Team Europe finishes Day 3 early with the doubles win v Team World & retain the Laver Cup for the fourth consecutive edition in 2021

This year’s Laver Cup edition ended early in the 3rd doubles game with three more singles to spare at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

Team World’s North American pair of American Reilly Opelka & Canadian Denis Shapovalov fought back from the first set down 6-2 in a competitive rally against Team Europe 6-7 via tiebreaker 4-7, but lost its way at the next restart with no rebound 10-3 as their late bid to win the Laver Cup is all but over.

Team Europe pair of Russian Andrey Rublev & German Alexander Zverev, meanwhile, fired off well in the opening set & although they may have lost some ground after the break but came back refreshed in the 3rd set tiebreaker that was enough to retain the trophy for the fourth consecutive time.

Rublev who played the previous doubles game during the night session of Day 2 & then came back straightway to play doubles again at noon never let his guard down to help continue Team Europe’s unbeaten hoodoo, Team World might have a great ending during the exhibition doubles match that doesn’t count as championship points but needs a complete revamp if they want to end Europe’s dominance next year.

All in all it’s been great watching three days of fun and extremely competitive tennis by both teams.

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Laver Cup 2021, Team Europe completes Day 2 undefeated following a rebound in the doubles game v Team World

Brilliant start from Team World in the beginning when John Isner & Nick Kyrgios worked well for the first set win 6-7 even in the toughest of rallies that went on during the tiebreaker at 8-10, but they fell way behind ever since with no rebound.

What a comeback for Team Europe on the other hand having gone a close first set down before Andrey Rublev & Stefanos Tsitsipas regrouped together at the restart & become exceptional along the way over the next two sets (6-3, 10-4) which was so easy for them to execute.

It’s a pity from Team World who weren’t able to kick on after two days as they want to close out their best on a high tomorrow with an outside chance of winning all four upcoming games at three points each, while Team Europe are closer to retaining the Laver Cup as long as they reach the 13 point mark first with a win in any next two of four games.

Team Europe extends their lead going into the afternoon session of Day 2 with two wins from Stefanos Tsitsipas & Alexander Zverev

Team World may have earned a late win at the end of Day 1 last night in the only doubles game but continued to struggle going into Day 2 when it comes to the singles battle, yes there may be really close thanks to John Isner who fought back from the first set down but even in the toughest of challenges he just unable to regroup in the 3rd set tiebreaker.

Meanwhile, Team Europe extend their lead at 7-1 as Alexander Zverev overcame Isner until the very end after extremely competitive rallies in between before Stefanos Tsitsipas didn’t find it difficult to nail down Nick Kyrgios in straight sets.

Scores: 7-6 (7-5 tiebreaker to Zverev), 6-7 (6-8 tiebreaker to Isner) & 10-5 to Zverev

6-3 Tsitsipas, 6-4 Tsitsipas

There’s two matches to come for the rest of Day 2 with Daniil Medvedev v Denis Shapovalov followed by a lone double meeting of Andrey Rublev/Stefanos Tsitsipas v John Isner/Nick Kyrgios.

Laver Cup 2021, Team Europe’s hot streak continues 3-0 as Andrey Rublev comes from behind after the 1st set to hold off David Schwartzman

Russian Andrey Rublev started well for Team Europe with a 2-0 lead so far in Day 1 but lost his way in the middle of the first set where Argentine Diego Schwartzman began to catch up for Team World and took the lead 6-4.

However, Rublev rebounded after the break when he had an easy 2nd set performance that held Schwartzman back at 6-3 as the Russian has another chance to add 3-0 for Team Europe while Schwartzman may have gone up and running as of late but needs to refresh & go all in towards the tiebreaker for Team World.

And the hot streak for Team Europe continues 3-0 as Rublev came back from behind to fend off a brilliant series of battles in an 11-9 tiebreaker, it’s heartbreaking once again for Team World when they fired off well in the 1st set and tiebreaker but just unable to find the consistency that lacked execution.

Another brilliant game nonetheless that gives an excellent reason why fans would want to pay & watch this three-day competition at TD Garden in Boston.

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Tennis Australia News, 2021 ATP Cup Final 1st singles game: Andrey Rublev v Fabio Fognini

The wait is now over with the best of three series in the main ATP Cup final is underway. It was going to occur sometime last night. But the unexpected day off on Thursday after a positive COVID test from a hotel quarantine worker changed things. When the center of attention focuses on both Italy and Russia at Rod Laver Arena.

Andrey Rublev fired off well with the conversions needed to move ahead of Fabio Fognini for Russia. Where Rublev was well ahead by the initial halfway stage 3-0. Before he wrapped up the early lead without too much hassle 6-1. Fognini on the other hand unable to find the feel he wanted firsthand for Italy. The consolation point was there when Fognini catched up a bit halfway. But it was way too late by that stage to bounce back. When he lost the 1st set to Rublev.

Both Rublev & Fognini went side by side when play resumed at the start of Stage 2. But Rublev pulled off the same momentum as it was from the 1st set. With a healthy lead within the halfway mark before he got the job done for Russia 6-1, 6-2. As his team lead the ATP Cup final in the best of three 1-0. With the 2nd singles match set to begin immediately. When Daniil Medevev take on Matteo Berrettini.

Rublev performed outstanding for the whole time with his conversion skillet. And he will need support from Medevev to get the job done for Russia in the 2nd singles tie. As Russia is one game away from winning this tournament. Even if it means one game early ahead of the doubles. They would want to go into the 3rd tie without any pressure. Does not matter if Russia wrap up the final 2-1 or 3-0.

Fognini on the other hand did improve a bit this time after a poor 1st stage showing. But he still lack the strengths that Rublev demonstrated. So Fognini at least catch midway in the 2nd stage. And give Italy hope towards going into a tiebreaker for the doubles tie. It is now up for Berrettini to compensate the 1st singles loss for Italy. In a way to tie 1-1 apiece himself if he wants to guide Italy to a first ATP Cup title.

Tennis Australia News, 2021 ATP Cup 1st singles game in semi-final: Jan-Lennard Struff v Andrey Rublev

Andrey Rublev fired off in the 1st singles game early for Russia. At least up to the initial halfway stage 3-3. Until when Jan-Lennard Struff came out from behind.

And Struff dominated the 2nd half of the first set. Where he leads 6-3 for his Germany side. With not much progress there from Rublev. After he threw the racket down in agony. It does not mean Rublev does not have to throw away altogether.

When he took a different approach this time. And it sound much better than it was in the first stage. With a bigger lead to build that momentum 3-0. While Lennard-Struff took the late point. It still gave a huge chance for Rublev to get the job done. As he took this 1st singles match to a tiebreaker. After he won Stage 2, 6-1.

Rublev may have been frustrated at one point. Trying to find what went wrong initially. And how he can turn this around to keep Russia in the hunt. Well this guy fortunately never gave up. When he kept that consistency into a crucial final tiebreaker. With the early lead 3-0 before Rublev won the first singles match in style.

The final score is 6-3 to Lennard-Struff in the 1st set. But Rublev would not mind take the rest that would give Russia the upper hand. 6-1 in the 2nd set & won 6-2 in the tiebreaker. With the 2nd singles match will come shortly. When Alexander Zverev take on Daniil Medvedev. And see if Russia can wrap up the semi-final 2-0.

Both players in this match up played so well. Jan-Lennard Struff got that fired up edge that prevented Rublev to close down. And take the early lead that saw Rublev frustrate in agony. The emotions may have affected Russia. But Struff unfortunately did not find the same momentum/consistency. In which denied his ability to take away the 2nd set. That would have ended the game early. And left it without any options in the end.

While Rublev is such a superstar in the making. He would like to get it done perfectly. Where he struggled to catch up to Struff initially. But worried about the ending. And took his time with patience that kept it simple. Before Rublev got it done both the 2nd set & tiebreaker. As he should be proud of himself to put Russia up front. With one game away from the final if Medvedev can escape Zverev.