Rugby News Australia, 2021 Super Rugby AU WK4: Top 3 players from the Brumbies v Reds Game

Taniela Tupou is such a hard worker at tighthead for the Reds tonight. It might have been a slow start. But at least he was able to put some shift in the 3 shirt.

He possesses such a strong physical presence. Where Taniela was able to identify the Brumbies discipline/defensive mistakes. And him in there were able to help the Reds have the ball in hand. As approved/given by the main referee.

Not just Taniela forming a couple of Reds defensive blocks. He can also help out the Reds attacking contributions. Where they were initially in trouble a couple of times in the first 40. The same happened during the Rebels at home in Week 3. But they finally able to group together. Having won a couple of penalties along the way.

And Tupou able to find his way with the TRY himself with less than 20 to go. Due to the scrum staying square. Before they helped him found a little gap down low that tricked the Brumbies. The opposition would be fuming why they were unable to hold him out. Congratulations to Taniela on his all-round run for the Reds tonight.

Hunter Paisami

Another Reds player who shown all-round quality is Hunter Paisami. Where he plays the outside centre role in the No.12 shirt.

He can make up the foundations to form a robust defense. Whenever his forwards pack needed a hand. Despite the slow start from Reds. Having seen the Brumbies lead beforehand in the first 40.

But like Taniela he really put a big effort in the last 40. And turned his game around that saw the Reds more better. He seen the Brumbies lost some penalties. Due to their poor discipline. And given a chance to show his attacking capabilities in return. Especially one of his great demos that saw the Reds level the score. Just very late in this game with 2 mins to go.

Hunter has the ball in hand when he made an inside kick through the TRY line. And advised Jordan Petaia with the chase quickly. Where Petaia handled the ball well on the touchdown line. This is really good talkup and assist making there. In which is going to help win games. As Hunter & Taniela have the same capabilities. Both the packed muscle and the pace needed to run down defenders.

Pete Samu

He was blessed with a great start built by his Brumbies side. Pete saw the Reds early fumbles alongside their lack of finishing. It was great reading to help him cancel their chances. And saw the Brumbies have the ball in hand often.

Where the backline were able to help what the Brumbies offer in return. And there is excellent communication. Such as Nic White who was able to find Andy Muirhead with the clear offload. Then Muirhead assisted him with the finish.

The same goes with White talking to him on the far left. After the Brumbies won that penalty via the scrum. Which was just a few minutes before he break. And White was able to find Samu with the small gap that help extend their lead. Both of his finishing were no different. Just so much physicality to marry up the pace. That is just all-round action there from Samu.

He has cemented the 1st choice Number 8 shirt for the Brumbies. Having came back to Australia from the Crusaders in New Zealand. Developed his game there to show how destructive he can be to the opposition. Which was difficult for the Reds to go through in the early stages tonight. However the Brumbies just unable to hold on. When the defensive & poor discipline gone against them. And the Reds got their chance that shown plenty of quality in the end. Best player alone for the Brumbies. But not for the whole team.