Rugby News, Top 3 players from Game 2 of the 2021 Wallabies v France Tour

Louis Carbonel is exceptional at fly-half for France last night, having became involved in adding the points they need.

He used his best strengths well with so much physicality and creative vision that limited these chances from the Wallabies going forward, before he brought his men in which ultimately controlled the game with patience.

Then we move onto his team-mate Cameron Woki who was dynamic in both ways on the blindside position.

He looked after the defense well that became the starting point of France’s game plan thanks to his reading.

And Cameron was able to work with the backline on the same page, when he lended a helping hand in the attack that made a good difference.

Without his hard work the French forward wouldn’t be the same without him & he did very well to keep the Wallabies quiet.

Tom Banks was the best player out of the Wallabies camp alone at full-back when he showed explicit pace and physicality in the attack.

However, he needed support players around him where we didn’t see this much and it’s the one weakness that left Tom isolated.

They scored just two tries last night, so the backline players around him must step up if the Wallabies wants to win the Game 3 decider this Saturday.

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