Top 3 players from the Los Pumas v Wallabies in Game 1 of the 2022 Rugby Championship

What a performance it has been to kickstart this year’s Rugby Championship campaign in none other than Folau Faingaa, who started and played most of this opening match in the Wallabies No.2 shirt at hooker. He provides excellent throw-in accuracy as always at line-outs before Faingaa hides the ball while pushing the maul square that helped the Wallabies nail down a few tries on the board. It’s one of their main scoring sources, especially when they began to catch up to the Pumas when not only the Wallabies scored the penalty TRY in the 2nd half, but also extended their lead when Faingaa scored a TRY himself not long before he earned a well earned rest with eight minutes left. He hopes to keep up the good work and put another full game performance next Sunday AM Australian time v Pumas in San Juan.

Next up is Hunter Paisami on the Wallabies Inside Centre at No.12 where he never stopped running and working hard all game v Los Pumas. His passes was outstanding when looking out for numbers within the backline that helped plant foundations for the Wallabies to get the job done. We saw him pass to Quade Cooper before Cooper helped Jordan Petaia open the Wallabies TRY scoring account through a bit of space in the first half; He did the same thing to Len Ikitau via the quick offload where Ikitau finished this match on a high note. Not only he can be a excellent provider, but he can also use his physicality and pace to track back and make up bumps that reflects his all-round output in the midfield. Well done.

And Emiliano Boffelli made up most of the Pumas scoring tally on the wide left at No.11. His tall build has provided excellent cover with pace in the Pumas attack, so he can shield the Wallabies defense before opening a bit of space for his men to get the job done through the gate. Plus, his kicking accuracy through the goal posts is unbelievable in any angle with the help of a few winning penalties and these two converted tries. Unfortunately, the Pumas just couldn’t get over the line when a few lost penalties via ill-discipline saw them regress before it’s too late.

Rugby News, Wallabies off to a flying start with the win in Round 1 of the 2022 Rugby Championship v Pumas in Mendoza

The 2022 Rugby Championship season is back with the Wallabies beginning their two week tour v Los Pumas in Argentina; first stop: Mendoza where the action took place earlier this morning Australian time at Malvinas Argentinas Stadium. The Pumas were off the mark early in the first half at 19-10 while the Wallabies began to make up lost time from behind. Although the Pumas extended their lead a bit further, but they couldn’t stay ahead on the run home when the Wallabies took advantage of their lost penalties via the ill-discipline before the away team was too good in the end, 26-41.

What a start to the 2022 Rugby Championship campaign by the Wallabies with the win in Mendoza. They may need to work on their fire offs when the Wallabies fell behind earlier in the first half, which is something they need to rectify ahead of their upcoming meetings v Springboks & All Blacks in a few weeks time. But they eventually got the ball rolling and began to make up lost time when Jordan Petaia scored their opening TRY before the Wallabies upped the ante in the 2nd half with a few tries on the board.

Not only they were able to close in on the Pumas, but took advantage of their opponent’s regressed momentum with the ill-discipline & never looked back after they took over the lead with the win. It’s good to see them top the ladder charts right now with a bonus point but there’s still more work to do if the Wallabies can go all the way with five games left.

It wasn’t the afternoon the Los Pumas wanted to see out at their home turf with a hefty loss v Wallabies. Their first half run was not bad when the Pumas got ahead early when Pablo Matera opened the account before they took home a series of three-point penalty goals. They continued to extend their lead a bit further in the 2nd half when the Pumas followed up with another big score by Juan Manuel Gonzalez. Unfortunately, the Pumas lost all progress when ill-discipline began to catch up against them, especially when Matias Alemanno had to sit ten minutes in the naughty chair following a Wallabies penalty TRY. And it’s the one huge weakness that held the Pumas hostage before it’s too late when it was just too difficult to rebound towards full-time.

The second & final stop in this year’s Wallabies tour of Los Pumas continues next Sunday 5 AM AEST at the Estadio San Juan del Bicentario.

Chiefs saw off a late Queensland Reds threat with a two-point win despite being down to 14 men with five minutes left

It was a terrific close match-up between the two sides that kickstarted Week 11 of the 2022 Super Rugby Pacific after 80 minutes of play. The first-half run saw the Queensland Reds & Chiefs share the lead at half-time, 13-13. Chiefs continued their resurgence where they regained top spot, while the Reds fought back as of late. The Semipeni Finau red card gave the Reds some glimmer of hope thanks to Hunter Paisami’s TRY with three minutes left, but they unfortunately ran out of time with a narrow two-point loss, 25-27.

Reds were unlucky to lose at Suncorp Stadium by two points to the Chiefs. They fired off slow and steady through the two three-point penalty goals off fly-half in Lawson Creighton before Harry Wilson opened the scoring account in the 30th minute at Number 8. Although, they were still in contention despite losing the lead later in the 2nd half, on top of another two tries from Josh Flook and the crucial consolation big score in Hunter Paisami, that gave his side some glimmer of hope with only five minutes to go. They were unlucky not to be given time in the end to upsurp the Chiefs, especially when Creighton failed to convert into the goalposts after Josh Flook’s TRY in the 51st minute. However, the ill-discipline robbed the Reds’ momentum where a couple of lost penalties and two yellow cards against them saw the Reds fell short.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs were on the same page as the Reds in the first half with a couple of penalty goals before Cortez Ratima leveled the scoresheets at half-time. But their last 40-minute momentum has to be the turning point, despite the Samipemi Finau red card in the 75th minute over a high tackle on Fraser McReight. They were so dangerous in attack when the Reds couldn’t stop them thanks to their ill-discipline, having regained & extended the lead with another two tries before they held off a difficult opponent through a sigh of relief towards full-time. Credit to Samisoni Taukei’aho at hooker, who completed an execution masterclass that got the Chiefs back in front, while Pita Sowakula extended their winning share where he handled the Reds well with the scrum feed and their defensive half. And Bryn Gatland’s kicking is top-notch as always without error through the goalposts 100%.

The Reds will be back at Suncorp Stadium when they take on the Highlanders from Dunedin next Friday, while the Chiefs will return home to Waikato in New Zealand next Saturday night v the ACT Brumbies.

Rugby News Australia, 2021 Super Rugby AU WK4: Top 3 players from the Brumbies v Reds Game

Taniela Tupou is such a hard worker at tighthead for the Reds tonight. It might have been a slow start. But at least he was able to put some shift in the 3 shirt.

He possesses such a strong physical presence. Where Taniela was able to identify the Brumbies discipline/defensive mistakes. And him in there were able to help the Reds have the ball in hand. As approved/given by the main referee.

Not just Taniela forming a couple of Reds defensive blocks. He can also help out the Reds attacking contributions. Where they were initially in trouble a couple of times in the first 40. The same happened during the Rebels at home in Week 3. But they finally able to group together. Having won a couple of penalties along the way.

And Tupou able to find his way with the TRY himself with less than 20 to go. Due to the scrum staying square. Before they helped him found a little gap down low that tricked the Brumbies. The opposition would be fuming why they were unable to hold him out. Congratulations to Taniela on his all-round run for the Reds tonight.

Hunter Paisami

Another Reds player who shown all-round quality is Hunter Paisami. Where he plays the outside centre role in the No.12 shirt.

He can make up the foundations to form a robust defense. Whenever his forwards pack needed a hand. Despite the slow start from Reds. Having seen the Brumbies lead beforehand in the first 40.

But like Taniela he really put a big effort in the last 40. And turned his game around that saw the Reds more better. He seen the Brumbies lost some penalties. Due to their poor discipline. And given a chance to show his attacking capabilities in return. Especially one of his great demos that saw the Reds level the score. Just very late in this game with 2 mins to go.

Hunter has the ball in hand when he made an inside kick through the TRY line. And advised Jordan Petaia with the chase quickly. Where Petaia handled the ball well on the touchdown line. This is really good talkup and assist making there. In which is going to help win games. As Hunter & Taniela have the same capabilities. Both the packed muscle and the pace needed to run down defenders.

Pete Samu

He was blessed with a great start built by his Brumbies side. Pete saw the Reds early fumbles alongside their lack of finishing. It was great reading to help him cancel their chances. And saw the Brumbies have the ball in hand often.

Where the backline were able to help what the Brumbies offer in return. And there is excellent communication. Such as Nic White who was able to find Andy Muirhead with the clear offload. Then Muirhead assisted him with the finish.

The same goes with White talking to him on the far left. After the Brumbies won that penalty via the scrum. Which was just a few minutes before he break. And White was able to find Samu with the small gap that help extend their lead. Both of his finishing were no different. Just so much physicality to marry up the pace. That is just all-round action there from Samu.

He has cemented the 1st choice Number 8 shirt for the Brumbies. Having came back to Australia from the Crusaders in New Zealand. Developed his game there to show how destructive he can be to the opposition. Which was difficult for the Reds to go through in the early stages tonight. However the Brumbies just unable to hold on. When the defensive & poor discipline gone against them. And the Reds got their chance that shown plenty of quality in the end. Best player alone for the Brumbies. But not for the whole team.