Stephen Hoiles on Rugby Australia’s recent off-field dramas, Part 1 Interview

In light of the recent off-field dramas, I get the opportunity to talk to 16 time Wallabies & veteran of both Randwick & Waratahs, Stephen Hoiles, about his reaction to when Raelene Castle first resigned as boss of Rugby Australia.

Besides, we also get to gather insight about the upcoming renewal of the next TV package from 2021, financial security & talent pool.

How will Rugby Australia be able to secure the top dollar and value that will benefit the public on TV over the next five years?

Having received the immediate financial gift from World Rugby, how Rugby Australia would use the money?

Will Rugby Australia safeguard the best youth talent pool available, ensuring they commit to the 15-man code and not go to the NRL & AFL?

And his advice to interim CEO Rob Clarke on how Rugby Union in Australia would best function in the long-run as it was once was 20 years ago rather than a quick fix.

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Note: The featured photo above as been approved to use by Stephen Hoiles himself.