2022 RD3 of the Australian Motor Racing Series: Jett Johnson and Noah Sands too good once again in their respective categories at TA2 Muscle Cars & Australian Formula 3

Who can stop Jett Johnson right now? He was simply outstanding all Sunday long with three straight wins out of four here at Winton Motor Raceway in the TA2 Muscle Car category. Every time he has the chance to start and re-start the race from top spot, he was just too good to hold off on his own from start to finish. There is one bright young talent in the making with huge potential from Jett, having came from the famous Johnson Racing family background via his dad Steven and grandad Dick Johnson.

Dylan Thomas came home 2nd in the No.68 Ford Mustang for CXC Racing. He would’ve love to have a close sniff at Jett and put pressure on the young kid when it comes to the top spot battle, but he never looked out of place nonetheless with three straight P2 finishes on top of P5 from Race 1. And how good was Josh Haynes also in the No.17 Elvin Group Chevy Camaro! He started from the back of the grid in around 13th following the stall of Michael Coulter just before the green flag waved; He too had a brilliant when Haynes made up so many positions up to third. Although he may not had enough time to chase down the Top 2, but he’s certainly a huge threat if Haynes was right up there side-by-side with Dylan and Jett.

Plus a couple of mentions with Jackson Rice’s rebound in 4th following a late wreck earlier today with Mark Crutcher; Kyle Gurton back in the Top 5 when his Race 1 win followed up with a late mechanical issue that saw him battle at the back end of the field during Race 3; And although Zach Loscialpo would’ve like to stay running within the Top 3, he overcame an early spin down at Turn 2 where he finished 10th.

Then we round off with one of Australian Motor Racing Series’s core categories in the Australian Formula 3 Series at Winton Motor Raceway in Victoria. The opening lap was wild when Ethan Brown couldn’t get the clutch going, while Mitch Neilson fired off with the early lead. However, Neilson lost top spot when he overcooked it at Turn 1 that cost him two spots in the eventual P3 position, despite being given a 20-second penalty as he finished well ahead of his R-Tek Motorsports team-mate in Roman Krumins.

In the end, it’s Noah Sands once again with the win. He credits the patience that created plenty of pressure to any driver ahead of him before Sands was able to get past through the gate and the rest is history en route to the chequered flag. And Race 1 winner Ryan Astley would’ve like the full-race momentum after the last two races today in a bid where he couldn’t stop the dangerous Noah Sands, but an all-podium finish in 3rd and 2nd respectively in Races 2 & 3 still shows that his rivalry with Sands isn’t over when it comes to the overall championship.

2022 RD3 Australian Motor Racing Series: Jett Johnson too good on the TA2 Muscle Cars with back-to-back wins in Race 3; Noah Sands’s aggressive drive past Ryan Astley paid off during Race 2 in the Australian Formula 3

We kick off our Sunday with one of the two Australian Motor Racing Series’ core categories here at Winton Motor Raceway in the TA2 Muscle Car Series, Race 3. We haven’t seen much of green flag racing in the first couple of laps when Paul Hadley and John Hollinger made contact at around Turn 2, while Josh Haynes’s fast start became short-lived after he picked up a right front flat tire; all three drivers were marked as DNF before the restart.

Back into green flag racing now, Jett Johnson was too good once again unchallenged in the No.117 Napa Auto Parts Ford Mustang with back-to-back wins coming off Race 2 yesterday afternoon. No.68 CXC Racing’s Dylan Thomas came home in 2nd that summed up a Ford 1-2 finish ahead of Zach Loscialpo who rounds the Top 3 podium places in the No.21 Chevy Camaro for Excelerate Motorsport. And Race 1 winner Kyle Gurton (No.2 Dream Racing Ford Mustang) benefitted the late collision of Mark Crutcher & Jackson Rice ahead of him, as well as the last-lap drama of Chris Sutton that helped him climb from the back of the field to 8th.

Then we look at the Australian Formula 3 Series in Race 2, this time we saw some decent contenders out there fighting up front. No.99’s Ryan Astley fired off well earlier on with the earlier lead before he lost two spots later in an eventual P3 behind race winner Noah Sands and 2nd-placed Ethan Brown. What a brilliant drive from Sands in the No.17 Gilmore Racing machinery where he was patient with a couple of aggressive drives & once he got around Astley, he was too good to pull further away ever since towards an easy win. And hats off to Ethan Brown in the No.27 for Tim Macrow Racing who would’ve liked to take advantage of the early momentum & have a stab for the win where he lost a spot from 3rd to 4th, but he recovered well on the run home past Astley for 2nd.

There’s only once race left to round off the weekend for these two categories later this afternoon at around 2-3 pm.

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2022 ARG SpeedSeries RD4: A mix of opening lap dramas and an easier finish by the respective leaders round off the weekend in Race 3 of the S5000, Trans-Am and TCR Australia at Sydney Motorsports Park

What a Sunday afternoon it has been to close out the weekend here at Sydney Motorsports Park in Round 4 of the 2022 ARG SpeedSeries. We’ll start off with the S5000s where Tim Macrow fired off well from pole before he was spun off by Nathan Herne that cost him a few places, while race officials handed Herne a drive-through penalty at the same time.

As the race goes on, we saw a brilliant battle for 1st between Aaron Cameron & Joey Mawson before Cameron completed his payback with the win following his unfortunate opening lap DNF by Mawson into the wall from Race 2 earlier today. And James Golding finished his Sunday spell with two podiums in 2nd & 3rd, having made up lost time from a DNF Race 1 yesterday over a steering issue.

Then there’s the same opening lap drama over in the Trans-Am this time at Turn 1, when the No.67 of Nash Morris touched the wall before he collected Lochie Dalton in No.45 out of the park that led to the next couple of laps under caution. In the end though, Owen Kelly remained unchallenged from start to finish in 1st that followed up from an excellent Race 2 during the night session yesterday. Race 1 winner Nathan Herne became the biggest mover when it comes to track position from 22nd on the grid to 2nd, while Ben Grice rounds off the podium in 3rd.

And we finish our huge Sunday afternoon of ARG SpeedSeries with the TCR Australia category. Nathan Morcom adds another podium finish on top of an excellent Sunday performance from P3 earlier during Race 2 today in the No.11 Hyundai i30 N, but this time he takes home with the win which ended his drought on top of the podium since November 2019 at the Bend in South Australia. He did an excellent job getting around polesitter Jordan Cox on the inside line straight away from 2nd spot before he never looked back ever since, while team-mate Josh Buchan in the sister No.30 machinery completed a 1-2 sweep for their HMO Customer Racing team. And Cox would’ve liked to hunt down the HMO cars all race long, but he’s happy to prevent an all Hyundai Top 3 when he passed Luke King on the final lap for 3rd.

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2022 ARG SpeedSeries RD3 on Sunday at Mount Panorama in Bathurst, Nathan Herne cleans sweeps in the Trans-Am while Aaron Cameron bounces back with the Race 3 win in the TCR Australia

Race 3 of the Trans-Am Australia in Bathurst was a series of twists and turns, most notably between Turns 19 & 20 at Conrod Straight, where race officials abruptly ended the race under yellow. Thankfully, John Hollinger was okay in the No.23 Chevy after this huge wreck; he and the No.12 Dodge of Shaun Richardson were battling for a position side-by-side before Richardson collected him that spun sideways into the wall.

Speaking of the final race results of the weekend, Nathan Herne collected a clean sweep with all three wins in the No.1 Ford Mustang for Garry Rogers Motorsport. Meanwhile, His team-mate Owen Kelly completed his resurgence with back-to-back podiums in 3rd. And arch-rival Tim Brook would’ve loved to end Herne’s long-running stranglehold in the No.38 Ford for Wall Racing when he always had to settle for 2nd. However, he’s happy to take the result as there’s still time for Brook to catch up when it comes to the Drivers’ Standings, even though Herne just extended his lead with four rounds left this season.

Then we look at the TCRs where Aaron Cameron bounced back with the win just a while ago during Race 3 in the No.18 Peugeot 308 for Garry Rogers Motorsport. He would’ve liked to take home the clean sweep when the reverse grid system didn’t benefit him any favors that much after P9 in Race 2 yesterday afternoon. However, it certainly does today when his Race 2 result allowed him to start on the front row, overtook James Moffatt immediately, and held off comfortably through the checkered flag. It’s also good to see fellow GRM driver Dylan O’Keeffe rebound with another podium spot in 3rd on top of a good drive back in Race 1.

And we saw two brilliant drivers who know what it takes to gain a couple of positions all too well at the Mountain. Jordan Cox in the No.33 Peugeot GRM machinery may have endured an unlucky Race 1 yesterday with a DNF after being fasted during practice yesterday. But he wasted no time working his way from the back of the grid to 10-11th following these two remaining races. So does Bailey Sweeny in the No.130 Hyundai i30N for HNO Customer Racing after his breakthrough win on Race 2; he too showed some patience from the 3rd row (6th) to just behind Cameron in 2nd.

2022 ARG SpeedSeries on Saturday at Bathurst: Nathan Herne wins back to back in the Trans-Am while Peugeots filled up the podium spots in Race 1 & Bailey Sweeny wins Race 2 over at the TCR Australia

Nathan Herne is unstoppable in the No.1 Ford Mustang for Garry Rogers Motorsports after he collected two from two wins today so far at Mount Panorama. He never looked out of pace on race day when he passed Tim Brook immediately and held off ever since, even though he wasn’t fastest in any of the practice & qualifying sessions as the cautions didn’t bother him. We love this Herne v Brook side-by-side rivalry. And shoutout to Herne’s team-mate Owen Kelly, who finished 4th in Race 1 just behind No.03 Ford’s Ben Grice, before he took advantage of Grice’s DNF (gearbox issue) the next race & scored the final podium spot in 3rd.

Then we turned our attention to TCR Australia, with Jordan Cox fastest in both practice sessions in the No.33 Peugeot 308 yesterday. Although, he was unlucky not to continue in 3rd when he had to stop his car on top of the penalty that precluded him from starting on the front row before Race 1. Cox’s team-mate Aaron Cameron stole the show with a comfortable Race 1 spell from start to finish, followed by another set of Peugeots rounding the other two podium spots from Ben Bargwanna (No. 71 Burson) & Dylan O’Keeffe (No. 8 GRM).

In the end, though, we witnessed a different winner on Race 2 in Bailey Sweeny over at the No. 130 Hyundai i30N for HNO Customer Racing. Now he may have been unable to get around Michael Caruso at the start from reverse 2nd, having finished 9th in the previous race earlier this afternoon. However, you have to praise his patience as this race goes on when Sweeny finally passed Caruso side-by-side at the Chase (Turn 20); that turned out to be a winning move before Sweeny got to celebrate on top of the podium for the first time.

Race 3 of the Trans-Am and TCR will take place on a bright and early tomorrow morning, before it’s all about the 6-hour feature race in Bathurst.

2022 Australian Rally Championship Round 1 Review: National Capital Rally in Canberra

What an unreal spell from reigning Supercars champion Shane Van Gisbergen when he got his wish in rallying thanks to Team Red Bull. They supplied him with the Skoda Fabia R5 alongside co-driver Glen Weston, where he & Glen managed to finish runner-up in the opening round of the 2022 Australian Rally Championship. Although it’s a one-off effort since he’s got full-time Supercars duties to defend, Van Gisbergen was running in Top 3-4 all the time, especially towards the end of the rally yesterday on Day 2 with two-stage wins (SS12 & SS13) that includes the Power Stage finale.

In the end, though, you can’t underestimate the brilliance of the current Australian rally champions Harry Bates & his co-driver John McCarthy in the Toyota GR Yaris AP4 for his family-run team. They were too good to pull off the opening day with all the first seven stage wins that put them way upfront before Bates/McCarthy stayed ahead, which was enough to secure an easy win.

Apart from Harry Bates & SVG’s success stories, other competitors stood out throughout the opening round in Canberra. Good to see Brendan Reeves and Kate Catford round off the final podium spot in the Hyundai i20 RN. They started not bad on Day 1, but their late turnaround sets them for an improved Day 2 when ending H.Bates/McCarthy stranglehold with the Stage 8 win, which boosted their confidence.

Taylor Gill & Kim Bessell also had a great showing in 4th, where they also secured the NSW Rally class win in the Subaru WRX STi for Curiositi. And shoutout to Tom Clarke/Ryan Preston (White Wolf Ford Fiesta) & Timothy Wilkins/Jim Gleeson (Wilkins Mitsubishi Evo IX). These guys may have languished in and out of the Top 10 at the start, but a few other competitors’ DNFs given them progress as this rally goes on with a respective 5th & 6th finish.

It will be interesting to see who will challenge Bates & McCarthy up close with six rounds left of the 2022 ARC season, as this series moves over to the Forest Rally in WA on Saturday & Saturday, May 21-22.

2022 ARG SpeedSeries, Day 2/Race 2 Review of AWC Race Tasmania in Trans-Am, S5000 & TCR Australia

The Trans-Am event on Race 2 was once again filled with a series of wrecks, especially at the tricky hairpin corner that gave no time to resume racing after the first 5-8 laps.

However, we saw a bit of entertainment where Nathan Herne successfully made the winning pass off Tim Brook towards the end of lap one in the No.1 Ford for GRM, having held off top spot through the end on what was been in a yellow flag shortened race. We’d love to see Brook show off his incredible escape like he did yesterday, but just couldn’t hold off this time and end up in 4th.

Then we move onto the S5000 open-wheelers where there was a couple of early race dramas going on. We saw yesterday’s winner Joey Mawson being collected at the opening lap by team-mate Tim Slade for Team BRM, Blake Purdie’s spin at the hairpin on Lap 8 that led to another safety car out on-track & Adam Garwood’s car stopped during the Lap 15 restart.

But how good is Josh Fife in the 88 ACMFinance.com Racing machinery, who was unbelievable from start to finish, not even the restarts bothered him where he unleashed the entire field before Fife held on top spot comfortably through the chequered flag with the win.

And we round it off with the TCR Australia category through a mix of brilliant racing and bumps into the wall.

We saw the opening lap battle for 1st place with GRM team-mates side by side between Jordan Cox and Aaron Cameron, although Cameron may be unlucky to have lost out after he urgently made to pit road for repairs but what a comeback moment though from Race 2 winner Jordan Cox.

Now Cox may have experienced an unfortunate pace lap drama yesterday afternoon where he started on pit lane & finished 17th, but he did a great job holding off top spot comfortably from start to finish. More to come if he manages to keep that race-winning form going into Race 3 a bit later on and the remaining six races of 2022.

Also another shoutout to Tony D’Alberto in the No.50 Honda Civic for Wall Racing. He too made a sensational last lap pass on Will Brown in No.999’s MPC Audi RS3, and that was enough to deliver him a podium finish in 3rd.

Lots to reflect on a great weekend of racing at AWC Race Tasmania.