Nick Kyrgios’ unreal Wimbledon journey this year fell short as 2nd best to Novak Djokovic in the Gentlemen’s Singles Final

Well, it’s been a fairytale run from our Aussie Nick Kyrgios but it all has to come to an end when you can’t underestimate the champion of grass right now from Novak Djokovic with the win. Nick fired off well when he narrowly shut down Novak for the opening set lead. However, he just couldn’t find a way kick on ever since, even though he was so close to take out the 3rd or 4th set in order to stay in this fight. In the end, it’s Novak who now won his fourth straight title here apart from the 2020 cancellation due to COVID – 4-6, 6-2, 6-3, 7-6 via 7-3 tiebreaker.

He may not have taken home that precious gentlemen’s singles trophy but what an unreal journey nonetheless for Nick Kyrgios. It was a great start with the opening set lead to hold off Novak Djokovic all along before he was tied at 1-1 apiece. He never gave up as this final goes on where he was so close from converting a set that would’ve seen him re-gain the lead while edging closer towards C’ship Point himself, but he just couldn’t find the finishing touches needed to get ahead of Novak. As said earlier, he will have to settle 2nd best after his first ever grand slam singles final appearance at 27. However, let’s hope he continues to build on his fairytale Wimbledon campaign & be a regular Top 8 performer in future grand slams.

And congrats to Novak on his 21st grand slam title as he continues to conquer on the grass with title No.7 at SW19. He was on the same page as Kyrgios at the beginning where Novak fell short in the opening set run. He did turn around however, when Novak responded easily at 1-1 before he overcame his opponent through the very end, in which was enough to deny Kyrgios a 5th set decider & wrap it up in three sets as the champ once again. It’s been a while when Novak was runner-up last year to Daniil Medvedev at the US Open, before he was unable to play earlier this year in Melbourne & also being taken out in the Quarter-Finals last month at the French Open by Rafa Nadal. While he can go & celebrate Wimbledon right now, it remains to be seen if his exemption will allow him to play at the next Australian Open in January since he won’t be able to play at the US Open next month.

Elena Rybakina’s fightback & all-round game beats Ons Jabeur’s fast start for the 2022 Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles title

What a way to end this ladies’ singles final on Day 13 at Wimbledon. Ons Jabeur was off to a very easy start with the early lead, but the match wasn’t over just yet when Elena Rybakina held at 1-1 apiece to bring an exciting 3rd set decider. In the end, it’s Rybakina – who overcame Jabeur at the final restart – before she pulled a comfortable finish with a huge breakthrough moment right here on Centre Court. The final score was 3-6, 6-2, 6-2.

Yes, it’s been so emotional when Jabeur ended up being 2nd best on her first grand slam final appearance. She came here with a fast start to get the ball rolling which blew Rybakina away. However, it’s just not enough to pile the pressure even further when it comes to the 2nd and later 3rd sets. If she had the execution and 2nd half fight to match her opponent’s standard, then this would’ve been a different story via a tiebreak or even regaining the lead. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have them ready to stop Rybakina in its tracks & finish it off her way. But there’s still a whole lot of tennis to look forward to, as Jabeur should continue working hard & try to go one better in the next few grand slams.

And congratulations to 23-year-old Rybakina – who now the Wimbledon ladies singles’ trophy – in her hands for the first time. Now she may have to improve on her build-up base where Rybakina was exposed by Jabeur earlier on. But how about we applaud her fightback, all-round game, patience and execution that helped earn her first major at SW19 – especially with a impressive tall build at 6 foot that got the best of her mind games. She quickly made up lost time from the 2nd set restart when Rybakina tied Jabeur at 1-1, before the path was hers once she took over the lead & controlled the court ever since on the run home. What a moment, what a championship win for the Kazakh. Let’s see if she can continue to be a consistent elite Top 5-10 grand slam player from now on.

For now, Australia is ready to back Nick Kyrgios later night in a bid to take home the gentlemen’s singles trophy against none other than Serbia’s Novak Djokovic.

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Two first-time grand slam finalists: Ons Jabeur & Elena Rybakina are ready to battle it out for the one and only Wimbledon Ladies Singles’ Title tomorrow

We now have two first-time ladies singles’ finalists going into tomorrow night on Day 13 here at Wimbledon. We have Tunisian Ons Jabeur where she had an very easy first set spell before she reacted to Tatjana Maria’s 2nd half fightback with a supercharged sprint towards the finish line – which was impossible for Maria to catch her down in 1st. And on the other hand, it’s Elena Rybakina from Kazakhstan. She was just too good all along to wrap up in straight sets from start to finish against a two-time Grand Slam Champion – Romania’s Simona Halep. The final score was 6-3, 6-3.

It’s not been the return she wanted in the end when Halep last played in a grand slam final four back in 2020 at the Australian Open. She finally found a way to get the ball rolling after a poor start when Rybakina was way ahead in the opening set. Although she did well to try and stay in contention going into the 2nd set, but Halep just didn’t have the 2nd half momentum to match her opponent’s standard to stand any chance possible of upsurging Rybakina. It’s good to see her back at her best though, as there’s plenty of unfinished business ahead for Halep.

And congratulations to Rybakina on another outstanding display that secured her first-ever grand slam final appearance. There’s a lot of things to say about her natural game & playing style – especially when she got off to a fast start before she read really well on Halep’s strengths earlier in the 2nd set & pulled off another easy run with a straight sets victory past the finish line. It gave us plenty of reasons as to why she’s here to win grand slam silverware, as she has unbelievable potential at age 23. But it remains to seen if Rybakina can overcome Jabeur with the same mindset & fight on what it should be an amazing finish to this women’s singles final tomorrow.

Ons Jabeur advances through to the semis after a brilliant comeback from the opening set down v Marie Bouzkova at Wimbledon

Another fantastic match to look back on Day 9 yesterday at Wimbledon was the ladies’ singles Quarter-Final between Marie Bouzkova from Czech Republc and Tunisian Ons Jabeur out on Centre Court. They both battled a couple of early duels before Bouzkova pulled off easily for the opening set lead. However, Jabeur had the last laugh when she came from a set down to a magnificent comeback over the next two sets – which was enough to book her a spot in the semis v German Tatjana Maria on Thursday. The final score was 6-3, 1-6, 1-6.

It was a fast start from Bouzkova where she was only one set away from shutting Jabeur down going into the 2nd set. She just couldn’t cope with Jabeur’s fightback, however, when the pressure began to mount on her going into the 3rd and final set at 1-1 apiece. Unfortunately – Bouzkova ran out of ideas to stop Jabeur’s renewed momentum in its tracks before the Tunisian confirmed her elimination on the run home. This was maiden grand slam singles QF though at age 23, as there’s plenty of room to improve going into the US Open late next month.

And what a comeback from Ons Jabeur as this will be her first ever grand slam semis here at Wimbledon. She may have lost some grip earlier on but she went back up and controlled the court in no time ever since. Doubling up an easy 1-6 spell over the next two sets with patience proved that she turned out to be the better all-round player than Bouzkova in the end. She’s has got everything it takes now to potentially advance through to the Final & also take home the ladies’ singles trophy for the first time – which would be a huge breakthrough moment from the 27-year old. But it remains to be seen if she can get past Tatjana Maria from Germany on Day 11 tomorrow.

Men’s Wimbledon 2021 Final: Djokovic vs. Berrettini

History was on the line for each of these gentlemen.

For Novak Djokovic, winning another Wimbledon would tie him with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for 20 grand slam titles.  For Matteo Berrettini, in his debut grand slam final, winning would mean breaking a 45-year dry spell for Italy, and the first Italian to win at Wimbledon.

The mountain was high for Berrettini to climb, he trailed 0-2 in his head-to-head with Djokovic. And he’s never defeated a Top 10 player. But, his powerful serve would be a major challenge against Djokovic, one of the game’s best returners. 

And his heavy forehand was a great matchup against the pace and precision of Novak’s backhand. The edge still went to Djokovic, with superior movement, net play, and experience on his side.


The beginning of the first set saw a few double faults from the World’s No. 1 and many wild forehands from the 25-year-old Italian. Most likely nerves. Movement looked spotty for the rocket-serving Roman, who came onto court with his groin taped.

The 8th game lasted nearly ten minutes, going back and forth between deuce and ad many times. Berrettini held serve to stay in the first set after a return error into the net from Djokovic, instilling new life into him.

The following game saw Novak give Berrettini a lifeline, by dumping a forehand into the net, making it Ad-Berrettini. A fantastic rally ensued after a second-serve from Djokovic, ending with a Berrettini forehand to the back corner, making it 5-4.

The serving of Berrettini and the returning of Djokovic were world class. But the massive serve off the Italian’s racket was too much for the best server in the game. Leveling the set at 5-5.

An easy service game for Novak, taking only a couple of minutes, put the set at 6-5. There were long rallies where the young Italian came out on top, painting the lines with his forehand and had some help from Djokovic’s unforced errors, sending the first set into a tiebreak.

The tiebreak was a battle in miniature to what the first set was. Unexpected unforced errors by Djokovic, incredible serving from Berrettini. But Novak’s serve improved here, helping him out of any hole that Berrettini’s serve put him in.

Berrettini took the tiebreaker and the first set.


Djokovic took a quick 4-0 lead in the second, the 4th game only taking a minute to secure.

Berrettini’s energy level dropped after the fight it took to dig himself out of the 2-5 hole in the first. Berrettini fought in the 5th game, getting on the scoreboard with his big serve and big forehand. Djokovic had two set points at 5-3, but Berrettini’s energy picked up and his serve saved him. A near perfect service game for Djokovic followed, and ended the set.

One set all.


Berrettini opened the third with an easy service hold with his massive forehand getting him some easy winners. 

The Italian’s movement improved and created a lot of opportunities for himself by moving the ball around and placing his serve so well that it created a lot of errors off of Djokovic’s racket. 

A misfired backhand slice from Berrettini, a shot that let him down a few times, ended the game. 2-1, Djokovic.

Djokovic began to serve and volley more during this set, which proved successful for him. Berrettini followed suit and won his next service game by doing the very same. 3-2, Djokovic.

Berrettini placed his shots deep, nearly hitting the baseline where the court has been chewed up from two weeks of matchplay. This caused the ball to take some awkward bounces which tripped up Djokovic a few times.

The men held serve comfortably during this set, but ultimately it was Djokovic who prevailed. Two sets to one.


The fourth set was the most exciting: amazing rallies that had the fans giving standing ovations and brought smiles to each player’s face. Berrettini’s energy seemed to return. Djovokic had steadily cleaned up his error count since the first set.

At 3-3, 30-all, the crowd was chanting “MA-TE-O!” But, the World No. 1 thrives when the crowd is behind his opponent, and he wins the game with a rare double fault from Berrettini.

Championship point came at 5-3, 40-30. Berretini served, came to net and saved match point. 40-40. Djokovic came to net to secure another match point. 

Berrettini saved it with a huge forehand down the line. A forehand into the net gives Djokovic match point No. 3. And after one of the longer rallies of the entire match, Berrettini puts another backhand slice into the net. 

Djokovic wins, securing his third grand slam trophy of 2021, sixth Wimbledon title, and 20th grand slam title.

Berrettini served unbelievably and out-aced Djokovic 16 to 5. His forehand helped him win tons of points, racking up more winners than Djokovic. What let him down was his inability to pass with his backhand when Djokovic came to net. 

Nerves were probably what most affected his play, and that confidence will come with time and experience during the big moments of his young career.

Djokovic’s returns were outstanding. Sometimes, he was nearly kneeling and using his racket as a shield to get the ball back in play. He started off the match with 10 unforced errors but, like a great champion does, adjusted and made less errors during each of the four sets. 

The serve and volley strategy he implemented during the second set and continued through the rest of the match, won him a high percentage of net points.

This Wimbledon Gentlemen’s final was a battle. Berrettini put up a fight, but in the end it was Djokovic’s ability to mix up his playing style, use his superior returning skills to keep the Italian hitting one more ball that he would have liked.

2021 Wimbledon Tennis News, Women Singles Final Review of Ash Barty v Karolina Pilskova

This year’s Wimbledon women singles final is incredible to watch.

Great start to build a great 1st set base from Ash Barty at 6-3 which isn’t hard.

She may have fought tough close battles against Karolina Pilskova along the way, having lost the second set 6-7 via the tiebreaker (2-7).

The competitiveness remained top quality going into the 3rd set, as Pilskova did her best to stay in contention.

But it’s Barty who pulled off first at the finish line, when she overcame another stage of huge duels against Pilskova at 6-3. That is enough to crown her as this year’s Wimbledon ladies singles champion.

Well done on making the whole entire of Australia proud Ash!!

And fair play to Pilskova on her fightback from the 2nd set after a slow start, she just couldn’t find the time needed to hold back Barty.

Onto to the Matteo Berrettini v Novak Djokovic meeting in the Men’s Singles Final tomorrow now.

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2021 Wimbledon Tennis News, Men’s semi-final singles matchup review

Two wild matchups to end the Friday sessions at The Championships in Wimbledon, London.

We start with Matteo Berrettini v Hubert Hurkacz in the 1st match up when it wasn’t hard for Berrettini to win the first two sets, 6-3 & 6-0.

Although, he may be denied a straight sets chance to close out at the first attempt, as Hurkacz began to fought back with the 3rd set tiebreaker at 6-7 (won 4-7).

But Berrettini recovered immediately that was enough to land himself a spot in the final despite a close battle in the 4th set, 6-4.

Then we move on between Novak Djokovic & Denis Shapovalov in the 2nd semis game, where this next winner will get to face Berrettini on Sunday.

Shapovalov never gave up in each set through close battles v Novak, despite trying to stay in contention & hold him back.

But as always the opponent he faced today is a proven grand slam champion that found it so difficult, as Novak fended Shapovalov off with a straight sets win, 7-6 (7-3 tiebreaker), 7-5 & 7-5.

Well we have two brilliant final meetings over the weekend, one is Ash Barty v Karolina Pilskova later tonight for the women’s singles crown.

And Sunday gives two chances for Italy to close out in glory, not only Matteo Berrettini is looking for his first grand slam silverware.

But he hopes his home country can also beat England in the UEFA Euro 2020 Final, which is 42 mins away distance at Wembley Stadium.

Or will Novak deny Berrettini & end up with Grand Slam title No.20 on Centre Court? We’ll wait and see.

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Tennis News, 2021 Wimbledon Women Singles Semi-Final review

Great semi final matchup from Ash Barty at the Championships in Wimbledon, where she fired off well in the first set 5-3.

Although, Angelique Kerber began to chase her down when she led the majority of this next set 3-5.

But it’s Barty who eliminated Kerber with a brilliant comeback from behind, as she clinched the tiebreaker 7-6 (6-3). That is enough to advance into the final through straight sets.

Then we look at the other semi clash between Karolina Pilskova & Aryna Sabalenka.

Great start from the beginning in Sabalenka during a close first set battle, having gone ahead early at 5-7.

However, you cannot underestimate Pilskova where she dominated most of this 2nd semis game.

The competitiveness against one another is not easy along the way, but Pilskova managed to get the job done with the next two set wins, 6-4, 6-4.

Now we’re down between just Ash Barty & Karolina Pilskova in the women’s singles final this Saturday. It will be such a wild contest for sure & see who will lift this crown first.

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Tennis News, Ash Barty v Katerina Siniakova R3 2021 Wimbledon Match Up

Great game from Ash Barty today in the third round, as she advances through to the Round of 16.

A first set is there to begin with at 6-3, so easy for Ash to get ahead.

Although, great fightback from Katerina Siniakova after the break 5-5 in the 2nd set.

But she just can’t past Ash to keep this game alive when the World No.1 wrapped this game up in straight sets, 7-5.

Interesting next contest for Ash when she will face this year’s French Open women’s singles champion, Barbora Krejcikova.

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Tennis News, 2021 Wimbledon Men’s Singles Game RD1, Andy Murray v Nikoloz Basilashvili

One of the highlights to close out Day 1 of the 2021 Wimbledon Championship.

Andy Murray fired off with the first two sets, may have began to falter in the third by Nikoloz Basilashvili from Georgia. But even in the toughest of battles in the fourth set, Andy Murray found his way at least to advance into the 2nd round.

Well played to Basilashvili who began to hold him back after the 2nd set, just couldn’t find time to keep this game alive.

Final Score: 6-4, 6-3, 5-7, 6-3

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