Felix Auger-Aliassime too good for Dan Evans in straight sets at John Cain Arena as he advances to Round 4 of 2022 Australian Open

Felix Auger-Aliassime too good for Dan Evans at John Cain Arena where he nailed down in straight sets (4-6, 1-6, 1-6), he will be watching the Andrey Rublev and Martin Cilic tie with interest & study what these players are like where one of them will meet him for Round 4 on Monday.

For Evans, he endured a huge blow against the 9th seed Canadian which wasn’t easy to reflect on after this match, even though he came off a brilliant warm-up spell before the main draw in Sydney via the semis. He was on the same page at the beginning where Evans narrowly fell short & had the chance to tie 2-2 in the 3rd set, unfortunately, the Brit just couldn’t unpack some fire having fell way behind before Auger-Aliassime comfortably made it home at the other end.

And Auger-Aliassime is one of two Canadians alongside Denis Shapovalov in the 4th Round as this is be an exciting time right now for that country, he displayed lots of Grand Slam quality that helped him shift up a few gears ahead of Evans & never looked back ever since. He had an excellent 2nd half last year with the Quarter-Final in Wimbledon & Semi-Final at the US Open, he has Daniil Medvedev on his radar where he hopes to upset last year’s runner-up in the Final 8 & potentially come home with a grand slam trophy.

Tennis News, Nick Kyrgios advances into R2 in a tough encounter ahead with Daniil Medvedev after he defeated Liam Broady in straight sets

Another Aussie who advanced into Round 2 of this year’s Australian Open tomorrow is Nick Kyrgios, he too defeated Briton Liam Broady in straight sets early in three stages at John Cain Arena (4-6, 4-6, 3-6) & will face 2nd seed & reigning US Open men’s champion Daniil Medvedev from Russia.

Kyrgios and Broady were always side by side for the whole time when they both tussled for every game and point, however, Kyrgios produced the better conversion first ahead of Broady before he sprinted a few blocks in the 3rd set & dominated this tie in the end.

And Broady is disappointed with the loss where he showed a good build-up base from the start & was so close to winning those two sets, but he just couldn’t provide the 2nd half consistency that gave Kyrgios the upper hand having felt like he’s fallen off a cliff & then couldn’t keep in contention.

2021 Australian Open, Section 3 R3 Men’s Singles Game: Dominic Thiem v Nick Kyrgios

It has been a tough stage 1 encounter between the 3rd seed Dominic Thiem & Nick Kyrgios. It was Kyrgios who touched the halfway lead first 3-2. Before Thiem came back from a slow start by holding back Kyrgios on occasions 4-5. But Kyrgios shut him down for the first stage win unscathed 6-4. Having crossed just 37 minutes in R3 of this game. As the crowd roars at John Cain Arena.

The close battle goes on after the break where Thiem have the early 1st half advantage. In a bid to try and distance himself away from Kyrgios. Kyrgios though catches up to Thiem going into the halfway mark 3-3. And this progress remained still unchanged for a little longer. Where one of them will have to finish first in stage 2. After a few deuce attempts between the two players. Kyrgios overcome this part to lead 5-4 with one point away from winning Stage 2. And Kyrgrios once again has two mini wins v Thiem 6-4. Now Kyrgios is one set away from going to Round 4. While Thiem will need ideas now to get himself back in the race towards a possible Stage 4.

Thiem has the 1st half foundation build up as proven with the early lead in Stage 2-0. Despite a tough series of deuces duels v Kyrigos for these valuable points. As he touched the halfway line first 3-0 to try and bridge his 1st set win. While Kyrgios have played well so far with the deuces battles as of late. But is beginning to lack the momentum behind Thiem. Kyrgios did move away after a slow start to catch up the 3rd seed from Austria 3-5. There is a 2nd half strength seen alone. But not enough time to deny Thiem with the third stage win 6-3. As Kyrgios still has two set wins to his name.

Kyrgios finally took the first point in Stage 4 After he overcame another series of deuce battles. While Thiem kept the 3rd stage momentum to save his game. Both players still side by side at the halfway distance 3-3. Krygios has a few chances with the advantage to reach that 5th point. But just unable to get the finishing done whereas Thiem does in the contrary 6-4. As Thiem came back from behind Kyrgios 0-2 to two straight wins in the 3rd & 4th set. The decider is in between Kyrgios and Thiem in the 5th & final stage.

Just three hours in and both players battling hard to secure this 5th stage win. It will mean a lot to them with the Round 4 ticket in two days. Thiem began to pull the overall lead away from Kyrgios having drawn 3-3. Before he was just one point from winning the 5th stage & this game tonight. And once Thiem got into match point he found a way from out of nowhere after Stage 3 to comeback glory. The final score was done in 3 hours & 18 minutes: 4-6, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 & 6-4.

So unlucky from Kyrgios who fired off with two early stage wins to his name. And was one stage win away from finishing this game early at the first attempt. But the momentum began to decline unfortunately. As Kyrgios just unable to find these 2nd half conversions at least to make Thiem hard to catch up. Well played as we wish Nick all the best. Just not his night to exit this journey.

And on Thiem what a performance from the Austrian who is the 3rd seed of the world. Might have lost the first two stages behind Kyrgios. But he kept himself close to him at all times rather than being blown away too easily. Before Thiem found his finishing strategy that was not seen earlier on. And used this improved 2nd half run to outclass Kyrigos that eventually crossed the line 1st.

Tennis Australia News, 2021 Australian Open Section 3 of R2 Game: Nick Kyrgios v Ugo Humbert

It has been a close start by the two players in the middle from Nick Kygrios & Ugo Humbert. Where the Aussie & Frenchman went side by side with a point win each as the game goes. So nothing much changed in the first part of stage 1. Even a little longer past halfway.

But Kyrgios just unable to find the finishing tools to get past Humbert for the stage 1 victory 5-7. Having lost a deuce during the 5th point battle. Before a sub-par run in the 6th score saw Kyrgios forced to wait a bit longer. And find a different strategy to make up lost time in order to advance in Round 3 after the first set loss.

The second stage though remains the same momentum as it was from Stage 1. With Kyrgrios made some progress this time with the early lead going at halfway 3-1. As he still needed to stay in the race by holding off Humbert. When the Frenchman began to catch up to Kyrgios point by point. Before Kyrgios bounced back in Stage 2 6-4.

As always so far in this game tonight Kyrgios & Humbert fired off side by side. Both players trying hard to find their middle ground that would eventually end this game first. They are tied 3-3 by the halfway mark in the 3rd set. But Kyrgios unable to bridge that consistency in the 2nd half of this stanza. Whereas Humbert did when he found it not hard to win Stage 3 with two mini wins 6-3.

Humbert finally got the feel needed to fire off with an easy headstart v Kyrgios. The halfway point was there when Humbert checked in first 3-1. Kyrgios may have held the Frenchman back on occasions. Where the Australian desperately scrambled to fight back for the stage 4 win. And still in the running to meet Dominic Thiem in Round 3. Having only registered one set win during Stage 2. With not much progress heard since then. Even though he has raised a few complaints to the umpire. As well as whacking a tennis racket one time after Kyrgios narrowly fell short in the 1st stage.

Kyrgios was almost of the cusp of being flushed away against Humbert in the 1st match point 3-5. With Humbert have two set wins in Stages 1 & 3. But Kyrgios denied not one but both attempts to still be in the game. So he can take it towards a decider in the 5th & final stage. Having taken the late Stage 4 lead off Humbert 6-5. Before the Frenchman bounced back a point 6-6 that leads to a tiebreaker.

Both men shared the lead 1-1 apiece in a race that will go on towards Stage 5 for Kyrgios. Or else have it wrapped up early with Humbert in the box seat. Kyrgios have the upper hand 5-1. Where Humbert needed to find new ideas now to get himself back in the mix. And reach the home stretch by the easiest of margins. But Kyrgios just edged Humbert for the fourth stage win 7-6. As this game is not over yet going into the fifth and final stage.

Kyrgios and Humbert dueled each other out side by side in a race towards the final stage win. Kyrgios have a much better conversion tools to move around this time 3-1. Where Humbert did not give up a fight by beginning to bounce back. While Kyrgios reached the 5th point that is just one away from winning the 5th stage & overall win.

Humbert may have denied Kyrgios his first match point attempt at 3-5. But Kyrgios ended up unscathed in the end. After a first set loss & whacked the racket. As well as a few verbal fights with the chair umpire. Almost got sinked by Humbert out of the Australian Open Tournament during Stage 1. And within one hour Kyrgios came back out of nowhere. Before Kyrgios came home first as the winner.

The final score at John Cain Arena is 5-7, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 with the 7-6 tiebreaker & 6-4. Where this game was completed just over the three hour mark. Nick will meet Dominic Thiem from Austria in the third round on Friday. While praises to Ugo Humbert with the foundations built. Having held and tracked down Kyrgios on most occasions. But he just unable to hold on until the end. Even when the Frenchman missed his match point chance in the first place.

2021 Australian Open News, Section 8 of Round 1 Match: Tennys Sandgren v Alex De Minaur

It has been a very close first stage battle right here at John Cain Arena. With American Tennys Sandgren side by side against Australian Alex De Minaur. Both men each won a point as they move up on the same page. Including just past the initial halfway point.

They just could not stop battling with oozes of energy approaching towards the end of Stage 1. With 55 minutes in section 8, first round tie of the 2021 Australian Open. But only one of them will have the early lead rather than shared with each other. Where De Minaur went up 6-5. Before the Australian No.1/overall World No.21 shuts down Sandgreen in a very close margin after the 1st set 7-5.

But Stage 2 changed its pace where De Minaur dominated this mini battle easily. Sandgreen might have registered a point lead earlier on with a fire off during the next run. The American just unable to keep up the momentum he fired back to De Minaur from the previous stage. De Minaur climbed up way ahead to pull further away from Sandgren 6-1. With little time to catch up in the end from Tennys.

And De Minaur went on to wrap up this game with three straight points win against Sandgren. Where Sandgren always have the base to give his opponent some beef. In which does benefit the plalyer himself. But unable to provide the conversions/executions needed to fight De Minaur all the way until the very end. As De Minaur found a very easy 2nd half to advance in Round 2. He will meet Pablo Cuevas from Uruguay who beat Andreas Seppi 6-4, 4-6, 6-2, 6-2. The final score is done just under two hours of 7-5, 6-1, 6-1.

2021 Australian Open News, Section 3 of Round 1 Singles Game: Frederico Ferreira Silva v Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios may have fired off behind Frederico Ferreira Silva 0-2. In round 1 of the 2021 Australian Open at John Cain Arena. Where things went slow for the Aussie. But he began to catch up with the Portuguese at the initial halfway point.

It began with 2-2 after Nick overcome a series of tough deuce duels. Might have denied a few early attempts beforehand by Ferreira Silva. But eventually got it done. Before Nick was able to bridge that 2nd half middle ground for the 1st set lead. When he narrowly escaped Ferreira Silva unscathed 6-4 after the 1st stage.

The same momentum carried on during the 2nd set. Despite the early headstart from Ferreira Silva. Where the Portuguese tried to stay ahead with Kyrgios. Having tied with the Australian 3-3. But lost the same consistency as struggled from Stage 1. As Kyrgios bridged a 2nd half end result with another stage win here 6-4.

Kyrgios only needed one more set points to win in three straight sets. And advance in Round 2 of the Australian Open. Where the first half of his run would need some weaknesses to fix after the game. But his next run play after the halfway point was unstoppable. In which helped justified his brilliant start of this journey with the win.

The final result with Nick Kyrgios as the winner: 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. As Frederico Ferreira Silva has to depart the tour very early. There are some foundations shown at all times here. Especially when he gave Nick a hard time via the initial deuce battles. But a lack of middle ground via the finishing let himself down. We wish Ferreira good luck in the future. While Nick will face Frenchman Ugo Humbert in the 3rd round. With night 1 approaching its end at Melbourne Park.