventually played into the world of open-wheelers at IndyCar.

His IndyCar debut will come Monday at 5.30 am AEDT time at the Grand Prix of St. Pete, FL.

Scott M will then take over the Penske 4th full-time IndyCar seat from 2021.

NASCAR also would be an excellent fit, but Scott entered that late at age 27-28.

He has to get used to turning left all the time, which is the first step.

Then Scott can go to the Xfinity level and try to win races before moving to Cup.

Fabian Coulthard

Image Reference: Wikipedia

Fabian Coulthard also joined DJR Penske in 2016 in the 2nd seat.

He continued to experience some great success at the helm:

  • Eight wins
  • 30 podiums
  • He Finished 3 x Top 6 in the Drivers Championship in 2017 (P3), 2019 (P4) & 2020 (P6).

The credit mainly comes from fellow Kiwi Scotty M.

They worked together to put them back on the front row with three Teams titles:

  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2020

Fabian is happy to see Scott M go on and make IndyCar a successful hunting ground.

But he also reflected on his time as Scott M’s team-mate.

He is age 38 right now, with not knowing where his 2021 ride will land?

It could be staying on at DJR & follow Scott M footsteps.

That would be the Bathurst 1000 & Drivers Championship.

If not, he will consider all the other options that are best for him.


Image Reference: Zach Catanzareti via Wikipedia, CC BY 2,0

I am sure Roger Penske loves our great country & should continue to come here on occasion.

Just not right now due to the worldwide travel ban from COVID.

The Supercars venture may not be around as long as it likes.

Image Reference: Wikipedia

But the Penske brand will stay here regarding their truck rental business.

I am sure Scott M’s replacement will continue racing its proud DJR brand.

Who knows?

We might see them race in America, such as IndyCar or NASCAR one day.

For now, I wish Scott M his IndyCar debut on Monday morning.

And his full-time ride in the hope of winning the Indy 500 & the main title.

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First of all, congratulations to Channel 7 on getting the deal done to return another decent product that they’ve treated so well since 1963-1996, 2007-2014.

This comes after a 2-3 months ago that Network 10 chose not to renew the contract following a six-year stint in their 2nd term having previously aired in 1997-2006 that will expire after this year’s Bathurst 1000 in three weeks.

I hoped that Seven would get a better deal than Ten to show just beyond the six marquee events with every other Sunday round LIVE in this new free to air portion.

Having seen Seven pay just $4 million a year, it seems that the limited free access to watch Supercars will go on for another five seasons.

And unfortunately, the return of Seven will follow what Network 10 exactly did in 2015-2020. 

The only upside about this announcement today is that Seven will have streaming access via 7Plus for the big event live races plus the other rounds shove to encore/highlight within the same race day.  

It’s something Ten didn’t have that advantage as they instead throw in marathon re-runs of some random show on 10 Play while the big event went on air.

So if you’re a traditionalist wanting to watch every race live on Free TV as it used to be, then I’m sorry to say it upset you once again.

But it’s how sports tv coverage is like these days in the modern 21st century, and the only way to do that is subscribed to Kayo Sports steaming product for $25 per month/$300 a year.

Overall, it’s another low-cost deal for Seven to return its national motorsport series on their turf.

I’d say it’s great to have the Free TV product improve its steaming viewing for those sports fanatics wanting to watch on the go.

But we’ll just have to wait & see what the next TV deal would look like in 2026-2030 as the limited-access package is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

With Ten losing Supercars, they only have the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix LIVE plus highlights overseas, and every LIVE MotoGP race, which is something Seven or Nine Network would want their hands-on when it expires in 2021-2022.

Regarding the makeup of the on-aid team, we know Mark Beretta is excited, so he will definitely in there as the anchor.

So would the likes of some other analysts that also appear on Seven’s additional Motorsport coverage.

Who will be commentating on the races on Seven?

I’m hoping it will be Richard Craill alongside Jack Perkins calling upstairs with Mark Beretta in pit lane during the big races.

That way, like cricket, Seven can have their commentary that is different from Fox Sports.

Otherwise, since Supercars Media is still producing the races and Seven paying a cheaper deal, it’ll just be a straight grab from Neil Crompton & Mark Skaife.

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Image Reference: Wikipedia, CC BY 2.0

It’s just not the day Fernando Alonso wanted during yesterday’s Indy 500.

He started from 26th and made some improvements on track position as high as P15 thanks to a series of full course yellows.

The machine behind his No.66 Chevy for Arrow McLaren SP worked against Alonso, unfortunately, thanks to a clutch issue that saw him end up in P21.

But participation-wise, it’s great to see Alonso reunite with McLaren once more, having denied a Honda affiliate outfit ride earlier this year based on his comments about their turbulent F1 engine at the time a few years ago.

If he wants to compete again at the greatest spectacle of racing in Indianapolis, then he’ll have to wait until at least 2023 by the time at age 41/42.

For now, his next project will be guiding the Renault F1 Team back to its former glory with young gun Esteban Ocon.

Image Reference: Artes Max via Wikipedia, CC BY 2.0

He will bring Championship-winning pedigree to that organization where he won two straight World titles in 2005 & 2006 as well as Ocon learning from the great man’s instinct.

Renault’s return as a fully-fledged Formula One since 2016 isn’t exactly a big success just yet.

At times, they have shown some glimpses of success in the midfield with regular Top 10 plus occasional Top 5 finishes.

But they’ve yet to taste a podium finish yet apart from their best finish of 4th thanks to Aussie Daniel Riccardo in Italy last year and Britain earlier this month.

I may personally not followed a lot of Formula 1 these days.

But Ricciardo’s chance to jump at a rejuvenated McLaren side suits him better in line with their return of the Mercedes power next year.

It hurts Renault, right?

But salary demands and opportunities that have a better chance to crack regular podiums are challenging for Riccardo to say no.

With the Renault F1 Team only running themselves as the exclusive engine supplier in 2021, it looked to be a perfect place for Alonso to help bridge this team towards the regular front row targets.

And if Alonso can be the man to finally gift Renault a podium place since the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix in P3 from Nick Heidfeld, then we may begin to see a la Denny Hamlin or Kevin Harvick racer in Formula 1 who can still dominate the field in his prime that consists some experienced rivals and prospective youngsters.

I would like to see Alonso competing another Indy 500 next year and do something special.

But the Renault chiefs wouldn’t let him distract their current project.

For now, I wish Alonso the success he craves on his return to Formula One and hopefully comes back to the Indy 500 soon with one last hurrah!

And if any other free agent Formula 1 racer who has a championship pedigree like Alonso before, then I hope Sebastian Vettel would be the next man to crack the Triple Crown & try to win the Indy 500 as long as a competitive organization like Andretti, Penske, Ganassi & Rahal gives him that opportunity.

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