Pork Sausages

Here’s another delicious pork sausages that is straight out of the meat section at Woolworths having tasted the Classic Cumberland pack many weeks ago. It comes in a pack of six where you got a mix of pork alongside some seasoning and spices such as salt, pepper, mace, sage, parsley and nutmeg as well as rice flour & potato starch. All you can do is either cook it into the pan alongside a few drizzles of oil on medium to high heat for a few minutes by flipping the other side at halfway; you can also do it on the air fryer at 190 degrees celcius for 8-10 minutes with the same process at halfway as above.

All in all, it tastes really good which is perfect for sandwiches, wraps, roast meals with vegetables and salads. The cost is currently $8 when I lasted tried out for like $6 that was special for a short time but still the reviews are still mostly positive that might be a bit expensive but keep an out for these sausages the next time that’s on special or you may as well can buy it on special occasions like Christmas. Although the normal 8 pack pork sausages is the one you should look to buy right now if it’s regularly at $6.50 where you can buy more and save more too, which doesn’t have many spices as per above too.

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