2021 Australian Open, Section 3 R3 Men’s Singles Game: Dominic Thiem v Nick Kyrgios

It has been a tough stage 1 encounter between the 3rd seed Dominic Thiem & Nick Kyrgios. It was Kyrgios who touched the halfway lead first 3-2. Before Thiem came back from a slow start by holding back Kyrgios on occasions 4-5. But Kyrgios shut him down for the first stage win unscathed 6-4. Having crossed just 37 minutes in R3 of this game. As the crowd roars at John Cain Arena.

The close battle goes on after the break where Thiem have the early 1st half advantage. In a bid to try and distance himself away from Kyrgios. Kyrgios though catches up to Thiem going into the halfway mark 3-3. And this progress remained still unchanged for a little longer. Where one of them will have to finish first in stage 2. After a few deuce attempts between the two players. Kyrgios overcome this part to lead 5-4 with one point away from winning Stage 2. And Kyrgrios once again has two mini wins v Thiem 6-4. Now Kyrgios is one set away from going to Round 4. While Thiem will need ideas now to get himself back in the race towards a possible Stage 4.

Thiem has the 1st half foundation build up as proven with the early lead in Stage 2-0. Despite a tough series of deuces duels v Kyrigos for these valuable points. As he touched the halfway line first 3-0 to try and bridge his 1st set win. While Kyrgios have played well so far with the deuces battles as of late. But is beginning to lack the momentum behind Thiem. Kyrgios did move away after a slow start to catch up the 3rd seed from Austria 3-5. There is a 2nd half strength seen alone. But not enough time to deny Thiem with the third stage win 6-3. As Kyrgios still has two set wins to his name.

Kyrgios finally took the first point in Stage 4 After he overcame another series of deuce battles. While Thiem kept the 3rd stage momentum to save his game. Both players still side by side at the halfway distance 3-3. Krygios has a few chances with the advantage to reach that 5th point. But just unable to get the finishing done whereas Thiem does in the contrary 6-4. As Thiem came back from behind Kyrgios 0-2 to two straight wins in the 3rd & 4th set. The decider is in between Kyrgios and Thiem in the 5th & final stage.

Just three hours in and both players battling hard to secure this 5th stage win. It will mean a lot to them with the Round 4 ticket in two days. Thiem began to pull the overall lead away from Kyrgios having drawn 3-3. Before he was just one point from winning the 5th stage & this game tonight. And once Thiem got into match point he found a way from out of nowhere after Stage 3 to comeback glory. The final score was done in 3 hours & 18 minutes: 4-6, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 & 6-4.

So unlucky from Kyrgios who fired off with two early stage wins to his name. And was one stage win away from finishing this game early at the first attempt. But the momentum began to decline unfortunately. As Kyrgios just unable to find these 2nd half conversions at least to make Thiem hard to catch up. Well played as we wish Nick all the best. Just not his night to exit this journey.

And on Thiem what a performance from the Austrian who is the 3rd seed of the world. Might have lost the first two stages behind Kyrgios. But he kept himself close to him at all times rather than being blown away too easily. Before Thiem found his finishing strategy that was not seen earlier on. And used this improved 2nd half run to outclass Kyrigos that eventually crossed the line 1st.