How to protect your skin and hair from chlorine while swimming

Written by Sarhay

Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular and muscular physical exercises that we can perform without fear of injuring our joints or other parts of the body.

If you are thinking of starting a swimming routine in a pool or you already do it, you must take into account its pros and cons.

Among its advantages is the benefit of health: It is a sport that exercises the whole body and increases your metabolism, which many calories per hour therefore helps to lose weight.

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Excellent for joints when floating, muscles do not have to support our weight. For that reason, it is recommended for people with arthritis, overweight or muscle aches.

Strengthens the immune system and reduces cases of flu and colds in winter.

Greatly reduces stress and anxiety. Strengthens the heart, reduces the risk of heart attacks as it is one of the best cardiovascular sports.

However, besides being an excellent sport with numerous health benefits it has it’s disadvantage as well and one of them is because of chlorine. You must take care of your skin, since you are more prone to the appearance of fungi.

The pools are disinfected with chlorine and other chemicals so it can cause skin allergies such as dermatitis, and also irritate the mucous membranes mainly the eyes.

In addition to mycosis or fungi on your skin, many times after swimming, you will notice that your eyes become red and irritated, and your skin is left feeling dry. This happens more often when chlorine levels are not respected and that is why we must protect our eyes and skin. You should also know that a lot of chlorine damages our hair by drying it out.

But what is chlorine?

Chlorine is a chemical agent used to treat pool water, that in certain concentrations usually irritates the mucous membranes and the respiratory system.

According to the standard, the amount of chlorine that the water in a pool must have must be between 0.20 and 0.60 milligrams per liter (chlorine is perceived by smell when it contains 0.30 mg / l). If our pool has more chlorine than necessary, the first effect on our body is seen in the eyes, which red, then dry the nose, throat …

Tips to protect your skin from chlorine

The first is extremely important. Shower before entering in the pool. With this we get rid of certain bacteria that we can carry in sweat or even on bare feet. For example: When leaving the pool, back to the shower so that the tap water drags as much chlorine as possible from our hair and skin.

 2. When you get home as soon as possible bathe with soap to eliminate all the chlorine that may remain on the skin.

3. It’s time to recover the elasticity of the skin: use a moisturizer and apply it to your body and face.

4. The hair also suffers similar consequences, it dries out. That’s why it’s important to wear a bathing cap. In the shower, already at home, use conditioners I would recommend using argan or coconut oil that are very moisturizing after a day of swimming.

Equipment to protect you during swimming I recommend a swimmer’s cap and goggles. Wear sandals when getting out of the pool and walk around it.

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To avoid skin rashes after a pool session I recommend using calendula, aloe and green tea creams, then you should moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer. I recommend the Farmasi brand’s high quality skincare products that I use after swimming. They work very well in maintaining healthy hair and beautiful, clear, skin. 

Below is a link where the skincare products can be found:

Finally, I recommend swimming in a pool three times per week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, allowing your mucous membranes, joints, skin and hair to recover on the non-swimming days.

Adjustable Dumbbells – Pros and Cons

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More and more people are following their doctor’s advice to improve their overall health and becoming more active. While not all doctors can agree on what activities are best for everyone, they do all agree that something is better. For those choosing to add some weight training to their daily activities, there are so many options to choose from. For some, going to the gym three times a week works, for some who cannot afford the luxury. Lifting weights at home is the best choice for them. When it comes to the best all-around voice for home weight training, the dumbbell is the most versatile. Unfortunately, not all people have the money or room in their home or apartment for a full set of dumbbells. The solution for them is a set of adjustable dumbbells.  


Let’s start off by explaining what exactly is meant by adjustable dumbbells. This piece of workout equipment is a relatively new innovation from several equipment manufactures. The concept is designed to make it easy for anyone to select the weight that they want to use for a specific exercise. Then move to another exercise without having to grab another dumbbell. With a simple twist of a knob, you can add weight or remove weight and then continue on with your workout.

All of the weight plates are fully contained within the body of the dumbbell and when they are removed they remain within the system thanks to a specialized holder. This holder is a key part of the system and it takes up far less space in your home gym than even the smallest dumbbell set.

Pros of adjustable dumbbells

● Quickly switch between a wide range of weights depending on the set you purchase

● The compact design takes up far less space in your home or apartment

● Very easy to operate with just a single twist

● High-quality materials and construction

Cons of adjustable dumbbells

● A set of adjustable dumbbells will set you back a pretty penny

● You will need to invest in a pair of weight lift gloves to protect your hands

Who would benefit the most from them?

This is a very good question and the answer is fairly easy to figure out:

The person with a home gym– With the high cost of a gym membership continue to skyrocket, people began dedicating a room or using a basement or garage for a home gym. An adjustable dumbbell set would fit in perfectly.

The person with limited space– If you are like so many people who live in an apartment or small house who cannot really dedicate a whole room or even the garage to be used as a home gym. A compact, adjustable dumbbell set can easily be placed on a bed or put in the closet.

The person with limited resources– Lastly, if a person is limited on funds and cannot afford to buy a complete set of dumbbells. An adjustable set of dumbbells makes it easier to switch between weights and they are cheaper than a full set of comparable weights.

Stiff neck? Here’s how the Posture Pump can help 5 reasons why a Posture Pump is perfect for you

Humans aren’t meant to look down at a phone all day or slouch at a desk, but many of us still do it. These everyday activities can lead to painful neck cramps that can lead to headaches and fatigue. 

There are many products on the market that claim to help prevent or relieve this type of neck strain. One of them is the Posture Pump, a small and portable device that helps shape and restore the healthy, natural curvature in your neck. 

Don’t let chronic stiff neck pain sideline you from doing what you love. Here are five ways the Posture Pump helps you get back in the game: 

1. Gradually decompresses painful neck and upper back pressure

The Posture Pump holds your head and neck in an optimal position to relieve pent-up pressure in your by supporting the back of your neck as your head rests on a level surface. You control the exact position using an inflatable pillow connected to a small hand pump. 

2. The Posture Pump gently restores your healthy neck shape

With daily use, the Posture Pump is designed to encourage your neck to slowly move back into a healthy position and restore its essential cervical curve. According to an article published in Bustle, doctors recommend the Posture Pump to people who have a slipped disc or pinched nerve because it can gently alleviate pressure while correcting your neck and upper back posture. 

3. Restore lubricating fluid to soft discs in your neck

The reason why we experience neck pain from poor posture is usually because natural lubricating fluids can no longer penetrate and hydrate the soft discs in our necks. The Posture Pump relieves neck pressure, encouraging the lubricating fluids to flow back around the neck vertebrae, thus relieving pain caused by dry joints. 

4. Prevent premature aging

Many people develop rounded shoulders and a bit of a hunch in their back as they age. However, this is happening sooner for people who suffer from poor posture brought on by smartphone use and sitting at a desk, according to a 2019 article by Harvard Medical School. Poor posture can lead to decreased mobility and a host of other problems like fatigue and headaches. 

5. Using the Posture Pump is deeply relaxing 

Aside from helping your neck, the Posture Pump gives you a chance to heal and relax for a few minutes every day. You can take 15 to 20 minutes to lay pack and allow the Posture Pump to help correct your posture and neck stiffness. 

As with any medical device, you should talk to your doctor before trying it. Anyone who has a severe neck or back injury should not use the Posture Pump. 

The Posture Pump is available to purchase on Amazon for $169. There you can also read hundreds of reviews and view user ratings. Out of 726 ratings, the Posture Pump has 4.3 out of 5 stars.