2021 Australian Open, Section 8 of R2 Singles Game: Pablo Cuevas v Alex De Minaur

Pablo Cuevas and Alex De Minaur fired off side by side with the game at Margaret Court Arena. Where they were both on the same page at 2-2 apiece. But De Minaur took the first stage win with a comfortable 2nd half run that distanced the Uruguayan 6-3. In contrary to Cuevas who only made little gains simultaneously.

De Minaur continued the foundations that carried on from a successful Stage 1 portion. It took very little time to get himself ahead in the points tally. Having checked the halfway point without problems. Before the Aussie No.1 wrapped up a productive 2nd Stage 6-3. With two set wins taken now from De Minaur.

While Cuevas still unable to find the feel needed to catch up to De Minaur. The 2nd half of Stage 1 was the starting point of his fall in this game. And nothing much happened to find the middle ground throughout Stage 2. But Cuevas finally began a way to hold him back immediately after the break. In a bid to deny him a 3rd straight sets win. And give himself a lifeline towards a possible 4th stage.

The progress was there when Cuevas got ahead of De Minaur this time. Having checked the halfway point first. Before he was one point away from winning Stage 3 himself 5-3. But the only weakness Cuevas unable to puzzle is the conversion play. And it is something he fell short in the end. Where De Minaur turned himself around after a poor 1st half of this stage. Before he was on par with Cuevas and narrowly passed him to wrap this game in two hours 7-5. The final score at Margaret Court Arena is 3-6, 3-6 & 5-7. De Minaur will now meet Fabio Fognini in the third round. The Aussie No.1 will have a day off tomorrow. Then he will resume on Friday v the Italian. In the hope of going into the knockout finals week starting on Monday.